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The push and pull of the love we share - the decent to fill one’s soul with the flesh - the taste - the feel - the wonderment of it all - I love when you are this close - I love that we feel the power in our bodies - I love the fight to stay human when the b**st takes us over - and we rut and growl and become what we were meant to be.
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Christmas Package

Packages wrapped for me to tear into - for me to enjoy - my smile my glee — let me be — let me play - let me fuck - let me just enjoy what you give to me — and I will let you feel what I have for you - deeply — my love
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to serve till I take

Though I come to you humbly - it is not to serve you - it is just to be respectful of who you are - of your beauty - of your form - of the glory of your confidence in what you are before me - you are the welcome to soul - the embrace to my flesh - the milk to my thirst - and my thirst is deep - it is kinky - it is wild - and it grows — my humbleness won’t last long - for the b**st rises - and takes control - and soon I will feed on everything that you offer me — till we are both sated with bliss
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I raise you up

I hold you there - or actually raise you up - it does not matter all that maters is the strength you feel - the moment of contact that lets you know that you are mine - and the way your body envelope mine - not owning it - but loving it - not concurring it but mounting with love - and feeling the trust of my love in return!
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Brightly the light blinded me - drawing me into you like you had me on a string - spinning round like a top or a yo-yo - wanting to go up and down and not just spin around - you brought me in - and let me fall - and used your body to soften the crash as I pushed even harder to follow the light that you had lead me to.
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Shades of Gray

I shades of gray I see the dawn - the light of day breaking free of the darkness - my struggles and my restless nature brings an odd humbleness in the light - where the white burns out the black - and the mellow tones in between render me to be who I really am.
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Dark Hair Darkness

darkness - the shroud of the forbidden - it calls to me - it entices me to suckle at it’s breast - to take in all the darkness and become one - to unleash the b**st - to become real - for it is in the dark - the night - that I find my ultimate joy — her hair reminds me of the darkness she would feed to me — eagerly suckling everything she would nourish me with
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sennsual and sweet - delectable - and so much what I would love right now - to feel that skin - to massage her - to delight in the curves - to nurse - to kiss - to love.
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mmmm Ken Marcus knows how to capture beauty and eroticness in his pictures -

I LOVE the gold against her body - the motion of the pull - the moan that is on her lips I can hear echoing in my brain as it exites me to make her feel more — to lick and delight - to nibble and pinch - to pull and kneed - -and let her know my need as well
Posted by Bi-John 3 years ago

Getting Bigger

I know that some days suck - like today does - but when you let your imagination run wild - things get better (or bigger!)
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Simple Beauty

you know — there is something to be said for simple beauty - I am having a crappy day - and seeing this beautiful woman - makes me a little bit better — thanks for all the really beautiful women out there that are not too afraid to share a bit of themselves with us — you made my day
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The Shower

mmm there is something so sensual - sexual about the shower - it always makes me think of sex - the water gliding all over my body makes me think of my hands all over yours — and the way the water invades - makes me want to penetrate you - take you - the steam is there because of how hot I get for you - (the funny thing is - that the water usually starts getting cold about the time I cum - damn it!)
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Samantha G

ahhh the worship of your strong legs — of your inviting ass — of the power you have while wearing your boots — the breasts that I long for - the way they reach out boldly to my waiting mouth as you descend upon me - and I part you with all that is mine to do so - deeply — with a sigh you descend — and then slowly rise to feel the length - the breath - the all — of that unison - or that union - of that oneness that we have - when you mount me like the toy that I would be for you - worshiping every moment of it - t... Continue»
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I want to make your tits giggle and bounce - I want to fill you with my being - I want to create a wave - like the ocean and rock you - and let it crash down upon you with the rhythmic strokes of me inside - filling you — to make the winds at the beach envious of the screams of your passions
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Your fingernails scratched - but I wear the badge with honor - my piston filled you - pumping like a driving engine and your spinning mind was just trying to get traction - it was the moment that was lost - the pain was not felt - it was all just a moment of passion
Posted by Bi-John 3 years ago

Taste YOU on ME

Taste me - taste where my fingers have been - deep inside you - your cherry juice all over my fingers - your tongue swirling around them - taste - feel - touch — yes you are mine - totally!
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Hold On

Hold on my dear - hold on to the moment - Hold on to your dreams — feel me invade them - your body is no longer yours - but mine - I have claimed it - I have staked it - and stuck it - I have made you just the holder of the ground - rejoice in the moment that has taken us there
Posted by Bi-John 3 years ago

Till You Use Me Up!

Bill Withers’ song - comes to mind

My friends feel it’s their appointed duty
They keep trying to tell me
All you want to do is use me
Ha, ha, but my answer, ha, ha
Yeah, to all that use me stuff
Is I wanna spread the news
That if it feels this good getting used
Oh, you just keep on using me
Until you use me up

Until you use me up

My b*****r, sit me right down
And he talked to me, ah-ha
He told me, ah-ha
That I ought not to let you just walk on me
And I’m sure he meant well
Yeah, but whe... Continue»
Posted by Bi-John 3 years ago

Reaching for You

Let me hold you - and run my hands over your curves - bend in different ways and hold me as you do - you groan to fill yourself with me - as I reach out and fill myself with you
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The Tease

The tease - the delight in not filling - but teasing - in the moment where I control - the edge of the wave - before it comes crashing down - yes - let’s ride this surf together — my teasing you till the moment is right to commit to plunging in!
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