A Night Out With Malinda

When I was getting to know her, in the beginning, our conversations often seemed to lead to the topic of sex. We would talk about this and that and the conversations became more and more open until the topic of threesomes came up. I always love when that topic comes up especially when the girl I'm talking to likes the idea. We talked about them in reality and in fantasy and she said one thing that really stuck with me. I asked her which got her hotter, watching a movie with two guys and a girl or two girls and a guy. She said the two guys and when I asked why, she came back with, "It's more degrading that way" and when she said it, she said it like she meant it. I asked more and found out that she liked being treated like a little slut. She was a nice girl who liked to be bad - which is my favorite kind of girl.

As I watched Malinda dance, I noticed that although the guys were giving her a lot of attention, she wasn't returning it, which was good because that's how I told her to act. She was quite d***k but when she talked to anyone it was her friends who were all girls. Malinda knows I don't like other men touching her. As far as I'm concerned, her sweet little body belongs to me, BellDonn, and MY pleasure alone. As I watched her friends, they left her for a bit. It looked like they were going for a drink and she hadn't finished the one in her hands so for the moment she was all alone.

I came up behind her and started pressing myself into her, moving in rhythm with her, and I waited to see if she would grind back without even knowing who it was. I was pleased to see her try to look but I made sure she couldn't see me. My one hand was on her bare midriff low pulling her into me and the other hand I put on her throat to tilt her head back and to the side. Granted, she probably knew it was me but she couldn't have been sure. I held her firmly and kept moving until she relaxed and started grinding in to me. I moved my hand up her face and touched her eyes indicating she was to close them and she complied, then I moved her to a different part of the dance floor where her friends wouldn't find her.

I knew she had plans for me that night but I had some of my own and I reached up and tied a blindfold around her eyes. She seemed surprised but I f***efully put it on her. She knew it was me but she couldn't see anything else that was going on. This wasn't some sex club, it was just a dance club and people were staring at her and me.

I ran my hands up and down the sides of her body, one hand up onto her face and slid two fingers in her mouth. She sucked them just the way I like, like a little slut. My other hand was down on her hip sliding lower and more inside beginning to lift her already short skirt. I ground my cock into her and she pushed back. I whispered in her ear, "people are watching you." and she stopped sucking my fingers as if she was embarrassed. I grabbed her chin and put them back in, saying "Don't stop until I tell you."

I pushed my fingers in and out and wiped them on her face. My other hand was lewdly between her legs rubbing her over top of her thong. It was really an inappropriate display but I didn't care. I'd never been to this club before and I didn't plan on coming back. Still behind her, I began rubbing my hand all over her body. Her breasts her stomach her ass, her pussy and she took it all. The blindfold and alcohol were gold as they kept her from caring about the people watching. I decided to see how far I could push her. By now people were giving us a bit of room for our spectacle, the girls looked disgusted and the guys looked envious. I told her to get on her knees and wound my hand through her hair pulling her head back and down. I said it again, angrier and she still resisted. Angrily, I whispered in her ear,

"Are you going to do this or am I going to leave? Get on your fucking knees and be a good little whore." I pulled down and she went down with her head still tilted back.

Holding her hair, I pulled her head back and kissed her hard while my other hand slid over her breasts. I was rough and people were watching openly. The girls looked horrified at what I was doing and at what Malinda was doing for me. I stopped kissing her and stood in front of her and slid my fingers in her mouth. I said, loudly enough for her to hear "Suck them while I get my cock out." Now, there was no way I was going to do something like that in public, but given how far I had already gone, poor little Malinda on her knees on the dirty floor, probably believed me. She started to resist and tried to stand up, but I noticed for all the struggling she was doing she didn't take the blindfold off, like she still wanted to play but not go that far. I pulled her down by the hair, head tilted back and pushed my fingers in her mouth, in and out, and wiping the saliva on her face and putting them back in her mouth. She began to suck enthusiastically and I loved the sight of her on her knees before me. I leaned down and said, "Show everyone what a little slut you are. They're all watching. “She lewdly sucked and I took her own hand and put it on her body as if to suggest she touch herself and she did, rubbing her hands up and down.

I thought I'd had enough fun for the bar and I decided it was time to go home; I picked her up and said, "Let’s go," removing the blindfold. Taking her by the hand I left the circle that had formed around us and took her out of the club and to a cab. We got in and I told the driver here to take us. As soon as we started to go I pushed her head down, saying "You know what to do." Malinda undid my pants and started sucking my cock, moving her head up and down while I sat back and enjoyed the ride. I would say things to her knowing that the driver would hear me, and knowing it would embarrass her. "Take it deeper you whore," "that's a good little slut"

I reached over with my hand, putting in under her skirt and rubbed two fingers up and down her slit. I pushed them inside and moved my thumb over her clit. Malinda started to writhe and moan, but her sounds were muffled by my cock still deep in her mouth. With my other hand I pushed down on her head urging her to suck it deeper. "Do you like sucking my cock," I asked her. She tried to answer but I wouldn't let her take my cock out of her mouth. I asked her again, only a little angrier, but again I wouldn't let her take me out. I slapped her ass and asked her a last time pulling up on her hair and gasping for breath she answered,

"Yes, I love your cock." "And you're my good little whore," I continued. "Yes baby, I'm your good little whore."

