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[Story] Chapter 5. Playing with a New Friend While Dresse

While my friend Jim was pretty much my best buddy, I never tried to involve him in my panty play. I didn’t believe he would go for it, and I was afraid to suggest it to him for fear I would lose his friendship and become the object of his ridicule.

I did meet another boy my age, and I discovered he shared my passion for nylon. His name was Dale. He also had a mature woman fan the flames of his passion. It was his mother, but, as he told me, she merely facilitated his enjoyment of her lingerie; she did not participate as a sex partner.

I met Dale under the most unusual circumstances. ... Continue»
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Holiday Dressing Fun

Hope everyone received lots of sexy things for christmas. Hope your stockings were stuffed with panties, stockings, and lingerie and hope you stuffed yourself into those panties, stockings and lingerie as well. There is nothing like opening up presents to find some sexy panties, or sexy lingerie, and if you did not receive any panties as gifts or lingerie as gifts, hope you were able to do some shopping for yourself this holiday season. We both enjoyed wearing our holiday colored panties during the holiday season, we have several pairs of bright red satin panties and bright green satin panties... Continue»
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[Story] Old Friends

This is a work of (mostly) fiction....

Phil and I were good friends at school, doing all sorts of things in the evenings, weekends and holidays. When we were about 15, I was at his house and his folks were out. We were sitting reading comics when he suddenly said, 'I dare you to undress me'..... Well, never one to resist a dare, I got up, walked up to him, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. 'Carry on' he said, standing up. I undid his belt, then unfastened his trousers and slid them down. He was wearing white underpants, and was obviously erect! 'I think you had better undress me too' I ... Continue»
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Halloween CD Fun 2014

We always have so much fun on halloween, for many who crossdress its the only time of year you feel confident to go out in public, either just walking around, down the sidewalk, or through a park or to parties or public places like bars, clubs, etc while dressed. We enjoy picking out our costume’s each year and we try and coordinate so we are dressed up the same, just as sexy twins would do, sexy friends would do. Some years we buy a costume or costumes, other years we just make our own costumes. This year we decided to just take things from our dresser, and closet and make a costume. We decid... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Son

The day had been a long, hard one at the office and I simply couldn't wait to relax and enjoy some dinner with my son. I wanted to surprise James with some extra time as I'd begun to realize just how disconnected we had become, the divorce not helping matters. Certainly my ex-wife had told me what a horrible father I'd been when she left with our daughter to shack up with some guy in New Jersey. But James had remained with me as he was graduating and didn't want to have to readjust to a new school for a few months.

So, I had taken to doing what I could by shoving 18 years of poor fathering ... Continue»
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[Story] Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

The story is about how my passion for wearing women's lingerie helped me to establish a more intimate relationship with my mother.

I'm a 42-year-old man and I still live at home with my mother. My Father passed away 20 years ago. We live in a suburban bungalow and I have a nice little apartment in the basement. It's not as private as I would like. That's important because four years ago after discovering a number of chat sites where men present themselves in women's underwear, I began to become interested myself. Now, once a month, I dress in very fin... Continue»
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Janes lingerie


I watched from the window upstairs as Jane next door put out her washing. Shirts, skirts hubby’s underpants. Then i saw them - her sexy satin panties. A few white pairs one black and a cream pair. She went back inside and closed the door.

A few minutes later I heard her car pulling away. I gave it a few minutes then went out into my garden. I peered over the short dividing fence at her washing. I felt my cock stir as I stared at her underwear. I climbed over the small fence and touched a white pair.So smooth, so soft, so sexy. I rubbed the gusset, imagining her damp pussy on them.... Continue»
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[Story] Panty Thief Sissified

It all happened so quickly that I can barely remember the details. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was doing my laundry in the dorm laundry room when she came in. I've seen her around campus before and regularly pictured her naked body pressed against mine while I pleasured myself. Her name is Carrie. She is almost as tall as I am at about 5'7" with bleach blond hair and a killer body. She always wears tight pants or short skirts that show off her legs. Her tops were always so tight that her breasts strained against the fabric; usually the outline of her nipples was also visible.

