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Barbara had just gotten home from work. I had just returned from an afternoon run along the greenway, a paved trail through our neighborhood, which also bordered a local nature park. It was a great place to jog, shaded and away from traffic. Parts of it were fairly secluded as it wound through very picturesque woods. The light there was beautiful in the afternoon and I'd often seen people out taking pictures amongst the foliage.

"You're not going to believe what I saw," I said as I stripped off my sweaty running clothes and headed to the shower.

"What?" Barbara asked. She was also in the bathroom changing out of her work clothes.

"I was running on the greenway," I began.

"Really? You don't say?" she interrupted with a sarcastic tease, and a smile.

"Funny," I replied "You know that really pretty section of ferns along the greenway?"

"Yes?" she answered with a distracted tone brushing her hair.

"There was a couple there doing a topless photo shoot."

Barbara turned around to face me, her eyebrows arched. I knew that I had her attention. I turned on the shower and got in enjoying the feel of the warm water pounding on me. I continued the story.

"I came around the bend and I saw a blonde, about mid-twenties, kneeling among the ferns and a guy across from her with a camera. I didn't think much of it at first. Just another couple taking pictures. It's a great spot. Good background, great light, absolutely beautiful," I droned on almost losing track of the story. " Anyway, for some reason I looked more closely and could see that she wasn't wearing anything."

"I thought you said she was topless, not naked," Barbara shouted over the noise of the water.

"I assume she was just topless, but I guess she could have been totally naked. I could definitely see her breasts and all the way down to her navel when she put her hands behind her head and arched her back for the camera. It's going to be a fantastic picture. She was definitely model material," I hollered back

I felt a cold smack as the wet wash cloth she threw hit me. "Hey!" I yelped.

"So how long did you stay there watching?" Barbara asked.

"I couldn't really do that without being too obvious. I'm not a creeper you know. I had to keep going ... although I did slow down a bit to catch my breath," I added with a smirk.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, towel in hand. "It gets better," I added.

"Really?" she asked, without any hidden sarcasm this time.

"Yeah. On my way running back up the trail, when I passed the ferns, I saw the photographer standing in the same spot. No girl in sight. He was just standing there making faces, like he was hurt or something. I was about to ask him if he was ok, when I noticed the top of the blonde's head. It was bobbing up and down right about waist high in front of the guy."

A look of recognition crossed Barbara's face.

"Yep. She was giving him a blow job right there in the ferns," I confirmed.

"Did you stay and watch?" she asked with real interest.

"No. Like I said, I would have been too obvious."

"Too bad. That would have been hot to see," Barbara said and went back to brushing her hair.

"I don't know," I added "Watching some other guy make funny faces while getting a blow job isn't my idea of a good time. I'd much rather be getting one from you," I said hugging you from behind.

Barbara pushed her butt back grinding it against my damp groin. "You make some pretty funny faces yourself you know."

"I'm sure that I do not," I replied half-heartedly. Barbara has always given me amazing oral sex that sends me over the edge. I always lose control under her ministrations and some strange expressions probably do cross my face in the throes of passion, but I wasn't going to admit it.

"You do too. And I can prove it," she announced.

"Oh really?" I replied curious where this was going, and hoping it would end with both of us in ecstasy.

"Yep. I sure can," she said with a twinkle in your eye. "Come with me." Barbara led me by the hand out of the bathroom and into our bedroom. I had a bath towel wrapped around my waist, but with a quick flick of her wrist, she pulled it off saying "You won't need that."

We sat together on the bed, me completely naked and her wearing just a tee shirt and panties.

"I've been meaning to share this with you, but wasn't sure when the right time would be," she began. "I think now is the right time," she concluded and began rubbing my cock making it swell.

I had no idea where Barbara was going, but it was starting out great.

"I kind of discovered this by accident," she continued still stroking my cock. I was trying to concentrate on what she were saying. Her hand activity wasn't make that very easy."But it gave me an idea and I decided to see how well it would work."

I was really having trouble focusing on what Barbara was saying since she was alternately massaging my balls and running her hand up and down the full length of my fully erect cock. I didn't notice that she had pulled out her cell phone with her other hand and was tapping on it.

"I hope you aren't mad or anything. I think it's really hot," Barbara said giving my cock a firm squeeze before she let go and turned the phone toward me.

She had opened up the photo app, and the screen was filled with a fuzzy shot of what I wasn't sure. I could see the prominent white triangle in the middle of the screen, which told me that it was a movie, not a photograph. Before I could say anything, Barbara touched the triangular play button setting the movie in motion. What had been an unrecognizable image, quickly became clear in the high resolution video that the phone had captured. I could immediately see that it was a video of our bedroom. More specifically, it was video of our bed with both of us in it.

"One day when I put the phone on the charging stand, I must have accidently started the video camera. The way the phone sits on the stand, the camera points right at our bed," she began explaining as the video continued playing. "I had no idea," she said innocently. "It shot a perfect video of our bed, even in the low light. I remembered that we had talked about taping ourselves having 'fun'. I've always thought that would be hot. So when I realized that I could do it with the phone, I decided to try it on purpose." Barbara ended her confession and smiled hopefully at me. "You're not mad at me are you?"

She sounded a little nervous, unsure whether or not I would be angry. But I was entranced by the images of us; me on my back, legs spread wide, her head buried between them, obviously giving me one of her amazing blowjobs. I couldn't take me eyes off of the video. I wanted to tease her a bit and pretend that I was upset, but my body betrayed me. Barbara had already stroked my cock into hardness, but when I saw us on the video, it seemed to grow even harder and it was literally throbbing.

