The Prince Goes to Market


Prince Jaseth, Bina and an assitant butler sat in an elegantly decorated small auction room. Jaseth was just getting fed up with waiting when a side door opend and an absolutely gorgeouse High Elf woman came in wearing only a golden slave collar.

"Pardon me Your Highness."

"Yes." Jaseth said obviousely anoyed.

She gave him a dazling smile. "My Master sends his apology for the delay. Organizing the display is taking much longer than he expected. While you wait, would you care for some refreshments?"

Jaseth retuned the smile. "Your best rosey and three glasses."

"Exelt." She said with enthusiasim. "Would you also care for the company of a concubine?"

Jaseth looked at Bina wuo nodded and broke up laughing. He looked at the butler and he blushed furiousely and shurged. "Sure." He said turning back to her.

She clapped her hands once and after a moment ten nude concubines wearing steel collars strolled out onto the stage and struck casual poses. Four were Wood Elves, three were Fair Elves, and three were High elves. "These are our finest concubines in stock currently. Feel free to examine them closer before making your choice." She gestured towards the stage.

Jaseth stood. "Come on guys." He said and moved towards the stage. Bina lept up and hurried after him exitedly. Jaseth Stopped halfway up the stairs when he stopped and looked back. The butler stil sat in his chair looking sheepish. "Get up her Brav." Jaseth encouraged. Brav stood and shuffled after them.

Jaseth slowly walked down the line admiring their beuty. Avrins words about general use concubines. "I would like these fine ladies added to my bill please." He told the guide.

"Verywell Your Highness." She responed.

Jaseth continued his oggling. They were all so gorgeose and he was having trouble chooseing but the last one caught his eye. She was a Wood Elf with tits almost as big as Casshas. While her strawbery blond hair was much shorter it had a simmilar wave as Casshas. The eyes did it. They were almost identical as Casshas. "What is your name girl?"

"Risha. m'lord."

Jaseth smirked. "Perchance, might you have a relative named Cassha who is also a concubine?"

"Yes m'lord. My big s****r is one of the royal concubines at the pallace. she smiled.

Jaseth busted up laughing, which scared the girl. He noticed this. "Oh, sorry I was not laughing at you I just thought coincidents were hillariouse. Cassha is one of my personal concubines and now I am now your master and it struck me funny.

Risha smiled broadly and reached out and took Jaseths hand tears in her eyes. "Oh thank you."

Jaseth Pulled her in and stroked her hair. "It is going to be fine." he consoled her and walked her towards his seat. "I will be taking her with me when I depart." He told the guide as he passed her. "The others can be delivered after the bill has been settled."

"Understood, Your Highness."

Jaseth sat down and pulled Risha into his lap and cuddled her. Bina came back with a Fair Elf and a Wood Elf and began to make out heavily with them while her little hands explored their bodies.

Brav finaly chose a little Fair Elf with green blue hair and led her to his seat nervousely. He sat down and she slid suductively into his lap which made him squirm. He wouldn't look her in the eyes and she finaly took her hands from carressing his chest to grabbing his head and turning it to look him in the eye. "Are you a virgin sweety?" She asked. Brav blushed even deeper and nodded. "Okay. This is not the way for you to loose your virginty. Wait right here."

She stood and walked over to Jaseth. "'scuse me Your Majesty."

Jaseth looked up. "That is Your Highness, not Majesty please. What is it?

"Sir, your servent is still a virgin, and this isn't the way it should be fixed. It should be special. Your highness." She said.

"I agree." Jaseth contimplated. "Thank you. Would you be up for the job if I made arangements?"

"Shure thing."

"Then tell her you will be coming with us as well." He pointed at the guide.

She bowed, which made her C cups dangle, and then walked off.

Jaseth turned his attention back to Risha who was looking fondly up at him. "I see you are feeling better."

"Much Your Highness.I'm ready to service you when you wish." She giggled.

Jaseths hand dropped down and he rolled one of her pink nipples as he leaned down and gave her a long deep kiss. She moaned lightly into his mouth as their tounges danced together. His hand slid down and as it aproached her crotch her legs parted and he cupped her pussy mound. she rolled slightly to make it easier and he sarted to gently stroke her slit with his middle finger. She moaned a little louder and her pussy got suddenly wetter. He probed into her deeper and his index finger started to graze her engorged clit. Her hips started to slightly buck towards his probing finger and she bgan to moan regularly. Jaseths finger was soon burried compleatly in her and he encountered no hymen. He smiled and buried a second finger into her and started fingering her sensualy as he pressed his thumb firmly against her clit. Her hips started pushing hardly back at his fingers and moaning loudly then her pussy clamped hard onto his fingers and throbbed as she came. "OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK, Fuck Fuck! NNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH." She bellowed.

Jaseth smiled and waited until her powerful orgasm subsided, before pulling his fingers from her and sucking them clean. "MMMMMMM. You taste as good as Cassha." He smiled down at her. "Are you up to sucking my cock?"

"Oh. Yes please." She said exitedly and jumped off his lap and quickly started to undo his pants. He lifted his ass to assist as she pulled them down and she let out a gasp of surprise when his masive cock sprang into view. "Poppas dick wasn't that big." She breathed and she reached out, wrapped her hand around it and shivvered with exitement. She leaned in licked up the length of Jaseths cock and then wrapped her lips around the head and lowered her head slowly takeing as much as she could into her mouth. Her head began to rise and fall and each time it came down it was further down her throat eventualy she was taking the whole thing. Jaseth was enjoying it emensely. Cassha gave good head but could not deepthroat it. Risha, her s****r, had almost as talented a tounge and eagerly took it all. He leaned back and surveyed the others while he enjoyed the oral attantion.

