The Fxxxxy Affair

Peter was in the seventh grade and he was a slim cute looking boy
with blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. In a few months Peter would
officially become a teenager and he looked forward to that day when he
would finally be a teenager and not a p*****n. Peter was like most boys his
age, horny nearly all the time. It didn't help that his older s****r Sandy
was a gorgeous f******n old girl with 33B titties on a sweet body with long
strawberry blonde hair that framed her freckled face. Her eyes were an
alluring green shade and her lips were soft and pouty. One of her nicest
features was her tight and very round bubble butt. Not only was she
beautiful, but in the past six months she went from dressing as a demure
girl in age appropriate clothing to dressing more like a slut in short
skirts and nylons and even heels. It was an unexpected transformation given
how conservative the f****y was.
Sandy looked very much like a smaller and much younger version of
her forty year old mother. Betty still had faint freckles and the same eyes
as her daughter, but her strawberry blonde hair was cut short. Betty also
had 36D breasts and a larger, but equally proportioned bubble butt like her
daughter. She too began to dress provocatively in skirts, and nylons and
heels. This seemed very strange for his formerly very straight mother.
Peter was unaware that it was Sandy who encouraged her mother to
dress as she did. As a result they had spent a small fortune on lingerie
for each other in the past six months. Lately they regularly bough
themselves several new lingerie sets on an almost weekly basis. Now, when
he saw his beautiful mother wearing sexy clothing it made life even more
difficult for Peter. Because of all the new underwear in the house there
were always multiple pieces of sexy lingerie in the bathroom hamper on a
daily basis. Something in the house had changed. His mother and s****r
dressed and acted almost the direct opposite from only six months
earlier. While Peter couldn't quite understand why or fully grasp what he
was seeing, he consciously loved the transformation as most any horny boy
his age.
Just as it was difficult for Peter, it was growing equally
difficult for his father Frank. At 45 he was still handsome in a sort of,
well, feminine way. Ever since he met Betty after he dropped out of
college, Frank had lived a very straight life with Betty, who was not very
sexual, which is what attracted him to her at that time in his life. From
the beginning of their relationship Betty insisted on abstinence and their
dates were rather old fashion. Frank liked her reserved nature and that she
was so innocent when it came to sex. She was just what he needed at that
moment. In fact, he could probably count the number of times on both hands
he and Betty had sex that ended up with intercourse. Two of those times
resulted in Sandy and Peter.
It's not that she did nothing for Frank sexually, though he had
demanded almost nothing, which suited Betty's sexual personality. Sometimes
at night, Betty in her conservative long nightgown would feel Frank's hard
cock touch her. On rare occasions she would reach under the covers and into
his pajamas and grasp his throbbing cock, then silently she would rapidly
stroke it until Frank squirmed and twitched followed by a gush of hot cum
in her hand. It never took long because he no longer masturbated, so his
only relief was from Betty's occasional stroke off.
On the surface Frank liked his sexual relationship with his
wife. She was safe. He was safe. She made sure that nothing ever got out of
hand. Since they met he lived a nearly celibate life. It was the life he
f***ed himself to adopt—and with the help of Betty—he managed it for
25 years. But something in him, deep down and suppressed would creep into
his dreams. It was a rare dream for many years, but in the past few years
he would have an erotic dream of some vague feeling about once a
month. There were even a few times he woke up from what had to be a wet
dream because his crotch was soaked in dry cum. The increased frequency
disturbed the sexual world that Frank had so carefully constructed for his
own good. But when he too began to notice the change in wardrobe and
attitude of his wife and daughter he grew uncomfortable. His feelings when
he saw his wife bend over in a short skirt and reveal thigh highs hooked to
garter straps made him nervous. The dreams increased in frequency, but the
only thing he could ever remember when he would wake with a raging hardon
was something to do with sexy lingerie. All the lingerie in the house was
starting to drive poor Frank crazy too as he struggled to repress the
feelings that were creeping back into his life. He desperately tried to
ignore all the sexy undergarments around the house because he swore off
wearing women's things just before he met Betty.
Frank grew up with two older s****rs and for many years snuck into
his s****rs' room to fondle their sexy things and eventually try them on
when he was 13. But early in his freshman year at college he got caught
wearing panties by the other guys in his dorm. His reward was that they
made him dress in his sluttiest lingerie and become the dorm slut. Frank
was regularly gang fucked in his sissy ass and mouth for the rest of the
year before he left school. He'd been in terrible conflict. He loved
wearing lingerie and he loved sucking cock and being fucked, but the
constant fucking and abuse he took only served to make him more of a
slut. He got to the point where he would go to each dorm room wearing his
corset, nylons, and heels begging the guys to let him suck off their
cocks. He was caught in the culmination of sissy madness that had him ach
desperately for cock. He slid deeper and deeper into perversion and when
school was over he was so frightened of what he'd become that he shut down
Then he met Betty, so sweet and innocent. So cute and wholesome he
fell madly in love with her, and never told Betty anything about his dark
perverted sexual past. He worked hard to hide it and purge his mind of the
perverted sissy sex he'd experienced for nearly seven years. Their
relationship worked for many years and he felt safe with his sexuality as
he knew it would never get out of control as long as he was with
Betty. However, all his careful constructs began to unravel and kinky
sexual thoughts slowly crept into his mind the more he saw his transformed
wife and daughter. But something was still not quite right, because despite
Betty's new look and apparent attitude, she did even less with him
Then about a week ago, Betty uncharacteristically broke out a
bottle of Jack Daniels and the two of them began to drink and talk. Frank's
nervousness caused him to slug down several shots in a row and after many
years of little or no alcohol, he found himself quite loaded and slurring
his speech. As he grew more d***k, he let his eyes take in his beautiful
and sexy wife. She sat there across from him in a short pink skirt and
white blouse, somewhat transparent so that he could see a pink bra faintly
underneath. She sat there crossing and uncrossing her nyloned legs and
would periodically flash her shiny pink panties, much to Frank's
dismay. Betty took this opportunity to ask him about his sexual past;
something she'd never asked before. Frank was reluctant at first, but Betty
and more Jack coaxed a shocking revelation from Frank. Shortly before Frank
passed out on the couch he told his wife how he used to love wearing his
older s****rs' lingerie. That was as far as Frank got in his confession,
and he was so far gone he had no memory of what he told Betty.