"I, I don't know what to say," I began at least trying to pretend that I was bothered that she had recorded us. I could feel her tense up next to me. "When did you do this? I had no idea that you were recording us," I continued trying to sound upset, but I couldn't keep up my weak act. I grinned widely. Barbara smiled too, obviously relieved that I liked what she had done.

Smack, she slapped me hard on my thigh. "For a second I really thought you were angry."

I kept staring at the screen. "No way. It is hot seeing us please each other," I said.

"You can hear us too. It recorded sound really well," Barbara said and turned up the volume on the video. I could hear the sheets rustling and the wonderful groan that she sometimes make when she has my cock deep in her mouth. I could even hear the wet slurping sounds that she makes sliding up and down my shaft. Most of all I, I could hear myself moaning in uncontrollable pleasure.

"This is incredible!" I said.

"I'm glad you like it. It took me a few tries to get the camera pointed at just the right spot and get the zoom set correctly to capture what I really wanted." Barbara sounded positively enthusiastic as she let slip that she had been practicing for a while.

"How many recordings do you have?" I asked a bit nervously.

"This is the only one that I saved," she answered. "No way I'd keep much of this on my phone. This is not anything that I would want anybody else but the two of us to see."

I understood why Barbara put the screen lock back on her phone and I felt relieved that that she had. I definitely didn't want any prying eyes looking at this. The sounds of our passion filled my ears as the video kept rolling.

"See. See right there!?" Barbara said excitedly, stabbing her finger at the screen. "You're making a face."

The screen was pretty small and it wasn't possible to zoom in on a video with the cell phone. I could see myself, but there was no way I was going to admit it. "See what?" I replied. "All I can see is the side of my head and you between my legs with your mouth obviously full of my hard cock." I punctuated my response by thrusting my hips toward her so that my still throbbing cock rubbed against her bare thigh.

"Right there! Anybody can see it. What are you blind?" she protested.

"No. Sorry. No funny face that I can see. Maybe you're blocking my view too much the way you're holding the phone," I said with an edge to my voice. "How about you shift over here a bit so that I can see better."

I spread my legs and slid my knee under her hip so that she was between my thighs. I felt her smooth skin rub against my cock. I wiggled a little so that she could feel my cock pulse and slide against her. "That's better," I smiled. I thrust my hips against her a few more times enjoying the sensation of her against my cock and balls.

"So this helps you see better?" Barbara asked. She was very aware of what I was doing.

"Absolutely," I replied with a smile.

A tone of power crept into her voice. "How about this? Does this help too?" she ducked her chin and swirled her tongue over my nipple.

I moaned softly.

"Or this. Would this help you see the video better?" She pulled her tee shift over her head so her breasts swung free against my skin.

We were completely naked, skin to skin, and I felt every glorious inch of her slide down the length of my body until she was kneeling in front of me. "Would this help you see your movie better?" Barbara continued teasing. She ran her tongue wetly up the length of my aching shaft.

"Mmmm. Definitely yes," I moaned back. I started to lower the phone to my side about to become lost in the pleasure of her attention.

"No! Don't. Watch the video," Barbara insisted. "Watch us there, while I take care of you here."

I have always loved looking at Barbara while we make love. Watching both of us on the video while she licked and stroked me, repeating in real life what was happening on the small screen, was mind blowing. I heard myself moan out loud at the same time I heard it on the video. I could see her head bobbing and feel my cock thrusting in and out her mouth while the same thing was happening on the video. And I could feel my face contorting in pleasure just like was clearly visible on the phone. In a weird synchrony, I heard my grunts and moans rise in pitch and intensity both on the video and in reality as she brought me closer and closer to climax.

The combined sounds drove Barbara on and I could sense her determination to make me cum as she furiously sucked, licked, and stroked my aching cock, slippery with her saliva.

"Unnh, unnh," I grunted in reality and on the screen. She was sending me over the edge.

Barbara sat back on her heels for a moment, taking her mouth off my cock. But, she didn't completely let go of me. She wrapped her hand around my wet, rigid pole. "Poor baby," she began while jacking her hand slowly up and down. "Can't decide which you like more; watching me blow you or feeling me blow you?" She gripped my balls with her other hand. "Maybe I should stop distracting you and let you finish watching your movie"

I knew what she wanted from me. "Don't stop. Please don't stop." I was almost pleading.

"Are you going to give me what I want?" Barbara kept sliding her hand up and down.

"Yes! Yes!" I panted back at her. I could feel the bl**d pounding in my ears.

"Good. But don't stop watching." Barbara lowered her mouth onto my aching cock as she continued pumping on me. Her tongue swirled around and around my throbbing rod as she brought me rapidly toward orgasm.

My muscles locked in a spasm of ecstasy as I climaxed, exploding cum while she sucked and stroked as if milking the very essence out of me. I could see (just barely) the exact same thing happening on the video screen.

The video ran out at some point while I was catching my breath.

"Wow! That was incredible," I panted.

Barbara rose up between my legs and smiled, a thin film of my cum on her lips. It was a sexy erotic sight and I knew what she was going to do next. I wasn't disappointed. She leaned into me, pinning me back onto the bed and sandwiched my now flaccid, and wet, cock between us. She kissed me hard. Her tongue invaded my mouth swirling around making sure that I could taste the aftereffects of my orgasm. I moaned again with that intimacy and smiled crookedly against her mouth. She pulled slightly away from me as I scrunched up my face and licked my lips.

"Yep. You definitely make funny faces," Barbara pronounced. "And I definitely have proof."

"I'm not sure that you have enough proof. We may need more," I quipped back.

"We can do that," she answered.

We both smiled thinking about the possibilities.
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