I was lo... Continue»
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kinky panty sex with my filthy ex gf

This is how i turned into a lingerie obsessed guy....
Back in 1999 i had so many sexual fantasies that i wanted to explore & my partner didn't so we split up & it wasn't long before a friend of mine suggested we go out for a drink.I'd always fancied her...she was blond, hot, slim with a good ass & nice tits....Result..i thought !
She turned up that night wearing a little see-through floral dress,black heels & black hold ups....
every guy in the bar was eying her up which she said made her really horny...two drinks later & i've got my hand inside her black sheer panties & i'm finger blasting... Continue»
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[Story] A Bike Ride with My Mom

When I went off the college, my parents both went through a sort-of mid-life crisis. I was the youngest of three k**s so when they found themselves with an empty house, it invigorated them and they both found new activities to go along with their busy jobs. My s****rs and I often commented on how they were both more fit and seemed happy all the time.

I'm 23 now, out of school and living out of state. Last summer, my parents paid for us k**s to join them for a week at a resort near Lake Michigan. My s****rs showed up with their boyfriends, and I brought my girlfriend, Carole, with me. W... Continue»
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[Story] My Best Friend's Mother

A boy is entrapped by his friend's mother into an
indiscretion that becomes a reluctant affair that
becomes a full-blown with two neighbor women with him
their plaything. (FFdom/m-teen, ped, 1st, d/s, blkmail,
oral, anal, panty-fetish, huml, threesome)



I couldn't wait for the weekend to get here. My best
friend had invited me to go along on a camping trip
with his f****y. It would be Steve and I together with
his parents.

Steve's mother's name was Pam. She had light brown
hair, a slender, athletic body and a very pretty face.
She was a nice lady a... Continue»
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[Story] Wifes Fantasy A Room Full Of Guys Wearing Panties

I love men wearing panties, my husband wears panties and I love seeing him wearing panties and other men wearing panties. Just something about how those sexy panties fit on a guy and seeing a bulge underneath panties gets me so excited, horny and gets my juices flowing and my panties soaking wet.

Here is a fantasy of mine, perhaps one day a reality. Until then my husband wearing panties gets all the attention while wearing panties.

I walk into the room and standing there are several guys wearing satin panties, some wearing satin thongs, satin bikini panties, satin string bikini panties, ... Continue»
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[Story] Nephew's panty fetish fuels great sex

This happened quite a few years ago but I thought it was a good story to share today in the light of what happened in our house the weekend just gone.

It all began on a mid-week morning when on coming downstairs after getting dressed for work, my wife, Kath, confronted me holding a pair of bright red lacy panties.
“Is this anything to do with you?” she asked.
I had no idea what she was on about, the knickers were definitely hers so she couldn’t be thinking they belonged to another woman I might be seeing, so what was it?
I shrugged and gave her a quizzical look and simply said sharply, “... Continue»
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Wife, friend and panties.

As most women, my wife, Jessie, has a friend who she has known for over 40 years. They were together constantly until we moved. Now they email, talk on the phone and once every two or three years her friend visits us for a long weekend. She always comes alone, never with her husband. That's so my wife and her friend can have the entire three day weekend for themselves.

This visit was planned for some time and when the day arrived to go the airport I was ready for a lot of laughs and prepared to go to bed early while my wife and her friend drank wine and told stories.

Jessie and I picked ... Continue»
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[Story] Auntie's Panties


Auntie's Panties

I've always had this serious thing for women's' underwear. Even as far
back as grammar school I loved to sit on the ground in the school yard
to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties,
just for me.

I was always so jealous of my s****rs! They got such pretty, pink
ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white BVD's. It
was so unfair, I thought!

