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The day that sucked bad!

Well if you asked me if I have ever had a day that was worse then today started out I would have to think very hard about it. I was so excited to be flying up to see Michael and see his new house and could not sl**p last night. So I get to the airport two hours early like I was told I needed to and walked right on through. Shit! Now, I have nearly two hours to wait for my plane and not a fucking thing was open yet!

Then, I get told that there would be a long delay and they were switching me to a flight that will get into San Francisco instead of Portland but I will get into Spokane about 30 minutes sooner so it was even better. Bullshit! That flight was cancelled at the last minute! So I get switched to yet another flight that would fly into Seattle and I would still get my flight out of there, but I am back to arriving in Spokane when I was supposed to the first time.

I land in Seattle at 9:56 and the flight from Seattle to Spokane left at 9:55. To make things worse, my luggage will not be arriving when I do. Somehow, my luggage made it to San Francisco but I couldn't and now, they were trying to get it on a flight and "hope" it will be in Spokane before the end of the day! I know Michael was just joking with me but his remarks were not making this crappy day get any better. I told him how hungry I was and he said he was going to leave the airport to get lunch and would be back in time for my flight to get in and if I was so hungry, I should eat the peanuts they gave me on the plane! I think after hearing what I went through, a judge would side with me if I would have killed him!

When I got to Spokane, Michael was at baggage claims waiting for me. I don't know why. My luggage wasn't going to be there and I think he was really trying to rub it in! He had this big bag from Outback Restaurant and handed it to me. Inside was a damn bag of peanuts from Southwest Airlines and an empty Starbucks cup! About that time, I wished I would have gone with Southwest. He is so lucky they don't allow guns in the airport! And I didn't even have the 3 ounces of shampoo I could squirt in his eyes!

But he did take me to a really nice restaurant for lunch and bought me this huge glass of Patron and pineapple juice. Two drinks on the plane and I was starting to get lit up. On the bright side. People on the freeways here actually do the speed limit if not more. I thought everybody only does 6 mph on a freeway? California, it is faster to walk then to drive!

He has an H2 and the back bumper even says 'Hummer' on it. When I asked if they all come with that, he said he bought it just because of that bumper. But what a beautiful view he has up here! It is so quiet too! About 30 minutes after we got here, I was in the backyard and these big birds scared me. There was about 15 or more and they were just walking through. They were wild turkeys. I have only seen them with stuffing and mashed potatoes! Two of them gobbled at me too. They sound so funny. I like his laptop! He has this big screen tv on the wall and I am looking at that and using a wireless keyboard and mouse.

But I am here and I think my bl**d pressure is going down some. Michael is so sweet. He is fixing me dinner and it smells so good whatever it is. Will keep you posted on how my week goes.

Love ya, Beck
Posted by BeckyInLove 2 years ago
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2 years ago
laughing....have a wonderful weekend....imagine turkey and gravy!