Brav was jacking his dick while watching intently as the Fair Elf woman fingered her pussy for him.

Bina was layed out nude on a couch while the the Wood Elf liked her cunt and the Fair Elf straddled her face. "That would be a fun combination." Jaseth thought.

As he watched the sexual antics of the others Rishas mouth brought him close. He strocked her hair. "Hear it comes baby." He grunted a warning and after two more strokes he started pumping his seed down her throat. "Damn!".

She deftly swallowed every ropy wad of his cum and kept sucking to keep him hard. When she was satisfied he would stay hard she straddled his lap. "May I Master? My pussy longs for your beutifull cock." She begged.

Jaseth stifled his laugh. "Please wrap that prety pussy around my cock."

Risha quickly positioned his cock between her full pusy lips, and slamed herself down on his cock. "Gods be praised! Thats good!" She moaned. She began to fuck herself on his dick and everytime she bottomed out her pussy would squeaze his cock strongly bu

Jaseth was amazed by her silky tightness. His cock slid smothely and easily and everytime she bottomed out her pussy would squeaze his cock firmly yet softly. As Risha pumped up and down his cock he sucked first one nipple into his mouth and batted it with his tounge, then the other. He alernated between them until her pace picked up too fast and her frantic moans told him she was building towards an orgasm. He reached down and pinched her prominate clit just hard enough to tip her over the edge. "OOOOHHHH, NNNNGGGGGHHHH, AIYEEEE!" She screamed and her pusy clamped hardly onto his dick, then began to pulse like a hand squeazing and releasing. Jaseth carfully picked the comming woman up as he stood and layed her exasted body in the chair and pulled out of her which caused a weak groan of protest from her.

Jaseth looked around and spied the six that were not picked by anyone. Four just sat on the stage looking board, but two were fingering eachother while they watchhed. "You two." He pointed at and then pointed at a nearby couch.

They jumped up and practcly skipped to the couch and tumbled onto it together. Jaseth walked up to the gigling girls and Smiled. "Either of you enjoy anal?

"I cum best from it." The High Elf said.

"Verywell." He pointed at the wood Elf. "You will eat her pussy while I fuck her ass."

She quickly laid down and the High Elf Positioned her pusy over her friends face and looked over her shoulder at him and moaned slightly as the other began to lap at her pusy.

Jaseth waited and watched until she was well into it before he steped up and aimed his cock at her waiting asshole. Pushing forward he slid into her tight sphincter. She moaned. "You're a b**st sire. MMMMMMM." He got all the way into her and then set about pounding his cock into her ass.

She moaned continuelessly under their assault and began to come after only a minute.

Jaseth was getting close when she started coming. Her ass started to squeze his cock and he came intensely, grunting nonsensicly. As he came down from his orgasm he pulled out of her. "Thank you. I needed that." He staggered back over to Risha and sat to rest and drink wine.

About ten minutes later the eight they were not taking with them were escourted out and The slaves he might be interested in were paraded out. First was the prospective maids, and Jaseth Chose a cute, well mannered High Elf.

Next came the ones that the slave master thought he might be interested in. As he checked them out only to stood out. The first was a little old lady. "Mame. May I ask why you are here?"

"That's very simple. My original owner, I worked for for over sixty years, pased away and his idiot son wasted all his fathers savings and blamed me for it. I'm no embezeler and showed him all my ledgers and how he squandered it all. He didn't like being proven to be stupid so here I am." She explained matter of factly.

Jaseth thought a moment. He currently did not have a Coin Master of his own. "Would you have a problem relocating to West March castle?"

"No, my c***dren are grown and my husband passed away."

"May I have your name?" Jaseth asked.

She smiled. "Bey, c***d."

He turned to the guide. "Please ad Bey to my bill."

"Yes Your Highness."

He continued the interviews and finaly came to a musclebound man that made the Prince feel short. Male slaves were rare and Jaseth could easily recognize a soldiers bering. "What the hell did you do to get in here?"

The man seemed anoyed. "I decked my rich employer." He groweled.

Jaseth looked at the guide.

She smiled. "His employer was abusing his concubines and he reported him to the constables. His boss payed them off and it was swept under the rug and the man continued to beat them. Yes he punched the man in frustration, but it almost killed his employer. This brought the whole thing to light and the buisinesman and the corupt constables were imprisioned, but Golt here did almost kill the guy so he was made a slave.

Golt just shruged.

"I am in need of a harem guard. You want the Job?" Jaseth asked.

Golt studied jaseth for a minute. "A Job implies I would be employed." He comented to no one. "I'll take the chance."

Jaseth smiled and turned to her but before he said anything she Spoke."I'll ad him to your bill."

"Exelent. Have Risha, the other concubine, and the maid dressed and when you come to collect the bill please deliver the others."

"Yes Your highness. They will be ready to go in ten minutes and we will bring them to your carridge."

On the ride back to the pallace Jaseth turned to Brav. "When we get back come to my chambers after your duties are over for the day."

"Why your Highness?"

"So this one.." He reached over and patted the Fair Elf concubine on the head. "can finish your education, Brav."

To be Continued
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