Carol tells a story....3

Belldonn was one of the few guys I had toyed with that enjoyed the relationship my husband and I had. He knew how I liked sex and always did it just right- today would be no different.

Belldonn smiled at me when he saw my loosely piled hair falling around my face, the fact that I was wearing my husband’s shirt made him instantly hard. Stepping inside the door and closing it behind him he asked, “mind if I come in??" then kissed me f***efully and lowered my body to the floor.

“How are you?” Belldonn asked as his hands moved to unbutton the 3 buttons I had bothered to button in my husband’s shirt. His knees shoved my legs apart as he hungrily licked and sucked at my breasts.

“Mmmmm good” I moaned as I felt his hard cock throbbing against my thigh. I wanted to tell him no but I did have such a difficult time saying no to sex. Now I was quite aroused by him coming unannounced and seeing me at my worst and still wanting me. I felt his hand graze across my pussy through the thin piece of material the thong offered. He ground his fingers against me feeling how wet I already was, his fingers were still pressed against the soft lace fabric.

Pulling his mouth away from my erect nipples he moaned, “God your cunt is so wet already”. I didn’t tell him that I had already had my husband in me that day and that’s why I was dripping. His mouth worked lower onto my body and wondered if he’d taste my husband in me. I told him that my husband had cum inside me already today. To my surprise he continued to work downwards whispering, “Lucky bastard”. Then kissed me hard. I heard him take his cock out of his pants and the next thing I knew he was inside me, pressing me down into the carpet as he fucked me. His hands wrapped in my hair as he took quick jabs deep into my cunt, he bit my neck as he fucked me, making me moan.

“Cum into my mouth, Belldonn, I want to taste your cum” I moaned out as he thrust into me. He pulled back and was kneeling over me. “Come get it bitch,” he said with a grin on his face. I sat up and took his cock into my mouth and sucked hard, wanting to make him explode quickly inside me, I ran my fingertips along his balls as I sucked his cock, stroking it in and out of my mouth. This made him cum quickly, filling my mouth. Belldonn smiled and stood up zipping his pants. “Thank you, you make me cum so well” he whispered as he leaned into kiss me. He walked to the door and left, locking the knob behind him as I sat amazed on the floor. I stood up and went in to shower, leaving Belldonn’s cum on my breath.

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2 years ago
that's the way to treat a slut! Making her suck you and just leave like she's a dirty free whore! Loved it when that happened to me!
4 years ago