I loved the exciting feel of their lace and silky nylon dainties, so
cool and silky and smooth to the touch. By... Continue»
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[Story] Discovery

"What the hell are you doing!!?" I heard my s****r scream. My eyes snapped open, my hand flying away from its grip around my cock. With our parents away and my s****r out I'd thought I'd be alone for the evening and decided to have a wank. Now Michelle had come home unexpectedly and discovered me. It got worse. "Are those my knickers you're jerking off into?" She screamed again. I nodded shamefacedly. "You little shit. I'm telling on you."

"Please don't Michelle; I'll do anything you want." I pleaded.

She looked down at my lap where her panties were still wrapped around my now wilting ... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy Son Taken to Costume Party

I was making my way to my moms and dads house to house sit for them as they were going to a party that night and I had agreed to be there to watch the house and hand out candy. I was going to be alone in the house. I loved being all alone as it gave me a chance to partake in my fetish of dressing up in girls clothes. My s****r still lived there and she had some of the best lingerie anyone could ask for. So I gladly accepted watching the house almost as soon as mom asked me to over the phone last week.

I made sure to grab an overnight bag as mom said I could sl**p there and head home in the... Continue»
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[Story] sharing a panty fetish

Let me start by saying that I have a panty fetish. So it should come as no surprise that I was working the night shift straightening the women's clothing department at the Mart. This night I found someone that shares my same passion.

I was putting items on the clearance rack when I saw him. He was very anxious, constantly looking around. I thought for sure he was a shoplifter. He kept going in and out of the aisle where the thong panties were. I moved around the rack I was working on to get a better view. Sure enough, I watched stuff three panties under his shirt. One yellow lace one, a pin... Continue»
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[Story] Cross Dressing for Ann Again

About a week after my first amazing session with Ann, the neighbour from downstairs who blackmailed me into modelling her lingerie, I was again accosted by her on the stairs.

“Hi,” she said, coming out of her front door as I was passing. “I’m glad I bumped into you” (I knew she was lying in wait behind the door watching out through the spyhole) “are you doing anything on Wednesday night?”

I said I wasn’t and she said that as John and Ian (her husband and son) were going to Aberdeen to watch the football I should come and visit with her. “They won’t be back until midnight so you can show ... Continue»
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[Story] Dressing for Ann

When I was a teenager we lived in a flat in an apartment block. There were four floors with a common entrance from the street and two flats on each floor. No lift/elevator just stairs. This arrangement was called a “close” in Scotland.

Neighbours tended to look out for each other, taking in parcels, watering plants when people were on holiday etc. One year my mother “volunteered me” to look after the flat of a f****y on the floor below us. They were going on holiday for ten days and needed their budgerigars and fish feeding each day as the plants watering as and when required.

The first ... Continue»
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[Story] A Lingerie Thief's dream come true..........

A Lingerie Thief’s Dream Come True! By Phantomwatcher2006

For some time, I have been posting pictures of my hotwife Mandy and her exquisite lingerie on the internet, and have had a great many expressions of interest from practising and wannabe panty collectors, etc. This story starts with an email from one such contact, who had begun a story which he invited me to continue ……Let me know what you think- and if you would like to share similar fantasies with me… email

Anyway, I had visions of creeping into your garden late at night. Cumming across Mandy’s... Continue»
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[Story] Beautiful Pretty Boys

One of my earliest sexual memories is having a bath with my mother when
I was about xxxx. We lived in a large, older two-story house in a quiet
neighbourhood of the city. Our main bathroom had an old-fashioned
claw-footed tub that you could fill up to your chin with hot, soapy
water. Mom had me sitting between her legs, facing away from her. She
had a bar of soap and, while she rubbed it gently over my body with one
hand, she gave me a soap-suds massage with the other. I could feel her
hard, erect nipples pressing against my back as both her hands slipped
slowly and gradually d... Continue»
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[Story] my aunts panties

