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The taste as I spend myself - my life inside you - the flow from me to you - the nibble the bite - the suckle the pull - I crave you more then you know - but when you feel me - when I fill you — you will know - God - so help me you will know — split wide by me - and yelling because of me - the passion will overcome us till we are passing out and you are panting beside me - wanting me just to hold you as I spill out — yes - that is what it means to have me taste from you - I can’t do it like a babe — I will always taste you like the b**st that I am.
Posted by Bi-John 3 years ago
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1 year ago
3 years ago
Mmmm....oh yes, I want to feel you like this...such a passionate lover...taste my soul...tease it out of me with your unbridled beast...
3 years ago
please come and suck my tits and fuck me
3 years ago
my sweet beast...come home to your mommy...