Peter must have been doomed to succumb to sissy lust because of
genetics. He'd already been sneaking into his s****r's underwear drawer and
eventually tried on some of her cotton panties and bras. To his pleasant
surprise he found wearing panties made his cock incredibly hard. This was
before Sandy's wardrobe began to change. He practically trembled when he
felt his s****r's little cotton panties and would sniff the crotch. He
shuddered as he learned to hook her plain white cotton bras on his hairless
chest. There had been nothing sexier in the house for him to find, but what
he did find made him incredibly horny and made him feel very naughty.
Just before Sandy began to change her wardrobe, Peter was at a
friend's house hanging out in his bedroom when the discussion turned to
sex. His friend Jack wanted to show him something he found on the web after
he discovered sexual chat rooms. "You've gotta see this Peter," Jack said
excitedly as he typed in the URL: Peter sat next to Jack
as the home page loaded when he was suddenly presented with sexual
pictures. "Someone gave me this link and there's tons of hot pictures
Peter watched as Jack navigated the site filled with amateur
content of all sorts. The little thumbnails of naked people made him
curious and his cock twitch. Jack reached a gallery and selected a
thumbnail and a moment later the screen was filled with two average looking
women wearing garter belts and corsets, nylons and heels, panties and nylon
covered tits. They had their arms wrapped around each other and their lips
practically touched and between them he saw two tongues entwined,
glistening in mid kiss. His cock pulsed. He licked his lips and stared, not
wanting to remove his eyes from the two luscious women who looked to be his
mother's age; but neither as pretty. However, seeing them in highly sexual
lingerie made them look irresistible. That kiss had his cock drooling.
"I like to jack off looking at this picture," said Jack rubbing the
outside of his swollen jeans as his eyes studied the familiar image of two
mature women in lingerie, kissing and cupping each other's pantied
pussy. "What do you think Peter?"
Peter struggled to put into words what his mind and body felt. As
they came close to his lips, Peter thought it might not be such a good idea
to tell his best friend what he really thought; how he imagined it was his
mother. "My boner's really hard," was all he could manage, but it was the
right thing to say.
"Yeah," said Jack opening his jeans and taking out his hairless
twelve year old cock in his hand. "Come on Peter, take yours out and let's
jack off and look at pictures!"
Peter shifted his eyes from the lingeried lesbian women and looked
at Jack's right hand slowly sliding up and down his now very hard four inch
cocklet. Without thinking, Peter pulled out his own now hard, five inch
veined hairless boy cock. His own left hand took its familiar grip and he
began to stroke in exact rhythm with Jack. Both of them stared at each
other, stroking their raging hard boy boners. Neither had ever seen another
hard cock in person, and Peter had never even seen a picture of one. They
grew very quiet and watched each other demonstrate their personal milking
"Oh fuck!" Jack breathed heavily as he jerked his now glistening
cock. "I'm so fuckin' horny watching you jerk off with me!"
All Peter could manage was to hiss, "Yesss!" His mind began to race
with sexual thoughts he'd never mentally articulated. His cock felt
wonderful in his hand and his hand felt wonderful on his cock. "Oh Jack
this is so fuckin' good!" With that Peter began to furiously pump his now
purple cock, knowing he was getting so very close to squirting a hot load
of boy cum. He was so turned on he decided he would suggest that they both
stroke each other. He hesitated wondering if Jack would think him gay for
suggesting, but looking at Jack's throbbing boner glistening in his
pistoning fist allowed him to overcome his fears. He opened his mouth to
suggest jacking each other when suddenly there was a loud pounding on the
bedroom door.
"What are you two boys doing in there Jack?" His mother's shrill
voice penetrated the closed door as if she were standing over them.
"Talking about a school project mom!" Jack called back as they both
desperately raced to put their now shrinking, but still horny cocks into
their pants and display a Google search window on the computer.
"Open up the door young man!"
Jack stood up and quickly opened the door. His mother peered into
the room and Peter smiled back at her.
"You boys better be staying out of trouble," she said as she turned
from the room, satisfied there was no trouble to break up.
"Wow, that was close," Peter said, still shaking from being so
rudely interrupted from the horniest moment in his nearly thirteen year
life. He was also disappointed that he lost his chance to see if Jack would
have agreed to some mutual masturbation.
"She's such a fuckin' pain in the ass," Jack complained, but added
much to Peter's surprise, "If only I could get mom to jerk me off." He
chuckled to himself. Peter tried to imagine watching Jack's mother lying
him down on the bed, wearing her underwear, and she would jerk off her
horny squirming boy. It made the already frustrated Peter even more horny
to squirt with someone.

That night Peter was in his room and knew he'd be undisturbed until
morning. He sat down at his computer and tried to remember the URL Jack
typed in to show that incredibly horny picture. It took just two tries and
he was rewarded with the same home page. Only this time he could study it
in detail. What he saw was a screen full of site members with a thumbnail
and a little blurb. He saw that a number were listed as crossdressers. He
paused to think about that as he noticed a list of galleries on the
left. Peter decided to scroll down the list and see what was there. He
stopped when he saw a Crossdressing category. He stopped, and then clicked
his mouse on the link. A moment later the main window was filled with
several rows of four thumbnails each. It didn't register right away what he
was looking at until he selected a picture of a young woman in a garter
belt and bra set. When the full image came up Peter was stunned. He has
expected to see a young girl and her pussy, but instead he found himself
looking at a young guy in sexy lingerie with a hard cock bulging the black
panties. He suddenly realized this entire gallery was of guys in
lingerie. Guys with big cocks, little cocks, young cocks, and old cocks. He
sat there for nearly an hour going through gallery after gallery rubbing
his ever growing bulging pants. His own cock, throbbing and drooling in his
pants, had produced a wet spot on his jeans. At that moment he suddenly and
quite sadly found his s****r's cotton underwear very boring. Now that he'd
seen lots of guys wearing all sorts of incredibly sexy lingerie, he knew
somehow he had to find some and try it on; but he didn't have a clue where
he could find such sexy things.
