Not The Princes Birthday


Prince Jaseth had returned to pallace after vigorousely training most of the night with the Shadow Blades. It Was Well after midnight when he crept into his Private Chambers. He imediately noticed a candle light coming frow under his bed chamber door.
"I know I Did not light it," he thought. "And the maids know better."
He drew his thin Elven Blade silently and slipped just as silent twards the light. As He reached the door he stopped and listened intently. His Elven ears picked up the Sounds of two two people breathing like they were asl**p. He turned the latch, which made more sound than he liked, and pried the door open just far eneough to see in.
A woman and a girl Lay Nude and curled up asl**p on his oversize bed.
He finnished opening the door and crossed the distance to his Bed. At this distance He got a better look at the two. The woman he recognized as one of his Fathers concubines. She was High Elf, like all of his f****y, and She had Black hair and ample breast with coffee collored nipples. He Knew She stood four inches shorter than his Six Four. The Girl cold not be more than f***t**n and was obviosely a Wood Elf. Her hair was a golden Blond and her b cup breasts had small pink nipples.
Jaseth rotated the sword and rapped the flat of the blade on the womans head.
As her eyes flew open He demanded " Explain yourselves!"
The woman saw the sword. " Your Father Sent us Your Highness." She oestammered. "He gave me a note for You, it's on my belt." Her eyes Looked Panikedly twords the foot of the bed.
Jaseth Chuckled to himself as he walked towards where she looked. "Do not Move!" He noticed their cloths piled on the floor and used the toe of his boot to move them around until he found the belt with the scroll case on it. He reached down and grabbed it. As he stood and opened the Case He said "You better be telling the truth.". As the Scroll slid out he Saw his fathers seal on it. "So Far, So good." He Dropped the Case onto the bed and popped the seal on the scroll and unrolled it.
He began to read.
"Jaseth, You could not be bothered to show up for your Birthday dinner.." Jaseth laughed out loud. "He is so obliviose! My Birtday is not until next week." He went back to Reading. "so here is your gift for coming of age, Not that you deserve it, Your first two personal concubines. Avrin is one of my Best and Te is still a virgin. Use Them well." He had signed it with his formal title which told Jaseth that the idea was actualy from one of his flunkies.
Jaseth sheathed his sword. His b*****r, The Heir, Already had twenty Concubines and Jaseth thoght he was a raging asshole. He had planned only on having one, the one he married. He sighed and looked at the two of them. "All right, your story pans out." he said to Avrin. Te was still sound asl**p. Jaseth began to disrobe. "I will not be twenty five for four more days" he started as he removed his tunic. "so you will not belong to me untill then, but I will not send you back to my fool of a father. You both may stay in my chambers but I will not touch you untill then.
The sultry woman looked crestfallen. "As wish your highness." She said sullenly.
Jaseth stopped unlasing his jerkin and looked at her with confusion in his eyes. "What is wrong?" He asked.
She looked up at him. "I was hoping you would take me tonight. I haven't been touched by a man in over a year."
Jaseth could see the desperation in her eyes and it moved him. "Well, I am physicaly worn out tonight, but if you are compleately discrete until my birthday we can be together tomorow, if you want."
She imediately Smiled. "If I did all the work would you have the energy tonight, my Lord?" her eyes burned with lust.
Those eyes stirred his loins and he felt himself start to harden. "We could try, but I Can not promise I will not pass out in the middle."
That was all it took. She Stood up and sashayed over to where he stood. Her firm double D tits swayed slightly and her huorglass figure rocked sexily as she aproached him. She took him by the shoulders and sat him down on the end of the bed and continued unlasing his shirt.
Her large nipples were already rock hard, and as they swayed as she worked Jaseth couldn't resit. He reached out and lightly tweaked her left nipple. It was firm yet soft and almost hot between his fingers. She let out a moan and her hands began to shake. His other hand came up and started stroking the other nipple. Jaseth glanced down. Her thinly furred Pussly had Plump outer lips that were splayed open with excitement showing her pinkinner lips and a large clit that pulsed with her exited heart beat. "I,i,if you don't stop," she stammered. "I'll never get your clothes off. MMMMM" she moaned. His left hand left her ample breast and snaked around her waist as he sucked that nipple into his mouth and rolled his tounge around it. "ohhhhhhh" Her knees began to shake. After about thirty seconds he moved his mouth to the other nipple and his right hand slowly played down her firm belly. By now she was panting heavily and as he ran two fingers up her sopping slit he had to support her. "AAAAHHHHH, fuck, FUCK, NNNNNN." she moaned as he sliped his middle finger into her. He stroked his finger in her three or four times then slid in a sond figer and brought his thumb up a grased it across her clit. Her body began to spasm. "Don't stop, oh fuck. Damn! NNNNGH." she howled as she began to come. He pistoned his fingers in and out as his thumb stroked a circle on her clit. Her pusy muscles clamped down hard on his figers as a second stronger orgasm swept over her.