How i got started to love nylon panties.
I went to school which was several blocks away
from home. I would pass by my aunts house on the way to school. one day i
had to use the bathroom and didn't think i could make it home in time, so i
stopped by my aunts house. She lived alone and never married, because she
said she never met the right man. I went into her bathroom and while in
there i noticed two pair of panties hanging on the shower rod. I was sitting
on the toilet and reached up to touch her panties. they were nylon and still ... Continue»
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[Story] All Alone

All Alone
They were all gone, the rest of the f****y, they had taken off and wouldn’t be returning until this evening around dinner time. I had been waiting very anxiously and with great trepidation for today to arrive and here it was at last, all mine to do with as I chose and I knew exactly what I was going to do.
I walked upstairs and down the hall and stood in front of a closed bedroom door. I was nervous and very excited for what I was about to do. My hands were sweating as I grabbed and turned the knob that opened the door. I opened t
... Continue»
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[Story] 3 Teen Cross Dressers Misadventure - Part 1

Two friends and I decided to take a trip to upstate New York for a weekend of skiing and some messing around. We were friends since elementary school and have been dressing in our s****rs and mothers clothes for over a year and then play around with each other. All of us were young and dumb; 18 and quite petite,under 5'7 and lean. With our bags packed full of our dress wear,skiing gear and lots of liquor we were on our way.

We were about 4 hours into our 6 hour drive in the pouring rain when we realized we had no clue where we were. We all figured it would be best to just find the closes... Continue»
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[Story] cross dressed cocks

I was looking forward to the fun I could have in my own place. I spent some time on the male chat line looking for someone to play with. he to liked to dress but like me was not at all passable . when he showed up at my place he hade on black thigh highs open toe heels and a corset ,he was taller then me and of average build . it was the bulge in his panties i was interested in. I was dressed in pink thigh highs red strappy heels pink panties and a light purple chemise with a pink bra under it.

we sat on the couch watching some porn he took out his semi erect cock and told me he wanted to s... Continue»
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[Story] caught wearing my aunts lingerie

Getting Caught Wearing My Aunt's Lingerie!

Since posting the story about how my aunt introduced me to makeup and crossdressing, I've decided to tell the story about my uncle. He was a man's man with the most beautiful cock I've still ever seen in person. Anyway, me and my cousin used to play with his mother's makeup and wore her lingerie while we jacked off and sucked each other's cock. We did this almost every day in the summer months from the time we were around 11 until we both were almost 16. It was great fun and we had many orgasms together.

One day my uncle came home from work ear... Continue»
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[Story] my daughter's panties

i had never noticed how beautiful my daughter had become until the one day i saw her black victoria secrets bra in her dirty clothes hamper. We share a bathroom, being that her bedroom is adjacent to my game room. I always watch tv in my gameroom, and since the bath room is convienent, I use it. Well this one day I walk in and see her cute black bra on top of the clothes pile. Normally it is not sitting on top like that, it is buried beneath other clothes.

I reached down and picked up the bra to inspect it. 36d, demi bra, plain and simple black victoria secrets bra, but the fact that i... Continue»
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[Story] My Mate and His Mom – Episode 2

After the surprise session that Paul and I had with his mother (which you can see here: we were a bit unsure how things would develop going forward.

After Jean had pleasured Paul and me, not to mention herself, she picked her clothes up and left Paul’s bedroom, closing the door behind her. We sat there stunned and satisfied. One way or another Jean had seen to both of our cocks. But we were uneasy.

“Shit,” said Paul, “I can’t believe I’ve just sucked my mom’s tits and watch her fuck you.” I laughed “You better believe it, and you cert... Continue»
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[Story] Sissy for mum pt4

"She is hot" Samuel muttered to himself as he walked slowly around me finally stopping behind me . i was too scared to move but as there where mirrors all around the room i could see him , see how big he was, the robe he had on had opened and the white boxers he had on just made him look even darker i could see his muscular chest an his six pack i could also see the outline of his cock it looked as long as my forearm an just as thick the tip was even fatter and hanging out the bottom of his pants .
Mum sat down with Samuel on a sofa , the lights where dimmed by remote control an music was pu... Continue»
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