Slut Wife

Billie thought having a big b*****r was supposed to be a good thing; you know, someone to look out for you, someone to prevent anyone from bulling you; well that didn't work for him, his b*****r Frank was his bully. It started in middle school when he wanted to hang out with his b*****r, but Frank didn't want him to. "Go away Billie, I'm hanging out with my friends and you're not one of them."

In high school Billie had his friends and Frank had his but Billie envied him. He was athletic; playing football and baseball and the girls all wanted to hang out with that type. Billie had two best buds Charlie and Tommy but they couldn't get girlfriends. He could understand that the hot chicks wanted to hang out with the jocks, but even the plain ones weren't interested in them, so they amused themselves playing computer games.

Billie had one thing Frank didn't, he was clever and went on to college and Frank dropped out after graduating high school. Still had no luck with girls, so he concentrated on his studies and graduated with honors in computer science. He landed a good paying job at HI-TECH COMPUTERS and soon owned a two bedroom condo downtown.

His b*****r was not so lucky. He had a construction job in a nearby city but had been fired for coming in late or missing to many days work. He wanted to come and live with Billie until he got a new job and found his own place to live. Billie was not too happy about it but as they say, "bl**d is thicker than water," so he agreed.

While he considered Frank moving in bad luck he had some good luck at work. One of the file clerks at work, Kathy, was so gorgeous that he often found himself staring at her and day dreaming. One day she came over to him and asked, "How come you have never asked me for a date? Every other guy in the office has, even the married ones."

"You're so beautiful I thought I never had a chance."

"Those guys just want to have sex with me. I had several boyfriends in high school and college that I slept with. After a while they dumped me to go after someone new. Somebody told me, why would you buy the cow when you can get the milk for free. So, I'm looking for someone that's interested in me, not just my pussy. Are you somebody like that Billie, hmm?

"Oh yes, I would never disrespect you that way."

"I thought you might say something like that. OK, this Friday you can take me to the Olympia dinner theatre were the musical Miss Saigon is playing. Better call and make reservations right away before the best seats are gone." She could tell how eager he was. "And why not wear a tuxedo," she said with a grin.

That Friday he was both excited and nervous while he waited in the lobby of her apartment for her. When she came out of the elevator he saw she was wearing a short summer dress, not exactly formal wear. "Billie, I was just k**ding when I said wear a tuxedo, I thought you knew that. It's a dinner theatre not the opera; but I must admit you do look cute in that penguin suit." Over dinner she pumped him for information about himself. She found out his b*****r was living with him on a temporary basis, and although he tried to hide it, she also found out he was a virgin. "Why Billie, that's wonderful. I didn't think there were any virgin boys over the age of eighteen. If I wanted to train you I wouldn't have to get rid of any bad habits you might have picked up."

So Friday nights became their regular date nights. He always asked her where she wanted to go or do, and he could tell she liked that, and she liked to tell him how to dress too. He remembered one Friday when she asked him to wear a suit, she came dressed in jeans and a T shirt. When he asked her about that she said, "You look so handsome when you dress up for me like that." On another occasion she said, "Dressing up for me shows respect for me."

When the basketball team was in town on a Friday she always wanted to go and she insisted he purchase the most expensive seats, the ones called floor seats. She said she liked looking at all the hunky guys. He just kind of fell into doing whatever she wanted to do. One night they were sitting in her favorite bar after the game and she surprised him by saying, "Billie, I think we should get married. I like a guy that puts my needs and wants first."

"Oh thank you Kathy, I mean I want to marry you soo much."

"Then get down on your knees, hold my hand and ask me properly?"

"Here in the bar? There's so many people around."

"It's OK if you don't want to marry me."

Billie immediately got on his knees and taking her hand in his said, "Please, please Kathy, will you be my wife. I love you so much and I'll do my best to make you happy."

"You beg so nicely; yes I'll marry you."