For nearly a month he wore a pair of his s****r's pink cotton
panties and a matching bra when he stared at the thousands of pictures on
the website. Every night he would squirt a hot boy load and every time the
urge to stroke or even suck one of those hard cocks grew stronger. Then he
found a gallery of nearly a hundred pictures of the same guy who looked
like he could be Peter's father. It was obviously not Frank, but in the
middle of a seriously horny and kinky masturbatory haze he could look at
the guy and imagine it was his father wearing the sexy corsets and bras and
garter belts. When there was a close-up a very hard cock poking from a pair
of silky pink panties, he began to imagine it was his father's cock and
soon he was obsessing on how his father's cock must look when hard and even
better in panties.

Peter's new revelations and focused interest was taking root just
before the change crept into the house. When it did, he sort of suspected
something was going on because his regular snooping began to pay off. Peter
decided it would be fun to look at his s****r's internet history to see if
she wasn't smart enough to remove it. Sure enough one Sunday afternoon when
she was gone, Peter found the previous night's history as Sandy had left
the browser open all night.
Peter selected a link at random and was suddenly taken to a site
with called Older and Younger Lesbians. His jaw dropped and his cock
instantly hardened in his pants when he saw not only pictures, but the
video links to streaming porn. Videos of older women, usually in lingerie,
seducing or being seduced by young girls. He couldn't help himself and took
out his cock and began to milk his raging boy boner. It didn't take long
for him to squirt hard thinking that his older s****r was into
lesbians. Older ones too, and Peter wondered if Sandy had similar fantasies
about mommy as he did about daddy.
Then soon after the sexy underwear began to appear in the laundry
hamper. Suddenly Sandy's cotton panties started to disappear and be
replaced with all sorts of colorful nylon panties. Before long new bras
appeared and then much to his amazement, garter belts and nylons and
teddies would show up in the laundry hamper.
One afternoon all alone in the house, Peter checked out his
s****r's underwear drawer knowing there would be new stuff to see. He was
right. Where once there was only cotton there was now colorful nylon
lingerie that made his heart and cock throb just looking at it. Finally one
of his wishes had come true. He had finally found the kind of sexy lingerie
the crossdressers wore in their photos. He was in heaven and at every
opportunity he tried to figure a way to try on his s****r's lingerie.
One day when Peter was all dressed up in Sandy's purple bustier
with matching panties, nylons, and heels, he decided to see if some of what
he found in the hamper belonged to his mother. Peter went into his mother's
room and bent over her bureau. The garterstraps pulling taught on his
pantied ass, while the panties clung to his little round bubble butt; he
looked in his mother's drawers and saw she too had all sorts of new and
sexy lingerie. He did his very best to hide his activities, but try as he
could, just two days before Frank told Betty his secret fetish, his s****r
discovered her b*****r's secret when she came home early and spied him
wearing her lingerie lying on his bed and jerking off. She never let him
know she saw him, but she told her mother.

Peter didn't just get the horny genes from his father. He got a
healthy dose from his mother, as did his s****r. It had been nearly six
months since Sandy first came onto her mother. That fateful day came when
her father and b*****r were away camping. Sandy had been getting hornier as
every day passed. She consumed lesbian porn from the web and her horniest
times were with videos of a daughter seducing her mother. For a few weeks,
Sandy had been looking more closely at her mother. She saw how much they
looked alike, but Betty was a more womanly version. She began to obsess
about her straight and prim mother, until finally she resolved to do
something about it.
Sandy has already acquired her first really sexy lingerie, so she
picked out her sexiest purple bustier with garter straps, matching panties,
nylons, and her four inch heels. She dressed carefully, putting on makeup
with lipstick and her favorite blue eye shadow. She knew her mother would
soon come in and wake her up to go to soccer practice. So Sandy decided
she'd wait in bed in her lingerie and rub her nylon covered pussy until her
mother came into the room.
Finally, the door opened and Betty entered the room. She saw Sandy
splayed out on the bed furiously rubbing her panties and twisting a nylon
covered nipple. Betty froze in the doorway. Her eyes were fixed on her
daughter writhing on the bed, moaning and squealing. She knew her mother
was there but didn't care. She was going through with her plan and make
herself cum while her mother stood there watching. Suddenly Sandy opened
her eyes wide and stared hotly at her mother's beautiful face. It was like
a mirror and both of them immediately picked up on that.
"OH MOMMY!" Sandy wailed as her hips bucked wildly against her
rubbing fingers as she had a violent orgasm while she never broke contact
with her mother's eyes. As Sandy recovered from her most intense orgasm,
her mother didn't move a muscle. Sandy was encouraged and said, "Mommy,
you're so beautiful and sexy! I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you
are!" Sandy spoke impassionedly while she kept rubbing her now wet panties
as she lifted her ass from the bed. Oh mommy! Please won't you help me?"
Sandy pleaded with her mother, her smoldering eyes burning into Betty, who
by now had flushed a deep shade of red. "Touch me mommy!" Sandy
begged. "Please help me cum for you!" Wracked by another orgasm, Sandy
moaned out loud, "I want you to make me cum mommy! Please!"
