Beginning of a Sub and Dom Relationship (Part 1)

When I had finally gotten him back to the house, I sent him off to the living room while I headed to the kitchen to pour myself a stiff drink. Once I had downed my scotch I headed to the bedroom to change into some more comfortable clothes and to grab some supplies. After gearing up I went back to the living room.

Arriving back in the living room I spied Jeff sitting nervously on the couch.

“Why don’t you come over here and say hello.” I said.

Jeff quickly got up off the couch and started to walk over to me.

“Not so fast.” I told him, “Get down on all fours and crawl over here, we wouldn’t want you forgetting your place now would we.”

Jeff started to blush but dropped to his hands and knees and crawled over the rest of the way.

“That’s a good little slut,” I told him. “Now why don’t you take out my cock and see if you can make your master hard.”

Jeff undid my pants, and took out my simi hard cock. He started to gently run his hands up and down the shaft, and then getting a little braver he stuck out his tongue and tasted my cock. After a couple of timid licks he started to get with the program and began to suck me off.

I enjoyed his attempts at cocksucking for a little bit, then I decided it was time to push him a little farther.

“Stop,” I told him. “This isn’t going to work for me, I think it’s time we take this a little farther. You want to please me well don’t you?”

Jeff just shook his head yes. Still a little to timid to speak it seemed. I told him to follow me into the bathroom as we had a little work ahead of us to get him ready to really please me. He crawled after me to the bathroom, a quick learner it seemed. Once there I told him to strip and step into the shower. I handed him a razor and told him that it was time for all his body hair to go. I wanted him as smooth as a baby.

I left him to his task, and I went to the closet to find some clothes more suitable for the little slut Jeff wanted to be. After careful consideration I grabbed some white lace panties, and matching bra, and a tight fitting short black dress. The kind of number you would see on sluts at the club, that only barely covered their ass. I had plenty of plans for Jeffs little virgin ass and I wanted to showcase it well.

Proud of my selections I went back to the bathroom to check in on Jeff. He seemed to be doing well, so I went back to the bedroom to find some of the makeup I had purchased for this very occasion. Once I had everything I needed I went back to the bathroom to check up on Jeff.

He had now finished shaving and was showering off. I admired his new look, he looked nice without the hair.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I told him cutting off the shower. “It’s time to clean you out on the inside too.”

I started to fill an enema bag with a soapy water mixture while I watched him get back on his hands and knees.

I liked the pose for him. It made him look so vulnerable, and I could tell it humiliated him.

Once the bag was filled I took the attached nozzle and started to run it up and down his ass giving him a little time to prepare. I slowly worked the nozzle into his tight ass and once it was completely inserted I turned the dial, letting a slow stream of water and soap start to flow.

Jeff started to squirm as the feeling of being so full was surely starting to become more and more uncomfortable. I left him fill up a bit more before taking pity on him and turning it off.

“I want you to hold it in, I don’t want you to let any out.” I told him as I removed the nozzle from his ass.

I started to spank his ass, first one cheek then the other. I enjoyed watching him squirm, he was trying his hardest to follow my orders but I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer.

“Okay slut, keep holding it. I don’t want you making a mess.” I told him. “Now bring that mouth over here and suck my dick.”

I held his head and started to fuck his mouth. Just short strokes for now, I didn’t want to scare him off yet. This time I was getting rock hard. Damn, it felt good.

“Good little slut.” Now you can go, I said pointing to the toilet. “Once you are done, I want you to clean up and go to the bedroom. There you will find some clothes and makeup. Get dressed then meet me for drinks in the living room.”

I went to the kitchen and fixed us both some drinks. A Jack and Coke for me, and a Cosmo for little slut. I grabbed our drinks and went out to the living room to relax and wait.
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