That started a new phase in their relationship as they planned for the wedding and after. Actually she did the planning and he agreed with her. She said she was going to quit her job and be a stay at home wife. He agreed with that whole heartily. He knew how the guys at work were always hitting on her. She wanted the wedding to be in her home town of Abbotsville, about 60 miles from Los Angeles and the honeymoon to be in Jamaica. Of course he agreed with that also. She said maybe they could do a little more than kiss now that they were engaged. Up to this point their sex life consisted of her kissing him on the cheek when he dropped her off at home or an occasional brief kiss on the lips. She mentioned that her roommate did not like guys much so they should go to his place. He mentioned that his b*****r was still living with him and she said I'm sure he won't mind. She also said she likes to relax after a date with a rum and coke so to make sure he had some.

Billie was quite excited the first time he brought her home. He didn't know what exactly would happen other than it should be more sex of some kind for him. When he brought her in, Frank was at home watching TV. He was wearing shorts with no shirt. "Oh my Billie, your b*****r is so handsome; maybe I'm dating the wrong b*****r." Billie could see that it pleased Frank but it annoyed him. "Did you buy rum and coke like I asked? You know that's my favorite drink." Frank said that was his favorite drink also. "Billie go make my drink and make one for Frank also. I like mine without ice; how do you want yours Frank?

"I like mine without ice also."

"We have so much in common, come sit beside me and tell me all about yourself."

Billie was annoyed that they seemed to be getting along so well and they just met. He didn't drink much but he wasn't going to let them drink liquor without him. "I think I'll have a rum and coke also but I'm taking mine with ice."

"Only wimps drink liquor with ice. Be a man and drink without diluting it." He didn't want Frank to embarrass him in front of Kathy so he skipped the ice. When he got back Frank was telling Kathy about some of his high school days and that Billie was such a dork in school that he couldn't get a date. "I felt sorry for him so I told one of my girlfriends that she had to go out with Billie and show him a good time. She didn't want to but I insisted. The next day I asked her how it went. She told me that she had barely touched his cock but that was enough to make him cum in his pants."

"I feel so sorry for you Billie. Get us all another round of drinks and I'm going to let you suck my titties." He wanted to do it but not with Frank there. He was going to say something about that when he came back with a fresh round of drinks only to find Kathy had already removed her blouse and bra and Frank was feeling one of her breasts. "Frank stop that you sleezeball, these are for Billie to suck, not for you to play with." Billie was still reluctant but if he didn't do it Frank would be calling him a wimp or a dork or one of his other names for him so he did. She was holding his head against one of her breasts and he was kissing it. "Don't kiss it, get the nipple in your mouth and suck it." After a while she said, "That's good Billie now do the other one. He heard a kissing sound and glanced up to see Frank kissing her. He pulled away and Kathy pushed Frank away. She looked a little embarrassed but Frank had a smirk on his face. "Let's have a couple more drinks and then I'm going home," she said but she remained topless.

Billie already felt he had drank too much but he was determined to keep up with them. What he didn't know was after the first drink he passed out and they laid him out on the living room rug. After Billie passed out Kathy wanted Frank to help her get him to bed but Frank said, "Leave him sl**ping on the floor. That's were wimps should sl**p. Now I can get back to playing with you without his complaining."

"Who said you could play with me, he's my fiancée you know. I should get ready and go home."

"No it's my turn to suck your tits and you tell me who does it best." Without waiting for an answer he pushed her back on the sofa and with one hand he massaged her breast pinching her nipple with his fingers and his other hand pushed up under her skirt to massage her panty covered pussy. When he felt her hips twitch against his fingers he knew he was getting to her and when he started to pull off her skirt she lifted her hips a little to help him. He picked her up in his arms and headed for his bedroom.

When she realized where he was headed she said, "Frank, put me down this minute," and she wiggled her legs in a weak attempt to break free. He carried her into his bedroom and dropped her down on the bed. She watched as he stripped off his pants and shorts. He ignored her weak protest and falling on top of her, he worked his cock so that it was pressing against her pussy through her panties. Then he started giving her open mouth kisses and still managed to massage one of her breasts. Her hips were starting to push against his cock through her panties, and he asked her to lift her hips so that he could pull her panties off. "No I won't; let me go."

Frank was too horny for that. "I'll teach you not to say no to me. I'm going to spank your ass." He just used his hand but he did spank her hard.

