Carol tells a story....4

My husband had to go away for the weekend. I wanted to do something special for him, since before he got back I had to go out of town myself. Last week we had put a pool table down in the basement after I finally finished painting it and putting the bar in. I went down to see what the bar needed and called a few friends, telling them I had the house to myself for the weekend and didn't feel like being alone. Deanna and Belldonn agreed to come and stay in the master bedroom for the weekend; they were always fun to have over. They were swingers, Belldonn knew about Deanna and me taking my husband on a few weeks ago. Then I called and asked Josh to come over, he was a friend who I enjoyed fucking on a regular basis before my husband, we still had the occasional meeting but for the most part we were friends. All of the people I invited over for the weekend knew I wanted to create a special video for my husband's pleasure when he returned. Josh worked in film editing and brought over some equipment for us to use, all I had to provide was the tapes. We set everything up in the basement, one camera on each side of the pool table and one on top of the pool table looking down.

Deanna and Belldonn arrived just after Josh and I finished setting things up, we shared a few drinks and then Deanna and I took initiative to get the guys going. We started to kiss and fondle each other, Belldonn behind Deanna's shoulder watching and Josh behind mine. Then we each turned and started to tease the guys, licking and sucking at their necks while we slowly started to finger each other. Deanna and I worked our way down Belldonn and Josh's bodies slowly, teasing them in the same ways, nibbles, licks, and playful growls. Then we each took a hard cock into our mouths. Working them up nicely, then standing up and walking to the pool table, where for a few minutes Deanna and I sixty-nined each other. Josh started all the video cameras at this time. Then he lies down on the pool table next to Deanna, pulling my wet pussy towards his cock.

"Come on baby, let me feel your cunt wrapped around me again," he moaned out. I looked up at Deanna and she nodded back at me. I noticed Belldonn standing behind me stroking his cock.

"Mmmmm," I moaned out watching him. He was a little bigger then what I would have thought but not too big for me. God I wanted to be a good slut on this tape for my husband, I told Belldonn to fuck Deanna for a few while I rode on Josh's cock.

"For now that will do," said Belldonn,” but I want to feel something new soon." He reached out and slapped my ass as he walked to the pool table, grabbing Deanna's ankles and pulling her to the end of the table. I rode Josh while Belldonn pounded into Deanna just inches from me. I leaned forward and licked and bit at Deanna's hard nipples as I rode Josh faster, I watched Belldonn run his finger over Deanna's dripping cunt, then pull it out of my site, within seconds I felt Belldonn’s finger sliding around my tight asshole, barely circling it. I tried not to tense, my husband had been the only one to go there on me, but I knew it was something he'd love to watch on this tape. Just as I had that thought, Belldonn pushed his finger into my asshole and started to fuck it gently moving with the rhythm I was riding Josh in.

"Fuck," I moaned into Deanna's tit. I felt Belldonn start to pull away and I said, "No, don't stop Belldonn; I want you to fuck my ass please." Deanna looked up at me half stunned; she knew I'd only given my ass to my husband.

"Are you sure slut?" Belldonn asked as he pulled out of Deanna and stood behind me, spreading my ass cheeks with his hands and leaning forward rubbing his cock head up against my tightest hole.

"Yes, please," I asked. Following with “My husband would love to watch his slut take another cock in her tight little ass." As I said this Josh reached up and bit my nipple a little more f***efully than normal.

"Yes lover?" I moaned out. My hand had made its way to pet and stroke Deanna's cunt as I waited for Belldonn to enter me.

"I want to feel you take two cocks, Angel, but I want to see you lick Deanna's cunt till we all cum together." Josh said in a near whisper. I smiled at him and leaned down to kiss him and playfully bite his lip. Watching Deanna position herself so I could eat her sweet cunt, her ass even with Josh's shoulders.

Just as Deanna got into her position I felt Belldonn push his cock head into my asshole, and stop. Holding just the head in as I moaned loudly. I leaned down and slowly began to lick Deanna's smooth cunt, tongue going up one side and down the other, and then slowly darting between the two soaked lips. I opened my mouth and began to suck on her sweet mound as I felt Josh and Belldonn both push deeper into me.

"Mmmmm" I moaned into Deanna's cunt as I started to suck her harder, sliding two fingers into her cunt from below. Stroking down against her asshole as I pushed the fingers in and out of her hole, my tongue working her entire cunt slowly but f***efully.

"Belldonn and Josh fuck this slut harder!" Deanna cried out. Her hand reaching down and grabbing my head and forcing it deeper against her cunt, at the same time I felt Josh drive up into my cunt while Belldonn drove deeper into my ass. I screamed into Deanna's cunt as I sucked it harder. The scream I let out was a mixture of pain and pleasure, I was being taken in a way I had never been taken, two hard cocks inside me while my face was f***ed deeper into the cunt in front of me. They all began to fuck in the same rhythm, moving me back and forth between them, pushing me forward into Deanna. I pulled my mouth away from Deanna and f***efully licked up to her clit, pressing the wet, hard nub back against her body, making her squeal, then I f***ed three fingers into her cunt, fucking it f***efully as I licked and sucked at her clit. I looked up into her eyes as I did this, knowing she'd be flowing soon.

I began to tug on Deanna's clit with my lips pulling it away from her body now, as my fingers moved deeper. Josh and Belldonn were pushing deeper into me and I could feel both of them throbbing inside my tight holes, knowing they were close sent me over the edge. I moaned wildly as I sucked on Deanna's clit and fucked her with my fingers harder, at the same time Josh and Belldonn thrust deep and hard into my holes, making me gasp as they came inside me. Deanna and I both came within seconds of that final thrust the guys gave me, it f***ed my face down into her cunt so when I sat back up, and my face was dripping.

Belldonn pulled out first, Josh stayed inside me pulling my face to his so he could lick Deanna's cunt off my chin. Belldonn walked around the table and stood beside Deanna and she quickly took his cock in sucking it clean. Then she pulled me away from Josh's kiss and kissed me f***efully herself.

Giggling I asked them, "Do you think my husband will like this tape??"

"Yes" the three of them replied with smiles, as we all went back to our drinks. Josh agreed to edit the tapes for me so I could leave one video on my husband's bed before I left town. When the edited tape was given to me I wrapped it in a scarlet red piece of satin and left it on My husband's bed with a simple note that said ' watch me to see how badly Angel missed you'. I sprayed the red fabric with my perfume so he could smell me while I was gone. Wonder if he missed me too??

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