I was addicted to webcam porn and messaging and I had been messaging this older woman called Carmel and we had been exchanging messages of what we wanted to do to each other. I had sent a webcam broadcast of me jacking off and she sent me one of her bringing her self off. What a gorgeous pussy she had – shaven and wet. We sent quite a few of these videos of each other. After a while we agreed to meet in an obscure car park for a bit of fun. I suggested we wear red roses and meet at about 8pm.

The night came to meet and I was waiting in the car park when I saw mom walking towards my car. I thought “what a nightmare” what was she doing here and what happens if Carmel turns up, I needed to get rid of her as soon as possible it was getting close to 8pm. Mom knocked on my passenger side car window and I wound it down.

“Hi what are you doing here” she said sounding surprised.

“I’m meeting someone”, I said.

“So am I!” she said as she opened the door and sat down in the passenger seat and turned to me. Our jaws dropped at the same time as we saw that we were both wearing a red rose. No one said anything for what seemed like and age but was really no more than a few seconds.

“Is the person you’re meeting er….supposed to be wearing a red rose?!” I said sounding apprehensive.

“Yeah, is yours”, she replied.

“Yeah”, I said quietly looking out the front windscreen. We both went quiet again trying to digest what this meant.

“So I guess you’re Carmel”, I asked .

“Er….I am ….er Carmel yes”, mom sounded nervous too.

“Those videos were of you?” I asked

“Er….Yup” she said looking down at her hands.

“Are those videos I have of you?” she asked.

“Yeah”, I said equally embarrassed.

I took a deep breath and let it out.

“Well you do look great mom”. She was wearing a business suit with heels, a tight white blouse and no doubt some amazing underwear. She was 44 years old and had a blonde bob.

“You look good too.” Mom confessed.

“I should go”, Mom said starting to get out of the car.

“You don’t have to go I’ll give you a lift”.

She looked up at me and smiled tentatively.

“If I don’t go I might say something I regret like how your videos and messages really turned me on”, mom said looking out of the passenger side window away from me.

“Mom your videos blew me away – I’m going to keep them”, I blurted.

“That’s a bit kinky – keeping videos of your own mom playing with herself”, mom said. Although I couldn’t see her face I knew, from the tone in her voice, that she had liked this.

“Well I bet you keep my videos”, I said hoping I was right.

“Well….you do have a lovely cock and you come buckets!” she laughed nervously. “So tell me, what was it you wanted to do to me again?”

“Erm …lets see” I laughed nervously “I wanted to lick your pussy, fuck you and to come down your throat - to quote myself!”

“Oooh that’s right” she laughed while rolling her eyes wistfully. Mom seemed to be relaxing and even flirting a bit.

“We should just pretend we don’t even know each other” I half joked.

“Oh I don’t know, I think the fact we do adds a real kink”, mom said as she turned and looked me in the eye.

I paused for a moment and said “I am going to sit in the back seat, you can join me if you want or I can take you home”.

Mom watched me climb into the back seat then without speaking mom climbed into the back of the car. Mom sat sideways looking at me and crossed her legs so I could see the top of her stockings.

“You know stockings drive me mad”, I said smiling.

“What even on your on your own mom”, mom said smiling cheekily.

“Especially on my own mom”, I said

“Ohh you are a naughty boy”, mom teased. “Phew it’s hot in here” Mom said as she took off her suit jacket. I could see her nipples through her blouse. Her blouse was undone too show her huge tits in what looked like a sheer bra. Her nipples were getting harder and so was my cock. I moved closer to Mom and smiling she moved a little closer too.

“You couldn’t possibly do it with your own mom”, she teased.

“And you couldn’t possibly do it with your own son”. I smiled as I undid the remaining buttons of her blouse while Mom just watched my fingers slowly popping each button to reveal more and more.

“I imagine that you need a bit of ventilation too” and she began undoing my shirt buttons to reveal a set of hard earned pecs and abs.

“Are you asking a middle aged woman to turn down the opportunity of abs and pecs like those, no sireee, this is all your call and you better make it before I get into those pants” mom said as she stroked my chest and moved her hand steadily towards the button on my trousers.