Betty was lost before she entered the room. When it came to sex she
was very naïve and even as a c***d she had rarely touched herself or
thought about sex. But when she did; when she allowed herself a very rare
pleasure she would think of her teacher at school as she rubbed her
pussy. But when her mother caught her just playing with her pussy—unlike
the erotic display Sandy was pitting on—she scolded her daughter and
impressed upon her that nice girls never touched themselves there other
than to go to the bathroom. Now here she was, roles reversed, confronted
by her formerly demure daughter, who had been replaced by a writhing sex
maniac begging to have sex with her mother. Her brain was in overload. The
programming from her mother was very strong. But compared to the seething
passion Sandy was pouring out, Betty's sexuality suddenly was becoming
enflamed and she feared would soon be out of control.
Betty kept staring at Sandy's busy fingers and her knees grew
weak. Then ever so slowly Betty found herself sitting on the bed next to
her daughter. She reached her hand out and gently felt Sandy's cheek. Sandy
grabbed her mother's hand and roughly placed it on her wet panties. "Not my
face mommy!" Sandy demanded. "Here on my panties! Rub me and make me cum
As soon as Betty's fingers touched her daughter's wet nylon
panties, felt the heat from the seething pussy beneath the material, she
moaned and fell onto her daughter. Her hand now did exactly what her
daughter demanded. Sandy was now in the dominant role and demanded her
mother make her cum. "Make me cum mommy! Make me cum!" Betty found herself
willingly obeying and proceeded to rub Sandy's panties and proceeded to
make her cum at least four times. With each orgasm Betty grew more inflamed
and put more lustful energy into her work.
"Is this what my baby needs?" Betty would ask Sandy as she slipped
a finger inside her panties.
"Oh yesss, mommy!" Sandy whined, "finger my cunt mommy!" Her hips
bucking hard against her mother's loving fingers.
The two of them spent the weekend making wild love. When they
weren't fucking and sucking, Sandy ordered her mother to take them shopping
to get some new sexy lingerie for her mother and some more for
herself. That began Betty's plunge into the world of awakened
sexuality. She had decades of withheld horniness, and she was thrilled to
be living out her c***dhood fantasy with her own daughter. It made her feel
wicked, it made her feel perverted; but it made her feel so horny she'd do
anything her sex starved daughter commanded.
Sandy enjoyed running the show and Betty enjoyed being told what to
do. Betty also discovered she had a serious fetish for tight silky
lingerie. No more boring cotton panties. Now it was time to go for the
cheap whore look to please her voracious daughter. From that moment on
whenever the two of them could get alone they would have sex, but they
increasingly found it annoying to have to work around when the boys were
not around.
Things changed when Sandy told her mother what she saw when she
spied on Peter wearing her lingerie and stroking himself. Sandy told Betty
what she saw when she had her mother on the bed in her black corset and
nylons, happily dildo fucking her mother's wet pussy with their new double
dildo. Sandy was also wearing a corset, but it was pink with matching
nylons and panties. She was snuggled close to her horny mother, humping her
mother's nyloned thigh with her slick wet pink panties. As she fucked her
mother's wet pantied pussy with the slick dildo, she twister Betty's
nyloned nipples making her moan and squirm. When she knew Betty was close
to cumming, Sandy began to tell her mother how she caught Peter dressed in
sexy lingerie, milking his hard cock to a hot squirt. Hearing Sandy
describe the erotic and kinky vision caused Betty to moan and buck her
horny hips against the dildo in her daughter's little hand. Sandy happily
realized that her mother was turned on by the idea of Peter wearing
Then a few days later, when Frank confessed his teenage
crossdressing activities to Betty, she wasted no time telling Sandy. The
next time they were making love and Betty was in the same position as Sandy
was previously; Betty got Sandy on the edge of cumming and then told her
that her father used to wear his s****rs' lingerie and get off. Well,
hearing that plunged Sandy into a violent orgasm as she visualized her
father dressed up as a nylon slut, while her mother vigorously pumped her
daughter's wet pussy with the dildo.
That afternoon Sandy decided they would see if they could
precipitate something erotic and kinky with Frank and Peter. The next
Saturday morning Betty and Sandy would go shopping and leave the boys home
to put away the laundry. They had planned carefully and washed two loads of
their combined lingerie and dumped it into laundry baskets and a third load
in the dryer. As Betty and Sandy prepared to leave the house—dressed in
some very revealing clothing—Betty instructed Frank and Peter to put
away all the clean laundry. They were told that her things were mixed in
with Sandy's stuff and that they should separate the laundry and match up
the various sets of clothing. They didn't tell them it was all lingerie.
Peter was feeling particularly horny that day and was annoyed that
his mother gave him a chore with his father. All he wanted to do was go to
his room, shut the door, look at the crossdressing pictures, and put on the
bra and panties he had stashed away in his room. Then Peter would stroke is
hard cock until he finally let himself cum. So when his father said they
should get the laundry out of the way Peter grew sulky because of how horny
he was, but resolved to wait.
"Daddy," he whined. "Why do we have to put away their laundry?"
"Because your mother told us to do it." Frank said. "You know we
can't argue with her. So, let's go get the laundry and bring it upstairs to
our room and sort it out on our bed."
The two of them went down to the laundry room and turned on the
lights. Both of them stopped in their tracks as they beheld the piles of
sexy lingerie. Suddenly Peter's mood picked up and he eagerly opened up the
dryer and began pulling out yet another large hamper of mixed lingerie. As
he handled each garment he found his cock growing in his underpants.
Frank stared at all the lingerie. His recently sexually conflicted
mind made him look at the delicate undergarments and stockings more like he
used to when he was a teen. This was dangerous. He found himself growing
aroused and didn't want his son to notice. He wanted to get this job over
and done with as quickly as possible. "Let's hurry up and go sort this mess
out," Frank said carrying two of the hampers upstairs to his room. Peter
followed behind with the third hamper brimming with bras and panties right
in front of his face.
