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Ken Marcus knows how to capture beauty and eroticn

I LOVE the gold against her body - the motion of the pull - the moan that is on her lips I can hear echoing in my brain as it exites me to make her feel more — to lick and delight - to nibble and pinch - to pull and kneed - -and let her know my need as well
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Do you reach out for me?

I am drawn to you - it is like my cock points to you - it really is -- I am honest with myself - with what I want - and your fullness - your richness of your body - just calls to me -

I wonder if you reach out to me - if you want me - if you want to sc**** your nails across my stomach -- fill your hand with my cock -- or your mouth -- or let me sink it deep inside you - ,my glorious goddess -- whiles my hands rub all over your body - my lips - my tongue - sucking and pulling on yo... Continue»
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Do you think of me?

I can imagine you there -- yes -- your hands -- massaging - feeling - wondering over your curves -- reading my words - or waiting for me - I want you to anticipate me - I delight in how you want me - I find that sexy as hell -

Your wetness makes me hard - your fullness makes me hungry with lust for you - I want to devour you - I want to nurse from you - taste you - your passion - growing is an art for me to take you higher - each time - to that place that you can't think - to mak... Continue»
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I can imagine so clearly

I can think of nothing else but drawing my tongue along your lips - tasting you - parting your sweetness to dive in and exploring you - sucking in your little nub - your clit - pulled into my mouth - held there with my teeth as my tongue flutters over it - and then my mouth down lower - probing you with my tongue deep - my whole face wet with your secret honey which I crave - I want to hold you there - my hands on your thighs as they begin to quake - as your mind slips away into th... Continue»
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I want you in my bed tonight

There - in my bed - tied - -and kissed

Your trust in me would be rewarded - the night would go on forever - kisses - and tease -- not able to move - not able to think about leaving or the next thing to do today - because that was taken away with the ropes around your wrists -- you are mine till I let you go -- mine to please - mine to tease - mine to kiss in anyway I want

I delight in the smoothness of your skin - in the wetness between your legs - the way your sex fills the ... Continue»
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I want you to want my cum

I want you to tell me how you want it - I want you to see it coming out of my cock - I want you to see it shoot - see it spit - see it spurt - all over you - across your full breasts - onto your skin - I want you to feel the love - the heat that I have for you - the desire - that has teased out my cum - making it anamilistic - marking what is mine - your breasts covered with it - then - you rubbing it in - because it is glorious to you- that you want to be claimed by me -you want that special moment - that eruption of lust to spill all over you -- my tongue licking it up all over when it is ... Continue»
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I Always Crave For Morning Sex

I know it is only you --- it is only you that knows the perfect spots in you that need to be touched -- I know that sometimes they are elusive - that it is a moving target at times -- that if I listen and watch how you respond - I will help you achieve perfection soon -- the slow stair climb to a brilliant orgasm - till you are cumming like a river down my cock - this is my goal - in this dance with you - to use what I have - to touch you deep - to touch your soul - to enhance yo... Continue»
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Holding you there - while I lift you up to new lev

I don't want to gag you - cover your mouth -- no - I want to hear your breathing - your moans - the sounds you make - even your pleas --

I will tie your arms down - so you could not push my head away when the feelings get too intense -- I will control that - I will push past what you would not allow - I will take you bast intense - to a new level - a new level you might be afraid of climbing -- I will be there - touching - holding - controlling your pleasure - pushing and cre... Continue»
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Making you squirm -- taking you to the edge

I would love to be there - right up and personal so to speak - close - licking - tasting -- making every wiggle in your body my own - ever spasm that you have is because of me - every convulsion is telling me your need -- that need to be driven over the edge -- but I won't give you the deep thrusting you beg me for - I wont give you that -- I am cruel that way - because I want to watch you go over that edge on your own - knowing that I am making you so close that you have no were e... Continue»
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I want to feel a woman take my ass

Yes I Want To Know What This Is Like -- To Have A Woman Take Me --- Yes Take Me There

I have things in my ass before -- before I had my first dildo I used the handle of a screwdriver - just to feel what it was going to be like. I figured it would be like me knowing what a woman would feel - if I was entering her - I know that the pussy and the ass may not have the same receptors to the mind - but it will be the closest thing I can do to feel what that feels like.

