My First Dildo

One day while watching a porno with my friend Eric he says to me that he has a surprise for me. After the porno we went to his room like we usually do in this situation and stripped down and he had me lay face down on the bed. I felt him pull my legs apart and then he did something he rarely does and started to lick my asshole. All I could do was just lay there and moan and squirm as he ate me and tongue fucked me like a little bitch. After several minute of him eating my man cunt he than pulled away and I felt him pour a bit of lube on my open waiting asshole and than started to push it in with his finger. He would finger it for a few strokes pull it out and pour on a bit more lube and finger it into me again and that is when I felt the lube start to heat up and I realized he had used some sort of warming lube which felt so good and drove me wild. I suddenly became aware that he was starting to use 2 fingers in my ass and he would wiggle them around to really intensify the action. When my ass got used to 2 fingers in it he pushed in a third and started to massage my prostate. As he finger fucked me all I could do was surrender to it like the dirty slut I was and he knew he had me hooked. After listening to me moan and sigh for several minutes he pulled his fingers out of me. I felt him get into position behind me and in between my legs when I felt what I thought was his cockhead press against my pulsing asshole. As I felt him surge into me I realized it was not his cock as whatever he was using was stretching me to my limit as he pushed it deep into my ass until he got it in deeper than anything I have taken to this point. I had never been so opened up and fucked so deep that it actually was hurting a bit and I was contemplating putting a stop to it when he leaned over and whispered relax baby you are gonna love this. He just left the dildo in me not moving it at all when I felt him start to lick my neck and back really exciting me. As he was licking my like his dirty bitch I found myself grinding against the dildo in me and he used that as his signal to slowly fuck me. At first he would only remove a couple of inches and slowly work it back in until he worked up a rythm that allowed him to long stroke my ass. I was grinding so hard against it my cock was rubbing on the sheets and I had managed to cum. Eric had reached around to fondle my cock he discovered my secret and he scooped up a bit of it and fed it to me and I as I licked it clean he would reach down and scoop up more. All through the feeding he kept whispering things like you love this don't you you filthy slut and my naughty bitch and other slightly degrading things which made me even hotter because it was all true I was so into it. After he was done feeding me my cum I felt his hand circle my cock and he was stroking it in time with my assfucking. It took several minutes but I could not hold out any longer and shot another load into his hand. As things started to wind down he took his cum covered hand and smeared it all over my face whispering what a naughty little slut I was. I have to say when he pulled the dildo out of my ass at that point my man cunt felt so hollow and I was amazed when I saw what was in me. He had bought a rubber cock that was about 4.5 inches thick and 13-14 long and had buried that all the way into me. I than proceeded to thank him for a good time by giving him a nice steady blowjob and allowing him to paint my face with his cum before letting him fuck me in the ass.
65% (14/7)
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9 months ago
such a learning experience!
1 year ago
Sign me up!
2 years ago
3 years ago
great story
4 years ago
I've had a few dildos in my ass from a 6" 2 1/2" wide to a 12 " 3 1/2" wide they are fantastic they don't replace a real cock but they don't get tired either and never get soft thanks for the story
4 years ago
that was great wish I had a story like that thanks