"Stop spanking me, it really hurts."

"Are you going to take off your panties for me?"

"OK Frank, I'll do it, just stop spanking me." She no sooner had removed them than Frank thrust into her deep. He was surprised he entered her so easily, but for her he reached a deep itch and she bucked up against him trying to drive him deeper. She realized she had not had sex in a while and denying Billie had also meant denying her too. She would have to take care of that. She wondered how good Billie would be at pussy sucking. Frank's deep hard thrusts were building her rapidly toward an orgasm and she wrapped her legs around him to hold him in place. She suddenly thought I'm supposed to be mad at him, oh well, I guess it's too late for that. She wasn't quite there yet when she felt him spurt in her but that was enough to trigger her own orgasm. They rested a little, still coupled until she relaxed her legs and he pulled out to lie beside her.

Frank said, "I'm moving out when the two of you get married, however I work out at a gym near here every Wednesday. I would like to come and visit you after my workout but before Billie gets home."

"I would like that." She knew she should get up and go home, but it felt so good to lie cuddled beside him that when he pulled up a cover over them she soon fell asl**p.

She woke up with a start. What am I doing in Frank's bed and where is Billie? She quickly got dressed and was relieved to see Billie still asl**p in the living room. She shook him awake saying "Billie, get up you have to drive me home."

"What are you doing still here? You could have taken a taxi home. Where did you sl**p anyway?

"I slept in your bed silly. Where did you think I would sl**p?" He drove her home and when he got back Frank was still asl**p in his bed but Billie noticed his bed had not been slept in.

Kathy set a date for their wedding. It was going to be in her home town with her mom and dad holding the reception in their home. Her maid of honor was going to be Beverly, her best friend in school, and Billie's best man was going to be Brian, a f****y friend and an ex-boyfriend of Kathy. She said now that they had set a date they could enjoy more sex, and she asked him if he had ever sucked pussy. He told her of course not. "That's OK. I'll teach you. I can't take you to my place because of my roommate but we could do it at your place, I'm sure Frank won't mind." Billie said no. He wasn't sure what happened the night he passed out on the floor but he had a gut feeling that it was better to keep them away from each other.

Kathy's mom said they needed to come to Abbotsville for a couple days to help work out some of the details for the wedding; things like arranging for a church and a pastor, getting a caterer for the reception and stuff like that. They drove to Abbotsville and checked into the Holiday Inn for two days. Later he met her parents for the first time. He could tell Alice her mom and Tom her dad didn't like him. How come parents never like their daughter's choice?

"So what do you do for a living?" Tom asked Billie.

"I'm a systems analyst for HI-TECH computers."

"So someone pays you to play with computers? Why don't you get a real job? Kathy's last boyfriend Brian was a welder and the one before that was in construction." Billie was glad when Kathy said it's time to return to the hotel.

Back at the hotel they had a few drinks in the hotel bar before retiring to their room. "Billie, I'm going to show you how to pleasure me. Now don't worry because you haven't done this before because I'll teach you everything you need to know. I'm even going to wear my honeymoon pajamas for you." She put on her silky baby doll pajamas and had him strip down to his shorts. Laying on the bed with her legs spread wide she said, "Come and kiss my pussy through my silky panties." He did what she told him. "Now try and push your tongue right through my panties and into my pussy. I know you won't be able to do that but the pressure on my clit will feel really good.

Again he did what she wanted. "Now Billie, pull down my panties and use your tongue on my clit. You need to work your tongue as fast as you can all around my clit." A bit later she said, "I'll make you a good pussy satisfier yet. Now I want you to push your tongue in my pussy as fast and deep as you can. When I tap your head I want you to suck, to try and suck out all my pussy juice." He tried his best to follow her instructions and when he heard her moan and grip his head, and when her pussy juice wet his tongue he knew he had satisfied her. "Billie that was soo good. With a little more training you will be a great pussy sucker. Now we had better get some sl**p." Before she talked about jerking him off after he pleased her but she seemed to forget about that now.