"Remember what your mother said we have to do," Frank said as he
quickly dumped the massive mountain of sexy underwear on the king-size
bed." Nervously he began the difficult task of sorting Betty's underwear
from Sandy's. It was difficult because Sandy didn't wear obviously teen
girl stuff, but the same sexy things Betty wore. The only difference was
the sizes, which were similar, as many of the matching sets were for both
of them. This required the two of them to handle each piece and examine the
label or hold up the item for sizing.
Frank struggled to contain himself. He tried to think about work or
anything else to try and make his cock behave. Peter, on the other hand,
allowed himself to get more and more turned on. He took his time examining
each piece. His fingers lingered and caressed the silky nylon and lace in
all different colors. He was the proverbial k** in the candy shop. As he
did so he periodically glanced over to his father. At first he didn't
notice Frank's difficulty, but when he saw his father taking longer than
necessary to determine the owner of a pink nylon bustier with garter
straps; and he saw that there was a noticeable bulge in his father's
shorts; his brain—and his cock—suddenly began to run wild.
Peter kept sorting the lingerie, but now he was excited knowing it
made his father horny too. His brain was filled with the images of the CD
that looked like his father and he found himself aching to see his daddy
wear some of the lingerie. His lust was enflamed by the naughty and
perverted idea. He just wasn't sure how his daddy would take a sexual,
i****tuous, gay come on. But Peter was sure his father was getting turned
on, so he decided to test the waters. He picked up a purple nylon corset
with six garter straps dangling from it and saw that it belonged to
Sandy. He held it up to his chest and said, "Hey Daddy. Look how pretty
this one is!"
Frank had been lost in a pair of size five pale blue panties that
obviously belonged to Sandy. He was imagining what they must look like on
his daughter. He was getting really hard and found himself rubbing against
the corner of the bed. When Peter spoke about the corset Frank looked over
and swallowed hard when he saw his son holding the corset around his
chest. His eyes stared like smoldering embers.
"Gee daddy." Peter giggled, "Sandy sure has some very sexy things
doesn't she? What's this thing called daddy?"
Frank just stared and said nothing, Sandy's panties still in his
hands, his fingers mindlessly rubbing the slick nylon.
Peter could see he was making an impression on his father so he
picked up the matching purple panties and rubbed his cheek with them and
said, "These are sure soft daddy. Much nicer than my boy underwear."
Frank was losing it. Memories flooded back into his brain of how he
used to go nuts when he wore his s****rs' panty girdles and nylons. His
breathing grew heavy as his cheeks noticeably flushed. Still he remained
silent, afraid what he might say to Peter. Desperately he tried in vain to
contain his growing horniness.
His son pressed on, drew close enough to Frank that he rubbed the
corset against his father's hand and said, "Maybe I could try this on
daddy." Peter smiled at his obviously nervous father. Peter believed he'd
cracked some sort of outer shell, because his father was decidedly excited
by all the lingerie.
As in a daze, Frank stared hotly at the garment and heard himself
saying against his will, "Okay Peter...try them on and let's see how you
look." He couldn't believe he just told his son to put on his daughter's
sexy corset. His cock reacted by throbbing hard in his pants.
At the same time, Peter couldn't believe his father actually
agreed. He said, "Okay daddy, I'll go in the closet and try it on." With
that Peter pranced from the room into the large walk-in closet holding his
s****r's lingerie in hand. Frank stood nervously, still fondling the
panties u*********sly as he contemplated what he just told Peter to do. The
familiar heat in his crotch and dryness of his mouth was beginning to take
Meanwhile, Peter quickly stripped naked and began to put on the
corset, panties, and nylons. It didn't take long because he was well
practiced putting on that particular piece. A few minutes later Peter
swished back in the room wearing the matching purple lingerie. "Oh daddy!"
he gushed, "This feels incredible!" Peter danced around his father
caressing the lingerie that covered his lithe young p*****n body. "What do
you think daddy?"
Frank was growing woozy under the intense sexual bombardment of his
son clad in purple nylon, obviously totally turned on by what he was doing
and how it was affecting his daddy. As Peter drew close to his father,
Frank reached his hand out to feel the purple nylon panties stretched
taught over his boy's little bubble butt, "I think you look...very horny!"
Frank hissed, surprising himself with his words; but they were true.
Peter looked incredibly horny prancing around in the purple corset
set; his own fingers feeling his nylons and then his growing little boy
boner in the panties. Peter had fallen into the pit of his new found sissy
lust and there was no stopping him now. He knew he had to squirt badly and
he knew he wanted his father to help him.
"Daddy," Peter said with mock shyness, as he picked up a pink
corset that was his mother's. "Do you want to try this one on and see how
nice it feels? They won't be home for a while so we can try things on
before they get back."
Frank looked at the beautiful pink shiny corset with garter straps
and bra cups. Then he slowly looked at his son and saw the boy's purple
panties tented out. Frank involuntarily licked his lips and said nervously,
"Do you think I should?"
"Sure daddy!" Peter bubbled with overt sexuality. "Can I help you
put it on? It may be tricky for you to handle."
As if in the middle of some teenage wet dream, Frank found himself
telling Peter to help him with his mother's corset as he stripped off his
clothes. When he was naked his six inch cut cock stood out rock hard,
purple and throbbing, with a little drop of clear precum slowly drooling
from the tip of his rigid cock to the floor. Peter watched the clear drop
drip to the floor and giggled.
Immediately Peter wrapped the corset around his father's hairless
chest and felt him tremble as the cool nylon encased his body. Peter
quickly hooked and laced the pink corset then got the matching pink
nylons. "Here daddy, step into these."
Frank let Peter roll the wonderful silky nylons up his quivering
thighs. He hooked the tight garters so the nylons tugged at the
straps. Peter could see his father's hard cock leaking profusely as he
tugged the tight pink panties up his nylon covered thighs. He finally and
reluctantly pulled them up and over his father's raging hardon and then
stood up next to him.