Now I don't... Continue»
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My Ass Is Fuckable For The Right Woman

yes -- I want to share my backside with a woman - I want to feel her breasts on my back as she pushes into me - I think that would be erotic and hot - I've been told that men actually like anal sex more then women - but I don't know if that is true - I have my toy - that I have had back there - I have had more then that - but I want a woman to take me -- I want it to be loving - I want it to be caring - I want it to be mutual - not for me to be someone's bitch - but for that one tha... Continue»
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I 'd Like To Fondle And Caress Under Sheets

Last night I thought about you - I thought about us - how I needed you to reach out and feel me - feel the power in me grow with in your hand - how it thickness and build with energy and bl**d - the building is a need -- that you arouse - yes - I thought about your hand around me - when I took my own hand around myself. I squeezed and hugged my scepter - and imagined I was so deep that I touched your soul - so deep that your breath escaped you - so deep that your warmth enveloped all of me -- in that heat and in that passion

I pushed out - I shot - I spewed even beyond my body - and dreamed... Continue»
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[Story] The Surprise of our First Meeting

The room was dark with only candles illuminating the tables as I walked inside. My heart was racing as I contemplated what I was getting myself into. I had agreed to meet to see if I met their screening criteria to join them in a rendezvous for sex. This meeting was set up via an online chat room and we had never seen each other. We planned to have dinner together and then decide if we were compatible and we would take it from there.

My eyes almost popped out of my head as this wonderful blonde in a black evening dress walked up and asked, "Are you John?" I said, "Yes, you must be Shari," a... Continue»
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[Story] Loving Milk

"You really didn't have to get dressed up," I told this beautiful woman, holding her hands in mine on the table. I had told her about this little Italian restaurant in the city where I lived, which was only about half-full, as it was past nine o'clock on a Monday night, with only a few days before Christmas. I loved that you came to me to visit me, you looked beautiful, and I was adoring her. She took me here, to give us time to just talk, to explore what we had started online.

"I've gotta look good for my little boy," she grinned. She had just turned forty a few months ago, but she was sti... Continue»
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The Air that I Breathe

If I could make a wish, I think I'd pass
Can't think of anything I need
No cigarettes, no sl**p, no light, no sound
Nothing to eat, no books to read

Making love with you
Has left me peaceful, warm and tired
What more could I ask
There's nothing left, to be desired

Peace came upon me
And it leaves me weak
So sl**p, silent angel
Go to sl**p

All I need is the air
That I breathe
And to love you

All I need is the air
That I breathe
Just to love you
All I need is the air
That I breathe

Pe... Continue»
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look at me - while I do what you want

your task is being done -- I see your eyes on me - I feel your look - your stare - your love -- I am devoted to you - the ink of my hand where I wrote your name is smeared with my cum as I think of you there - your hands at your breasts - just looking at me - and knowing that I do it all for you!!!
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The Gift -- goes both ways

Leah gift

The gift of hope the gift of love

the though of piercing her to her heart with my spear from underneath - driving home the need - the feel till the flowers pealed inside of her - giving richness and fullness of life - and then the gift of her mothers milk for me -- yes - there will be gifts from both sides in a loving - giving way!
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the peak

You lean into me - and I catch my breath - your beauty - your sensuality almost always catch me off guard - I am never prepared for how you affect me - it is more then erotic - it is more then lust - it is just that you make my heart pound like it would bust — I want to taste you so - I want to trace the delicate curve of your neck - I want to feel the weight of your breast in my hand - I want you to know the tenderness of my lips everywhere — that is what I desire most - is when you lean into me - it is for my kis... Continue»
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Tied for Milk

I can't wait till you ache for me - I can’t wait till you crave me - I think about what might go on inside your mind - but I really just want it to be me - so I tease you - I tie you - I nurse from you till all of you aches for me - then I wonder no more - because I know it is me that you want
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The taste as I spend myself - my life inside you - the flow from me to you - the nibble the bite - the suckle the pull - I crave you more then you know - but when you feel me - when I fill you — you will know - God - so help me you will know — split wide by me - and yelling because of me - the passion will overcome us till we are passing out and you are panting beside me - wanting me just to hold you as I spill out — yes - that is what it means to have me taste from you - I can’t do it like a babe — I will always t... Continue»
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