Carol tells a story....2

I decided to call a girlfriend of mine. She was bi and very cute. Some people often mistook us for s****rs, twin s****rs! I invited her to come for dinner, telling her that I wanted her to wear something sexy and slutty and for her to come around 4:00 pm. She agreed to come over and I smiled to myself as I hung up the phone. I started cooking because once she was here I didn't want to have to deal with that mess.

Dressed in a black mini with white thigh highs and a sheer lavender blouse I answered the door when Deanna rang the bell. We hugged and laughed when we realized we were dressed almost identically.

"Put your bag in this room", I said pointing to the master bedroom, "let me show you the rest of the house"

After showing her the rest of the house we got set to make my husband’s night. She sat in the armchair directly across from my front door and I sat between her legs on the ottoman. At first we teased each other a little, kissing and fondling like two experimenting teenagers. My fingers moved across her shaven cunt gently, teasing her as I licked down her neck and chest slowly. I flicked my tongue across her nipple at the same time I dove a finger deep into her cunt. Deanna let out a soft moan as I began to move my way down her body, licking and biting gently as I went. My fingers were spreading her cunt lips open so when my tongue met my fingers I would already be inside her.

Deanna leaned back in the chair pushing her skirt up and opening her blouse so that her bare breasts were exposed, I repositioned myself so that I was lying on the ottoman and slowly began licking her cunt, looking into her eyes while I did so. I stuck my tongue firmly against her clit and slid it all around the sweet nub, making it swell as I finger fucked her tight hole. Then without warning I stuck my tongue deep inside her, burying my face in her cunt, sucking it and licking it too. My other hand roamed up to feel her breasts, first gently then more f***efully. " Mmmmm" she moaned.

We heard my husband’s key in the door and all we did was slide my skirt up so he could see my shaven cunt hang out while I ate Shelia's cunt. As the door opened we both looked at my husband with a look that almost said oops we've been caught, and then we smiled as we saw my husband’s expression.

" By all means ladies, do not let me interrupt" My husband said as he sat down across from us, turning on a lamp next to him so he could see what was going on. I began to fuck Deanna with my tongue again, now using my fingers on myself while my husband watched me.

Behind me I heard my husband unzip his pants slowly, "mmmmm" I moaned into Deanna's cunt thinking that my husband was going to stroke his cock watching us. He did for a minute then I felt him behind me… his fingers brushing mine aside then moving into my cunt and pumping hard, he whispered to me "you're a bad slut, calling me today at work and teasing me like that and then eating a cunt before I could come home and use you."

I felt him pull his finger out of me and before I knew what was going on my husband entered me with his cock hard and fast, driving me deeper into Deanna's cunt. She moaned loud and so did I, and My husband slowly began to fuck me from behind, pulling my hair back so he could see my tongue work on Deanna's cunt.

My husband pulled his dick out of my cunt slowly and told me to move; as I stood up he slapped my ass and told me not to go far. Looking at Deanna as he positioned himself between her legs he asked, “may I?" She looked at me and I nodded, it was my turn to watch, I sat on the floor right next to them and watched My husband enter that pink cunt I was just licking, slowly my legs opened and my fingers moved into my cunt as I watched them. Looking back and forth between their faces as they enjoyed themselves.

I sat up and leaned in close to Deanna and slid my finger along her cunt as My husband was fucking her, she squealed with excitement as I did this, so I took it a step further and leaned in and began to lick her clit while My husband fucked her, occasionally licking his cock too. My husband pulled his cock out of Deanna's cunt and moved towards my mouth.

"Lick her cunt off my dick baby," My husband said to me, pushing his cock into my mouth. My husband was standing over me as I sat on the floor with my legs spread. Opening my mouth I gently licked his dick all the way around it, letting him watch her cum gather onto my tongue. While I was doing this Deanna positioned herself between my legs and began to lick my cunt slowly. I took my husband’s cock deep into my throat, sucking it hungrily as Deanna worked my cunt with her mouth. My husband looked into my eyes as he started to fuck my mouth faster and Deanna continued to eat my cunt.

"Deanna come here," I whispered as I pulled my husband’s cock out of my mouth, I gently kissed her and brought my husband’s cock to her mouth. Deanna took his cock into her mouth and gently sucked it, while I watched. Occasionally licking her lips or his balls.

My husband pulled his cock out of Deanna's mouth and told me to go lie on the couch. Doing as he asked, I watched as he told Deanna to straddle my face. She did this, facing my husband as he entered my cunt slowly, I began to lick her cunt again as my husband started to fuck me harder. He was fondling her breasts and fucking me. This was turning me on. The next thing I knew my husband had pulled his cock out of my tight cunt and entered my ass slowly. He grabbed Deanna by the hair and told her to eat my cunt while he fucked my ass.

He picked up the pace of his thrusts as Deanna ate me; she used her stiff tongue to fuck me and her fingers too, repeating whatever I did to her. My husband watched it all and before long he was Cumming deep inside my ass. As he erupted inside me, I also began to cum. Deanna soon followed with an orgasm of her own. We all sat on the couch together in a state of disbelief of what had just happened. I had been with Deanna before but never with my husband at the same time.

"I hope that wasn't dinner baby," My husband said wickedly, "because now I have worked up an appetite". Giggling I stood up and pulled my skirt back down saying "dinner is in the oven.

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