They stood before the mirror and gawked at how incredibly horny
they both looked wearing corsets, nylons, and panties. Their eyes were wide
with lust as they stared. Then slowly they turned toward each other and
Peter looked up at his father and parted his lips. Frank looked down at the
beautiful horny boy. Slowly he lowered his head until his tongue touched
his son's burning lips. It was like an electric spark was set off between
them. The next moment Frank mashed his mouth against his little boy's pouty
lips and moaned. Then suddenly it was Peter who slipped his tongue into his
father's hot mouth. When Frank felt his son's tongue invade his mouth he
shivered and moaned. The two of them melted into each other, their hands
entwined their lingeried bodies. Their fingers greedily caressed the silky
nylon that encased the two—now desperately horny males—wearing slutty
lingerie as they kissed hot and passionately. The two of them groped and
kissed with searing passion. As their pantied cocks ground in tight women's
underwear, it fueled their all-consuming lingerie sissy lust. They had
become lost to their passions and began to whimper and moan as their wet
tongues probed each other's hot mouth.
Peter thrilled at finally kissing another person. Even hotter was
the fact he was kissing his father who wore hot lingerie with to him. Held
in his sissy father's arms, Peter madly fucked his tongue in and out of his
father's lips. He could feel the effect it had on his daddy. The rapid
tongue fucking made his daddy groan and suck harder on his sissy boi's wet
tongue. Peter finally felt like those guys in the pictures wearing lingerie
and sucking and fucking each other with sissy abandon. Peter was ecstatic
that his father so willingly accepted kinky i****tuous sissy sex with his
twelve year old sissy boi.
If Peter thought daddy was getting into their crossdressing sex so
quickly, Frank felt as if it was all he could do to hold back. The weeks
leading up to this moment had opened the Pandora's Box of sissy sex and
rekindled his long dormant, but not forgotten kinky tendencies, especially
wearing lingerie. Now as he stood there wearing his wife's shiny tight pink
corset, nylons encasing his legs, and his panties strained against his
raging hardon; Frank was faced with an overwhelming wave of long suppressed
sexual energy. Memories suddenly floodedhis mind and body.
He looked in the mirror as they kissed. It was erotic beyond
belief. His flaming hot little faggot sissy son tongue fucked his daddy's
wet lips, which caused Frank to work his lips like the sphincter at the
other end, which also ached to be played with. Peter slowed down his tongue
fucking to a long slow, wet slithering in and out of his father's tight
lips. As the wet tongue fucked Frank's mouth, he sucked on it like he'd
sucked on so many cocks before. Now he swirled his own tongue around his
son's invading hot tongue. Frank sucked on the probing tongue, desperately
wishing he could coax a hot sissy cum from Peter's wet hard tongue. Frank
began to whimper uncontrollably as he worked his son's tongue as he
anticipated he would shortly be able to do on his son's hard pantied cock.
All the intense horny oral activity broke the dam of repressed
sexual memories and suddenly Frank's carefully constructed air of sexual
restraint shattered. Frank knew full well he was right back there as the
dorm slut. All he could think about at that moment was the feeling of
lingerie on his body and getting his son's cock in his mouth and work it
like he was working his tongue. It was an excellent substitute until Frank
could wrap his lips around Peter's swollen cockhead, and it reminded him of
what a total sissy cock whore he was deep down inside himself, even all
these years later. Now, suddenly he was back in the incredibly kinky
circumstances of wearing his wife's lingerie while he passionately kissed
his son who wore his s****r's lingerie. i****t! Gay sissy i****t! Frank was
totally lost as he cock sucked his son's fucking tongue. Frank knew there
was almost nothing he wouldn't do to suck cock at that moment—especially
hot sissy boi cock.
There was no turning back now for either of them. They were two
sissies in heat. Two sissies that knew they had to keep kissing and
groping. Knew they would both squirt hard and would both open their mouth's
to swallow each other's nylon covered cock and suck it dry. But for the
moment, all that mattered was the dueling tongue fucking the two horny,
pathetic little sissy faggots were giving each other. That was their
isolated universe at the moment, oblivious to all but white hot sex with
each other.
The two sissies were taken totally by surprise when suddenly Frank
felt Sandy's hand on the back of his head, gently pressing him forward into
Peter's lips, while Peter felt his mother's hand gently pushing the back of
his head onto his father's mouth.
Seeing as Betty and Sandy were far from upset by the display of two
perverted sissy faggots—father and son in heat—there was but a brief
hesitation after they felt the female hands encouraging their torrid
kissing session. Father and son complied with mother and daughter's desires
and continued kissing with total abandon.
"Oh daddy!" Sandy cooed into her father's ear. "You look so fucking
horny wearing mommy's lingerie and kissing my little b*****r." With that,
her other hand reached down and began to roam over her father's nylon clad
body. He trembled under his daughter's touch and her words were like ice on
his back. He nearly came when she said, "I love having a pathetic sissy
faggot for a daddy! All I want to do is watch you and Peter make each other
horny and cum when I say you can!"
Seeing the effect Sandy had on her father, Betty whispered in
Peter's ear, "Oh my little boy is such a hot little sissy faggot!" Betty
cupped his pantied bubble butt, kneaded the silky material, enflaming her
own lingerie fetish. "Does my little sissy boi want to please his horny
mommy? Hmmmm?"
Peter writhed at these words as his mommy's fingers worked over his
pantied ass. He and his father just kept kissing and kissing as the females
held their heads together until they tired of watching them perform. They
found it so erotic watching the nylon covered father and son, husband and
b*****r; whimper and moan as they kissed passionately, further enflamed by
sexy encouragement from the girls.
Sandy looked at her mother enjoying her sissy son, then she leaned
forward and they too began to kiss. They moaned as they kissed and began
the same tongue fucking Frank and Peter had been doing when they came into
the room. The four of them stood there kissing, daddy and son in an
i****tuous erotic embrace, while mommy and daughter did likewise. But all
four bodies maintained nyloned contact as they squirmed and whimpered in
perverted sexual delight.
