While your at work....

I watch you go to work from your backyard. A few moments later your wife opened her side door and grabbed my hand and pulled me in her living room. Your wife locked the door, and quickly again grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom.
Once your wife closed and locked her door, your wife pushed me down onto her waterbed. Your wife went to her stereo and turned on some music. When your wife returned, she went to her knees, and started to unbuckle my belt. Your wife unzipped my pants and started to pull down my pants. Your wife kissed and licked her way up my legs. Once your wife reached my thighs, she stopped and looked up at me. I was propped on my elbows with my eyes closed. As I opened them to see what your wife was doing, I watched her take off her top. Her D cups were magnificent. Your wife stroked my semi hard big black cock through my BVD’s. As the head peered above the waistline, your wife smiled and licked her lips. Your wife continued her assault. Your wife started to lick and kiss my covered big black big black cock. When your wife reached the head of my big black cock, she sucked it deep into her mouth. At the same time, she removed my BVD’s. As more of my big black cock came into view, more went into her eager and greedy mouth. Once my underwear was removed, your wife grabbed her breasts and pushed them around my big black cock. My big black cock was surrounded with tit flesh. And the part that wasn’t enveloped in flesh was sucked into her mouth. Your wife was masturbating my big black cock with her breasts, and sucking the head. I was in heaven. Your wife was relentless. Your wife stopped and looked up at me.

“Cum in my mouth, please.”

I was astonished. I NEVER had a woman who would let me cum in her mouth. My big black cock grew another inch at the thought of cumming in her mouth. Your wife let her breasts fall to the side and started to suck up and down on my big black cock. Your wife smiled in between sucks. Your wife moaned, groaned and hummed as she varied the speed of her piston mouth stroke. I was amazed at her talents. Your wife was determined to taste my spunk.

“I am going to cum soon.”

Your wife moaned at my comment. She quickens her pace and soon I blasted into her mouth. I expected her to release me, but instead your wife stopped and let the bursts of cum flow. As I watched my big black cock exploded in her mouth, I pounded the bed. I kept cumming. When I finally stopped cumming, your wife let my semi hard big black cock plop out of her mouth and smack dead on my stomach. Your wife opened her mouth and showed me my spunk on her tongue. Your wife closed her mouth, then opened her lips again and showed me that it was all gone. I was rock hard again. Not only did your wife let me cum in her mouth, but your wife swallow all of my cum. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

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1 month ago
nice story short and hot love it
2 years ago
You have the feeling of triumph as the woman really yearns for the feeling of being fucked and in this case she can only get it by feeling your cum pumped into erotic mouth and slide down her willing throat. She is dissing someone as well as adoring the he-man and his real male cock.
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
hmmm sounds like i might have been the wife ..oops a bit ran out the side of my lips .....yum yum !!!!!
3 years ago
3 years ago
I love when my wife swallows her lovers cum. The fact that she has never swallowed mine ore even let me cum in her mouth makes it even hotter.
3 years ago
You gotta love a white slut wife that swallows blackdick cum. She should have asked for more. I would have!
4 years ago
it would've been funny if he walked in on you! heheheheheh