I leaned closer to mom and I put one hand on her face and kissed her on the lips gently. Mom moaned and closed her eyes and gently pushed her tongue into my mouth.

We broke away and mom said “Well guess what we are going to be doing shortly?” smiling wickedly.

Her hand undid my trouser buttons but lingered, almost torturing herself. I moved my hand onto her breast and felt the rock hard nipple through the sheer fabric.

“I want those in my mouth” I said. Mom undid her bra and her magnificent breast bobbed in front of my eyes. I started to suck on them and mom started to get really worked up

“Oh my god son, suck your moms titties” mom gasped.

I unzipped her skirt, which for the occasion was a side zip all the way down, and it just fell away revealing stockings, suspenders and sheer brief panties. Mom was shaven just like in her videos. I took my trousers off to leave an enormous lump visible in my tight shorts.

Mom moved her hand over my cock and groaned “oh son I can’t believe this is happening”. As she said that I started to rub her hot pussy through her panties.

Mom’s breathing was ragged as she whispered in my ear “I want your cock in my mouth son”. I kissed her again and she looked into my eyes and said “a promise is a promise and I promised to take it all”.

I aimed my cock towards her mouth and the moment her mouth closed round it was monumental. She began working furiously on my cock in a frenzy while I was frigging her with 2 fingers.

A few minutes later I could feel the rise of my balls

Mom I’m going to come

“Oh you naughty boy, I suppose you want your mommy to swallow it all up”.

“Ughhh…Yes please”, I gasped.

Mom opened her mouth as wide as she could a few inches from the tip of my cock, moaning for my come. I shot my load straight into mom’s mouth and she gulped it down.

“Oh son that was fantastic! Does it turn you on sticking your cock in your own mom’s mouth and watching her gulp down all that hot come?”

“Wow… sure does! But now its your turn I said as I slid down the back seat bringing moms shaven pussy level with my face.

“Oh my, what are you doing down there mom said sexily but also slightly out of breath.

“I’m gonna lick and suck you beautiful, smooth, full pussy” I teased.

“Oh fucking hell” mom gasped pushing her pussy towards my mouth.

“oh lick me son, I want to come with your tongue in me” mom gasped. Mom’s held onto the back of my head with one hand as she bucked onto my mouth. My long tongue probed deep into her pussy lapping her juices up.

“Oh, I’m gonna come!” mom whispered and before I could say anything her whole body wracked and convulsed.

Mom’s orgasm slowly receded and mom said “ oh that was the best tongue fucking I’ve ever had and it was my own son who did it, god that’s so horny”.

Mom looked down to see that I was fully erect again.

“Oooh it doesn’t take you long to recover does it? Lucky me! Will you please fuck your mommy?”

“I’ll show you no mercy just because your f****y”, I joked.

“I’d be disappointed if you did” mom laughed as she straddled me and lowered herself onto my pole with a huge moan.

“oh son, your cocks the biggest cock I’ve ever had” mom was very tight and slowly easing my cock into her. Mom picked up speed and started to pound my cock. Her tits were in my face and she leaned to kiss me while she was bucking furiously onto my cock.

After a while of furious fucking mom begged me “please son, come inside me.”

“But I haven’t got a condom on”, I gasped.

“You don’t need one, you’re the man of the house and the man of the house doesn’t have to wear a condom”, mom whispered.

Through gritted teeth, “Please son, fuck your mom, come inside her pussy and fill her up so there’s no way she can’t get pregnant.”

I laid back and played with her tits and then the waves of orgasm ripped through me and I squirted what seemed like gallons of come into mom. Mom screamed as my come tipped her over the edge of her own orgasm. Mom’s orgasm seemed to last for ages as wave after wave rippled through her.

As we lay there recovering Mom gasped “Wow when… I got up ….this morning …I didn’t envisage ….my own son …making me …pregnant…”

“Is this a one off? I would like for there to be more if that’s what you want. Well sometimes getting pregnant is not easy and requires persistence.” Mom said hopefully.

“I’d like to be persistent” I said cheekily.

“Good because I would like that too. I think you should sl**p in my room from now on so you can take me whenever you want me.
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4 years ago
i have to say this is one of the best ive read
4 years ago
well, I enjoyed the story.