Betty and Sandy kissed with just as much intensity as the
sissies. They whimpered and moaned while their nylon covered bodied
squirmed together. Sandy opened her eyes to look in the mirror. She flushed
red when she saw the four of them kissing like whores. She stared at her
father and b*****r making out and realized how horny they were. It excited
her terribly. She found herself thinking that if seeing them kiss made her
this hot, how horny she would get if she told them to do other
things. Sandy broke the deep kissing with her mother and looked at the
sissies still lost in their hot tongue play.
"Mommy," Sandy gushed. "Let's make our pretty sissies do even
Betty looked at her husband and son lip locked. She held her breath
as she dared to imagine what she wanted to see next. The kinky sex play was
new to Betty, but she was a very quick study who wanted very much to please
her sexy daughter.
Sandy grabbed her mother's hand and dragged her onto the large king
bed where they leaned against the pillows. "Mommy, daddy and Peter look
lovely in all that sexy nylon."
"Yes baby, they're very hot and I'm so turned on seeing them in our
"Say mommy," Sandy said, "let's have them model our lingerie."
"Oh what a delicious idea Sandy!"

Sandy broke from her mother's embrace and put her hands in between
father and son. She felt the silky lingerie as she pushed them apart. As
they separated, their lips were the last to disconnect. Their tongues
pulled apart and they both whined with disappointment. "Look at these two,
mommy!" Sandy stood between them, her hands roaming over their squirming
bodies. "
"Look how it upsets them you broke their kiss," Betty said climbing
onto the bed to get comfortable.
Sandy playfully spanked the two sissies' pantied ass, "Get over to
the lingerie and pick something out you will dress the other in."
Frank and Peter obeyed quickly, enjoying being told what to do by
the teen girl. The each rummaged through the pile and selected another
"Go on," commanded Sandy. "Go on and dress each other while mommy
and I watch.
With that, the two sissies look at each other; both quiver at the
thought of modeling for mommy and s****r. Aggressively, Frank started
stripping off Pater's purple lingerie set. When his boy boner was fully
visible, the females gasped at how hard and wet it was. Frank quickly
dressed Peter in another bra and panty set in pale blue. This was followed
by the matching garter belt Frank wrapped around his son's small waist. He
hooked the nylons and stuffed a pair if shiny panties in each bra cup,
which gave his boy a nice pair of pert titties. Frank stood back and looked
at his hot sissy boy and licked his lips.
Quickly Peter removed his father's pink lingerie and replaced it
with a filmy white baby doll nighty and matching little panties, but the
horny boy added a white garter belt—a wide nylon one—around Frank's
slim waist, followed by some white silky nylons.
Sandy began making cat calls, while her mother stared hotly at the
sight of her husband and son modeling the pretty underwear. Betty couldn't
take her eyes off the two sissies as they minced and pranced around the
bedroom showing off the sexy nylon that covered their horny bodies. Sandy
moved her fingers over her mother's own lingerie clad body and found a
stiff nipple poking through a nylon bra cup. Betty moaned at the gentle
twisting that Sandy applied to her mother's sensitive nipple.
"I can see that mommy likes seeing her two boys showing off and
modeling women's lingerie," Sandy smiled wickedly as she spoke to her horny
mother and moved her hand down to Betty's moist nylon panties. "Yes, I can
see that my mommy is a very naughty little slut because how wet those
sissies make her pussy." Betty wriggled her pantied ass under Sandy's
exploring fingers. "Is mommy a dirty old slut?"
"Oh yes I am baby," Betty moaned.
"I think you should show them how horny your faggot whores are
making you," Sandy said handing her mother a nice fat 16 inch double
dildo. "Here mommy. Suck on this dildo and make it wet."
Betty was so turned on watching the show before her that she
eagerly grabbed the dildo and swallowed the rubber cock head.
"Oh what a good whore my mommy is," said Sandy as she slowly
started to fuck her mother's mouth. She then looked at the two male sluts
who had stopped modeling and stared, slack jawed at the sight of this hot
looking f******n year old dildo fucking her mother. She glared at the
sissies and said, "I didn't tell you to faggots to stop modeling!"
The two of them instantly obeyed and continued mincing around the
bedroom. Their panties strained mightily against the raging hard cocks that
father and son had developed.
"Is there anything mommy wants to see them do?" Sandy asked slyly.
"Oh yesss baby," Betty replied with difficulty as Sandy fucked her
wet pussy.
"Tell me mommy," Sandy teased. "Go on mommy; tell your daughter
what you want to see."
"I want to see them suck each other's cock!" Betty moaned as she
vocalized such a nasty thought that several months before would never have
crossed her mind. But following several months of Sandy introducing her
mother to lesbian love, lingerie, pornography, and toys; Betty had become a
raging perverted sex maniac.
Sandy giggled as she saw how hot her mother's vocalization of her
kinky perversion made her cunt grip on the dildo that Sandy fucked her
with. She then looked at the two sissy sluts standing there gaping as they
watched Sandy expertly masturbate her mother. "Well?" Sandy asked the
gurls. Frank stood unmoving, but Peter knew what was expected, so he
dropped to his knees in front of his daddy's rock hard cock covered by the
filmy white panties of the baby doll nighty. He desperately wanted to
please his s****r.
"That's my sissy little b*****r; I want to see you suck on daddy's
very hard cock in mommy's panties!" He couldn't believe that she was
actually telling him to suck his father's hard cock. He couldn't believe it
because that's exactly what Peter wanted to do more than anything else.
Peter looked at his mother and s****r, who waited impatiently to
witness for the first time in real life, male oral sex. Peter sensed their
excitement and decided to enhance the experience by drawing out the
moment. "Does my older s****r want to see me suck off daddy's hard cock?"
Peter gently pulled aside the panties and pulled out his father's raging
erection. The head was glistening with precum and Peter took his index
finger and swirled the slick clear sex fluid all over Frank's purple
mushroom headed cock. This made his daddy groan and go weak in the knees as
the girls gasped. Despite Sandy's bravado as the dominant one, she was
reacting deeply to Peter's control of the exhibition.
