5/15/2004 TS ENCOUNTER... TRUE !! TRUE!!! TRUE!!!!

I was visiting Vegas last month. I tried Celeste but she couldn’t make it. Called Marisol and she was free. I was staying at an upscale hotel and it seemed liked she liked that. We decided for me to come to her. She is off the strip off a busy intersection in a good location. I left and called her about half way and she gave me direction on where to go and to call her when I was there. Went inside and had a beer and called her and she said that she was sorry that she was busy and wouldn't be ready for awhile but she begged me to not worry and that she would make it up to me and she had a surprise if I show up !! That was fine with me I was happy to have a few more beers. Read on !!

As I walked in she looked so hot sandy dark blonde hair. She was wearing a sexy blk laced bra and panties. Big awesome tits, nice tan and a huge smile on her face and she looked happy to see me. She made me feel very at ease. We started with nice soft kisses and me kissing her all over and she is very ticklish. She is very large between 8 & 9 inches and thick and she got hard and straight. I put her on her back and licked her all over her pussy balls, legs and her asssss. This made her squirm and laugh and she was begging me to stop. Of course I didn’t' and she was laugh and screaming at the same time. I went back up to her great tits and sucked and pinched them she was still squirming around; I put my dick between her tits and fucked her Russian as she sucked my cock. She asked me what I wanted and I said I don't care I want to do it all. As I moved my dick down between her leggs and she said hmmmm and she says do u want to get fucked I said what every u want honey. She says r u ready for your surprise I said yesssss. She said she had a friend in the other room and she wanted to join us. I said great and she said she wants me to fuck her. My dick was already rock hard so I laid back she sucked my dick for about a minute and said I’ll be right back. She came back in a few minutes with her friend. I thought she was a regular girl, she was 5 11 about 170 she was on the bigger side but had big tits and a big ass that wasn't bad. She was plan but passable and on the large side. I don’t' mind the large ladies. Marisol laid me on my back and her friend feed me her big tits and I sucked away and I got a little taste of some titty milk, I used both hands and sucked away while getting deep throated my Marisol. I reach down to her friend panties and found to my surprise a hard 5 incher. She moved on my chest grabbed the back of my head and made me suck all of her all the way down and was f***eful. After about 5 minutes of this Marisol stopped us and she moved me over the side of the bed with my legs on the ground and her friend moved spread eagle and grabbed me by the back of the head making me eat her ass and balls this made her go crazy with moans and groans. Marisol was behind me lubing up my ass with a finger first and she was going slow she covered and tried to enter me but I was tight as hell. She was large thick and hard as a rock and she took her time and in about 5 minutes she worked her way all the way in. she was talking sexy in Spanish and slapping my ass she tried to slam it in hard a few times but I was to tight so she was going slow and easy. Then she grabbed my hips and pushed it all the way in and shouted I’m Cumming and she started shaking and pushing it as far as it would go. She left it in for a minute and pulled out and I looked back and she filled the condom real good. She took of the condom and I gave her some strokes it was nice and really thick. Her friend goes lay down its my turn… so I laid on my back Marisol left the room and her friend put a condom on the fucked me on my back for about 10 minutes while I pinched the hell out of her nipples and that made her really fuck me hard. I told her it was my turn. I fucked her doggie first then flipped her on her back and came inside her with condom on. She laid there and told me to lick her and I licked her pussy balls while she stroked herself until she shot a huge load all over herself. Marisol walked in and asked me if I had fun and said yes. She looked even hotter she had on blue sweat pants and a white tank top and her blonde hair was in a bun. She looked like a hot thin blonde you would see at the gym I mean totally totally passable !! She looks way hotter in person then on eros. I will see this girl in time or any where. If I go back to Vegas I’m call her before my flight lands. Both girls nice friendly fun and horn-kneee !!!

I instant message NoheaLani on Aim. Asked her if she was free tonight to do an out call to my upscale motel. She said yes she would be and we set a time. Checked in and called her and she didn’t pick up, left a few messages and texted her also over the next several hours. So I stayed in my room had a few drinks tried to find a few girls but had no luck and passed out. My cell phone rang about 4am it was her and said she could come over if I wanted her to. I said give me some time to take a quick shower and to wake up. She showed up about 30 minutes later. She was young cute and good looking and I said dammmm it was worth the wait. She came in gave me a hug and a quick kiss and said she was out partying with friends all night. I could tell she had a few drinks and she was smiling and laughing. Chatted and got to know each other a bit and then the fun began….

She reach over and undid my pants got up and moved her skirt up and laid back on the bed. I felt her legs and they where smooth and silky. I kissed her legs and moved up to her asss and pussy stick. she was starting to grow on boy oh boy did she grow. She is long and I sucked her for about 5 minutes till she was hard as a rock. She grabbed my head and pulled me down as far as I could take it. She then got up dropped her skirt to the floor then her panties. I stepped out of my pants and she layed me on my back went to her purse put on a condom and lubed herself up. I was relaxed from drinking and she was very easy to be with. I wasn’t so sure it if was going to go in but she put it up to my ass and it slid in wow she is big and long and it hurt for a bit and she pulled my leggs farther back to my head and started to fuck away I looked down and I could see her going all the way in my assss and dammm if that big stick wasn’t going in and out……. She grabbed my dick and I almost came I told her to wait and she kept fucking away…. Then she grabbed my dick again and I told her lets switch position cuz I didn’t want to cum so quick cuz she felt so good, so I went to the end of the bed and bent over with my legs on the ground and she spread my legs grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. After a few minutes I was ready to cum to I grabbed my cock and jerked off while she was fucking me and I cam a gallon on the bed spread. She asked me if I cammm I said I did and she wanted to see it told her it was huge she felt the big load on the bed spread smiled and giggled. She was cool. She kicked back for a few. She Left and about 5 minutes late she called me and came back for her sweater that she left behind. Dammm she is cute young and fun !! Will she her again for an in call next time.
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2 months ago
Nice adventure I envy you.
4 months ago
Marisol was $120... Nohalani was 200... and she didnt have her tits.
4 months ago
how much do these encounters cost?
11 months ago
Lucky boy.
12 months ago
luved it
12 months ago
Good one
12 months ago
thanks for the post!
12 months ago
fantastic experience just loved all your action I've met a few ladies like these and there always fun and willing to take great care of you