Jaseth slowly pulled his fingers out of her and scooped her up as he stood. He turned to lay her on the bed he noticed Te had been waken by Avrins howls of pleasure and was watching intently. Jaseth laid the recovering Avrin gently on the bed, gave Te a reasuring smile, and began to quickly disrobe.
Avrin looked over at Te and gave her a weak smile. "Watch close Dear. Two people making love can be truely Amazing." she glanced at Jaseth as he droped his Pants revealing his Masive nine and a half inch cock. "and if you get excited don't be afraid of touching yourself." She Sighed.
Jaseth, now completey nude with a raging hardon, crawled onto his bed between the two of them and laid on his back his cock point straght up at the vaulted ceiling. He looked at both of them staring at him, one in awe, one with compleate lust.
Avrin rolled over between his legs and in one fluid move took his cock into her mouth and slid it all the way down her gullet without touching it with her hands or gagging."Damn, woman! My father was a fool to give you up." her head slowly bobbed back up. "Fuck! That is Amazing." She bobbed up and down until he was uncontrollably fucking up into her face, then she suddenly pulled her mouth off his cock and jumped up, positioning her dripping pussy over his dick. reaching down she grabbed his cock and began rubbing the head over her clit until she was about to cum. Then rocking back and down impaled herself on his rod. They Both gasped as he sank deep into her and she just sat there for a full minute, reveling in the sensation of being so filled.
Jaseth was blown away. She had been his Fathers concubine, basicly Dads sex slave for almost twenty years, yet she was still almost virginaly tight. He let her rest for a bit then reached down and grabed a round ass cheek in each hand and stated to slowly fuck her. Gently lifting and lowering her on his dick.
Next to them Te repositioned Herself so She could have a better view of her mentor and her master Making Love. She Gasped at how much her masters penis stretched Avrins Vagina. "That's looks like it hurts." She thought to herself. "But she seems to be enjoying herself." The Couples pace began to increase and their gasps and moans started to get louder.
"Damn!I have to take you from behind." Jaseth said. He lifted her by her ass cheeks untill he could pull out then flipped her over on all fours. As he repositioned himself Te slid over to watch. Guiding his cock back to Avriins waiting pussy and as soon as it was in position his hips shot forward and Avrin Groaned with pleasure."NNNNGGG, god you're huge."
Watching them Pasionately making love was getting Te hot and her she slid her had down and started to play with her blond pussy. She had been with Avrin before, learning about lesbian sex, but this was her first exposure to a heterosexual couple. It was forbidden until her master told her otherwise.
Jaseth was slamming his cock into her and Avrin was pushisng back almost as hard. Their frenzied race to orgasim had their loins slamming together so hard it almost sounded like firecrackers.
Te Couldn't stand it any longer, she felt left out. The girl slipt under Avrin unoticed by the madd fuckers. She lay there for a moment taking in the strange point of view she had of his cock slamming into her mentor. Then the little training she had took over and Te brought her tounge up and tickled Avrins clit as her own finger stroked her own.
As soon as Te started to tounge her clit, Avrin lost controll. "OOOOOOOOOOOh, Cummmmiiingggg!" Her body began to quiver as she had back to back to back tripple orgasm.
Avrins spectacular antics encuraged Te and She reached up with her free hand and cupped her Masters swinging balls. They were heavier than she thought they would be. she had never touched a man sexualy and it thrilled her.
Jaseth felt a small hand on his nuts and that was all he could take. He slammed his cock as far into Avrin and Rocketed wad after wad into her which trggered a Fourth orgasm for the sex starved sex slave. Their combined cries of pleasure drowned out the wimper of pleasure from the girl under Avrin.
The groop took sevral minutes to catch their breath before they untangled themselves from where they had colapsed.
Jaseth, Prince of the Elven kingdom, blew out the candles, and climed between his first sex slaves and fell asl**p.

To Be Continued.
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1 year ago
gr3at story cant wait to read the rest :D
1 year ago
1 year ago
Good to see a fantasy porn story. You did do good. Although Wasn't much lesbian sex. Might want to change that. I am guessing next story will have lesbian sex. To be honest I didn't even see that part until end. Did a good job and can't wait to read more.