The next morning she said she and her mother were going to choose the caterer and they were going to have a wedding rehearsal. "I know you didn't enjoy yourself yesterday so if you want you can stay here and book our Jamaica honeymoon and Brian can stand in for you at the wedding rehearsal." Billie thought that was a great idea. He spent the afternoon checking out web sites and booked a great hotel in Jamaica, all inclusive, right on the beach. He had his dinner and went for a swim in the hotel pool. When it looked like a storm coming he returned to their room to wait for Kathy's return.

About ten o'clock he got a call from Kathy. "My mom was going to drive me back to the hotel but the storm looks bad so I'm going to stay overnight. In the morning, pack up all our things, check out of the hotel and come pick me up, and we can head home straight from here. Love you hun," and she hung up. He could have come and picked her up but she didn't give him a chance to say anything.

Kathy hung up the phone. "Mom, he'll pick me up in the morning."

"Well were going to bed. Your bedroom is next to ours Kathy and Brian, yours is across from Kathy's. Now I'm sure you two have a lot of catching up to do so I'll see both of you in the morning."

Brian sitting on the sofa beside Kathy put his arm around her and gave her a kiss. "I thought they would never leave. Now we can pick up where we left off."

"No we can't; I'm about to be married."

"But we love each other so we can still make out."

"You never loved me, you just wanted to fuck me. The only time I refused, you dumped me and started going out with that slut Susan."

"That was the worst mistake I ever made; I miss you so much." This time he pushed her back a little and holding her head in both hands gave her a passionate kiss. At first she tried to push him away, but he held her in place kissing her until he felt her relax and return his kiss. He took her hand and placed it on his pants covered cock, then pushed his hand under her skirt to rub her pussy. "Remember how often we used to do this? Come on, take my cock out and suck it." She always did have a hard time saying no to him so she was soon sucking his cock while he fingered her pussy. He could feel he was getting close to cuming so he pulled her head up. "Come up to my room and we'll make love the way we used to."

"We shouldn't be doing this," but she allowed him to take her by the hand upstairs to his room.

"Take your clothes off and get in bed." It was just like before, he was always telling her what to do and she just kind of went along with whatever he wanted. He stood by the bed fondling his cock." I want to give you a wedding present."

"Is this supposed to be a wedding present for you or for me?"

"Just stop talking or I'm going to stuff something in your mouth and down your throat that will make you stop." Maybe it was some kind of personality defect but she got aroused when a masculine tough guy told her what to do. She spread her legs waiting for him. "Not that way. Get up on your hands and knees; raise your ass up high and put your head on the bed. Good girl, now I'll decide which hole I want."

"Please Brian, not in my ass, it hurts. Just fuck me and I'll make it good for you. I remember what you liked me to do when you had your cock in me."

"I thought I told you to shut up bitch. I should spank your ass until it's red and sore and then fuck you in the ass. Tell me, who's the best fucking you, me or Billie?"

"I don't know, I have never allowed him to fuck me."

He slapped her ass hard. "Just tell me who the best is?"

"You are Brian; you're the best."

"And after you're married, can I still fuck you?"

She hesitated for a bit and then in a lower voice said, "Yes Brian."

"Your mom wants to have weekly f****y dinners the way she used to with Aunt Becky and Uncle Percy and you and me. She said since we don't live in town we could stay overnight because they have lots of room. I said I'll come, will you?"

"Yes Brian."

"Good girl, I'll tell your mom not to bother making up two beds, we'll sl**p in one." He penetrated her in one thrust. Hard quick thrusts soon brought her to orgasm and soon after he spurted his semen deep in her pussy. He turned on his side and she cuddled against him and that's how they spent the night.

In the morning when Kathy woke up, she got out of Brian's bed quickly and took a shower because she wanted to look presentable when Billie arrived. She was having her second cup of coffee when Billie came. She was glad Brian was still in bed so that he wouldn't be telling Billie anything he shouldn't know.

Kathy liked the sex she got from both Frank and Brian, and thought it would be nice if Billie would be content just sucking her pussy. Her roommate had told her that if you put your husband in chastity on the honeymoon and only took it off to allow him to jerk himself off, when he has satisfied her with his tongue, he would come to accept that as normal and she would be free to fuck whoever she wanted. She liked that idea.
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