"Mommy, look at what your son is doing to his daddy!" Sandy said
into her mother's ear.
"But he's not sucking any cock yet!" Betty complained.
Peter continued to tease his daddy's cock and Betty's eyes, all the
while teasing his mother with his words. "I didn't know my mommy was a
perverted lesbian whore. You are a whore aren't you?" All the while daddy
groaned as Peter expertly stroked the drooling cock.
Peter's horny mother squirmed on the bed, her hips bucking against
Sandy's pumping dildo, "Yes baby, I'm a horny lesbian whore! But Peter
dear, you and your father are a pair of pathetic sissy faggots. Now show
mommy what a great cock sucker you must be."
"Oh mommy!" Peter said as he squeezed the base of his father's hard
cock, which made the head swell, and with the other hand he swirled more
precum. Though this time he lifted his finger to his pouty mouth and slid
his pointed tongue out and touched the big clear droplet. A long clear
string connected Peter's tongue to his daddy's achingly horny cock. Peter
broke the clear strand and sensuously licked his lips, which smeared the
glistening precum all over his lips. "Mommy...I think it's so hot my mother
is an i****tuous lesbian with my s****r." Betty moaned at Peter's
compliment. "Is this what you want to see?"
With that Peter opened his lips and for the very first time, the
budding sissy took a hard cock into his wet mouth. Frank threw back his
head and whimpered. Peter moaned as he felt burning hot cock flesh in his
mouth. At that moment he knew he was born to suck cock, especially sissy
cock, as his fingers felt his daddy's pantied ass. His mother groaned as
she had her first orgasm as she watched her little perverted twelve year
old boy so eagerly suck his father's rigid sissy cock. Peter's tongue
rolled around the hot pulsing head that filled his mouth. He could feel the
shape of the head as his wet tongue traced the shape. Frank moaned and
started fucking his little boy's eager mouth.
"That's it you cock sucking sissy faggot!" Sandy panted as she
maneuvered herself so she could climb onto the other end of the dildo that
hung from her mother's dripping pussy. As she sunk onto the double cock she
moaned and stared at her b*****r and smiled, "Suck daddy's cock you sissy
cock sucker! I want to see you make him squirt all over your face!"
With encouragement like that, plus watching his mother and s****r
sharing a double dildo, Peter eagerly bobbed his head up and down the hard
cock in his mouth. He was in sissy heaven. Dressed like a slut, sucking
another sissy cock in lingerie, while his mother and s****r watched as they
shared a double dildo. He could feel his own cock drooled more precum and
the wet spot in his panties grew.
b*****r and s****r stared into each other's eyes. Both of them
horny beyond belief, as each of them worked their parent to building
climaxes. Their horny gazes remained fixed as Betty violently came from her
daughter's dildo fucking and Frank's tormented cock suddenly exploded a
gush of hot sissy cream into Peter's sucking mouth. He began to furiously
stroke his daddy's spraying cock as he pulled it out of his mouth so he
could make it squirt all over his face. The room was filled with the sound
of the two perverted parents as they came from the intense sexual
ministrations applied by the two young c***dren. Then a moment later the
room grew quiet as the two older sluts were drained from their intense
orgasms. Despite the hard cum their parents exhibited, the two perverted
c***dren had not yet cum. After seeing what they did to their parents, who
now lay in exhausted heaps, they were still incredibly horny to cum.
Sandy climbed off her mother's now relaxed body with the dildo
still imbedded in her tight wet teen pussy. She lay down next to her
panting mother and spread her legs for Peter. "Does my baby b*****r want to
see his horny s****r cum on this dildo?" she asked breathlessly as she
pumped her pussy with long fast strokes.
"Oh yes Sandy!" Peter moaned as he saw his s****r fuck herself. He
stood up next to the bed with his delicate fingers wrapped around his
throbbing sissy cock. He walked to the edge of the bed and looked directly
into Sandy's spread thighs and watched the dildo sink home and pull out
only to sink home again.
"Cum for me Peter!" Sandy demanded.
Peter was only too happy to oblige is s****r's orders. He stood
there in his lingerie and began to pump his rigid sissy cock. He moaned and
his knees swayed, but he never took his eyes from his perverted s****r
plunging the double dildo in and out of her wet cunt. A torrent of filthy
and sexual words flowed from her mouth. "Oh yes you fuckin' cock suckin'
little sissy faggot." Each phrase was as if an additional booster rocked
had been added to Peter's overall horniness. What Sandy discovered to her
immense pleasure that she like her mother were totally turned on by
sissy-to-sissy sex and that there was going to be much more lingerie in the
The two c***dren were working themselves into powerful climaxes as
the pleasured their own horny bodies. With their eyes fixed on each other
the both cried out loud and their bodies shuddered. Despite the post climax
stupor that lay on their parents, they found themselves staring at the wild
sex show performed by their young c***dren. Frank's cock grew rigid as he
watched Peter spurt small white ropes of sissy boi cum all over Sandy's
nylon covered thigh when she shrieked and shuddered from the furious
self-imposed dildo fucking. Then it was over.
The f****y had plunged themselves into a depraved and perverted
sexual taboo of i****t; but not just i****t, but kinky gay and lesbian sex
between son and father and daughter and mother. A new perverted world had
suddenly dawned after six months of working toward this point without them
all knowing it. If there were any vestiges of social morality and
boundaries, none of them cared. Neither parent felt a twinge of guilt
because they had been overwhelmed by uncontrollable lust. Each of them
privately knew this first time would be just that; the first of many torrid
sexual sessions.

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1 month ago
13 years old and wearing panties, wish I knew him
9 months ago
O M G what an incredible story
1 year ago
awesome. want to see where this goes in the future
1 year ago
brilliant but need to add chapters now please
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