I put my hand back in her slit and pushed her head down again on to me, looking forward I told the cab that you just had to know how to handle a girl properly. I was close to cumming and from the sounds of things, Malinda was also close, so I was glad when we pulled up to our destination. I let her go and told her to straighten herself up, also telling her she had some explaining to do when we got inside. I paid the driver and we slowly walked to the door hand-in-hand like any other couple. Walking in I took off my coat and slowly took off my shoes. So calm, so relaxed, it was as if nothing had happened. Malinda left her shoes on, unsure of what to do.

I took her by the hand and led her into the living room. She was expectant, a little nervous, definitely confused in my change in manner.

I looked at her; "I was watching you dance before I came over tonight" She nodded, unsure of what to say. I went on, “I didn't like the way you were flirting with those guys."

Her eyes became concerned, and she answered in earnest, "I wasn't flirting with anyone. I know you don't like that." "I saw you," I replied. "But I didn't." - It was so heartfelt, it was beautiful.

My demeanor changed, and I turned her around. I pushed her to her knees and pushed her body down face first onto the seats of the couch. I told her to stay there, and she went on. "BellDonn, I wasn't flirting. I wasn't flirting at all." I took cords and saying nothing, wrapped them around her wrists and secured her to the frame of the couch. She was kneeling on the ground bent over with her hands attached to the frame.

I began to run my hand over her ass lifting her skirt as I undid my pants. I hadn't said anything since the cords was fastened. Letting my clothes fall to the floor, I got up close behind her spreading her knees on the ground. And then I spanked her, quite hard. She jerked and said, "Please BellDonn."

I began running my cock between her pussy lips spreading her legs and I began to speak to her.

"I don't like it when you flirt with other guys. You know this. But I especially don't like it when you lie." I spanked her again and began to press my cock into her. She jerked and continued to insist that she hadn't been flirting. Sliding inside her, I starting fucking her and running my hands over her body. Harder and harder. I spanked her again and then again, each time harder, saying to her, "Admit it." I started fucking her deeper and she was panting.

Difficult for her to speak. "I...I... wasn't though." I pushed down on her head and kept fucking her, slamming into her furiously, she began to scream. "Are you a slut," I asked. "Yes, I'm your slut," she understood this game at least. "And you do what you're told." "Yes, I do what I'm told." "Good, then admit what you did." She still was confused.

I was fucking her incessantly and she was so close to cumming, I reached down and pinched her clit. She squealed, somewhat painfully and I yanked back on her hair. "Admit it -damn it!"

Malinda, covered with sweat and barely able to speak managed to get out, "I...I'm sorry I flirted."

I smiled inside but maintained my angry demeanor and continued, "Why did you do it?" She was unsure of what to say... "Because, because..." She didn't know what to answer. "I'm sorry BellDonn." I spanked her again demanding "I know you're sorry, but I asked you WHY." Her head fell down, so many feelings and emotions. "I don't know... I'm a slut." I smiled again. She was truly apologizing for something she hadn't done. "You're my slut now though, right?" "Yes, yes BellDonn, just yours." "And you'll be a good girl for me.” "Yes, yes, I'll be good for you." I let my torso rest on hers and began fucking her more smoothly building up the speed, reaching around massaging her clit. And she was out of control. She seemed so mentally and physically exhausted with her head down on the cushions and her hair matted to her face. I continued to give her what she needed.

"It's ok, baby, I forgive you, you can come now. I forgive you." It was what she had wanted to hear. She kept repeating "thank you, thank you," and she reached her climax and then her body shuddered and she writhed in ecstasy. Every muscle clenching powerfully and she came and came and came, screaming. It seemed to go on forever and when she was done her body had collapsed on the cushion, completely spent, I had timed it properly and had been holding back for some time and I let go filling her with all my saved cum. Like her, every muscle tightened and I held her tight against me and for a moment I collapsed on top of her.

I reached up and undid the cords massaging her wrists. I gently picked her up in my arms and took her to the bathroom where I bathed her, I asked her, calmly, sweetly, if she had had a good time tonight. She weakly, nodded "Yes." I took her to the bedroom, placing her on the bed and lay beside her, holding her close. I told her that I did also.

We were asl**p in each other's arms in minutes. Malinda, amazing girl that she is, awoke me in the morning with one of the best blow jobs I had ever received.

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2 years ago
nice read
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hot ..very vert hot !!!!!
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good job bud
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dude, nice story. five stars.