Girls night out

Well some of you might already know that I am getting set to take on 5 or 6 guys in a weekend. I don’t know just when it’s going to happen because we are still making plans for it. There is a guy in this site that I have been talking to that wants to join us when it happens and to be honest I wanted him too. He seemed nice when we would talk and looking at the pictures he sent me I was very interested in getting a hold of him. I was going to have a night out with some girls I knew and Michael suggested that I have him meet us for a drink or two if he wanted to. I would have my friends to keep me safe in meeting a stranger for the first time and nothing would happen anyway because it was just for drinks. So we met Ron or he is known as 9incher4u in here. Shelly and Sierra did not take long to find a couple of guys either. Sierra was getting pretty d***k and ended up going to the parking lot with Paul and gave him head. Si came back and had a huge smile and her hair was a mess. Paul was getting another pitcher of beer and while he was gone Si told Shelly and I that he didn’t have a big cock but he almost overfilled her mouth. Shelly and Steve were dancing and we were watching as Steve kept grabbing her ass. When they came back to the booth and sat down they both had big smiles and Shellys right arm was wiggling. Could she be any more obvious that she had her hand in his pants and was jacking him off. We think he was about to cum because he pulled her hand away. All of us busted up laughing at them. Shelly turned red because she knew that we understood what was going on.

Ron asked me to dance and we started dancing. It was a slow song and he started holding me close to him. He would lean over to my ear and tell me that he can’t wait until he gets the chance to fuck me. I told him I couldn’t wait either but it wouldn’t be too long and he will get that chance. I told him I couldn’t wait until I took his big cock in my mouth too. Just after I said that I could feel his cock getting hard and was pressing against me through his pants. I put my hand down and when no one was looking I grabbed his cock and asked if he was showing me what he will have for me and he said I was making him hard. When we would head back to our booth I would reach under the table and grab his cock to feel his cock. It felt so big in his pants and I would smile at him. We kept dancing and he would ask if we could go somewhere and I had to keep telling him that we agreed that nothing would happen tonight and this was the night we just got to know each other. He was telling me that I was making his cock so hard and kept saying please and asking if I would help him with his little problem. Shellys guy Steve asked me to dance and I was dancing with him. When we were done dancing and went back to sit down Shelly and Sierra wanted to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom Shelly told me that Ron was really cute and he told her that he would really like to get me in bed tonight. I told Shelly that I promised Michael that nothing would happen. Shelly told me I could at least give him head.

I told her I couldn’t and Shelly said that her and Sierra would bring their guys along to keep me safe and we could party at home. Shelly told me to call Michael to ask him if he was okay with it. When we went back to the table I told Ron that I really wanted his cock deep in my mouth and I was going to call Michael to see if he was okay me doing it. We were at the table and I called and Michael told me to have fun if I thought it would be okay. When I hung up I told Ron that I was taking his cock and draining him tonight. We danced again and Ron asked when we would be leaving. We decided to leave before we got so d***k that none of us could drive. We got to my house and no sooner were we inside and Steve and Shelly were stripping. Shelly couldn’t get pregnant because she had surgery about ten years ago after she got really sick. We heard Steve asking her if she was on birth control and Shelly told him she doesn’t use any. Steve told her that he didn’t have any condoms with him and Shelly told him she doesn’t believe in using condoms either. Us girls knew but Steve didn’t know that he couldn’t get her pregnant and his cock was standing straight up. They dropped to the floor and before we knew it, he was fucking her hard right there.

Ron took me and started to hug me close and I reached down and felt his cock. He was so hard and it felt so big and I told him I wanted his big cock in my mouth. He asked if he could fuck me and I told him I wanted that to wait until we had it lined up with the other guys and then I would fuck his brains out. I started removing his pants and he was taking my top off. When we were both undressed I looked down and seen that he had such a nice looking cock and I went to my knees and took him in my mouth. After a few minutes I wanted the rest of it and I stopped and stood up. I told him I was going to lay on my back on the couch and he could stuff his big cock as far as he can down my throat. He asked me if I ever had rough deep throat before and I told him no. He asked if I would like to try it and I said I would before I knew just what he meant. I was on my back and hung my head over the edge of the couch and Ron stepped up to me and I took his cock in my mouth. I was sucking his cock for about a minute and the grabbed the back of my neck and jammed it down my throat. He would pull his cock back and push it hard into my throat again. I was sort of gagging on it because I did not have a chance to get used to it but it didn’t stop him and he kept shoving it deep into my throat.

A few times I was out of air but he was holding my head and had his cock all the way in my throat and wasn’t letting me up. Then I felt a finger going in my cunt. Ron was repositioning himself and I looked over and Sierra was on her knees and Paul was sitting in the couch and she was giving him head again. It was Pauls finger inside of me and at that point I didn’t care and it felt good. Ron shoved his big cock back into my throat and really started to fuck my throat hard. I was so out of air and he just kept pounding his cock in my throat without stopping. I had to inhale every chance I got and as soon as I felt Ron pulling back I would inhale fast before I felt his cock hit bottom in my throat again. Pauls finger really started digging deep in my cunt and I heard him telling Sierra that he was going to cum. She buried her head against his cock and he started to shoot into her mouth. It wasn’t much longer and Ron said that he was about to get off and asked if he could cum in my mouth. He wasn’t pulling his cock out so I couldn’t really answer but I put my arms around his waist to let him know I wanted him to cum in my throat.

He pulled back just long enough and I grabbed some air and he shoved his cock as hard and as deep as he could and I felt his hot cum hit my throat. Ron was holding my head against his cock and I couldn’t move. His cock was pumping so much cum in my throat and I ran out of air and he was still holding me hard and still filling my throat with his cum. At one point I think I tried talking in some air and ended up inhaling some of his cum down the wrong pipe. I started gagging and almost threw up on his cock. He finally finished cumming and as soon as his hand loosened up on my head, I pulled back fast and took in a big breath. Ron was so full and pumped so much cum down my throat. I was breathing hard and Ron asked if I was alright. I told him I was okay and he asked me if he was too rough. I told him it was a little late to ask that question and told him it was sort of too rough but it was okay as long as he enjoyed it. About that time I started cumming without any warning on the finger that was still in my cunt. Ron sat down and was next to my head and was asking if he could fuck me. I told him he will get that chance soon.

I gave him head one more time, but not rough this time. I told him that I wanted to empty his balls to hold him over until we get together as a group. When we sat on the couch Ron was sitting next to me with his arm around me. Steve was still fucking Shelly and we heard him say that he was about to get off again and he asked Shelly if she still wanted him to cum inside of her. Shelly told him he already did once so he might as well keep going. Steve mumbled something that I didn’t hear and Shelly told him not to worry about getting her pregnant and just fuck her. I guess she wasn’t telling him and he thought she was taking the chance of getting pregnant and he really let loose in her. Paul and Sierra were sitting in the loveseat making out. After a while, the guys said they had to go home and they left. I was standing outside talking to Ron and he said that Sierra had some pictures on his phone and asked if he could put them on this site. I agreed as long as he didn’t show my face. I told him I was still worried people would recognize me and know what I did.

After everyone left, Shelly fell asl**p on the couch and Sierra took a shower and went to sl**p in the spare bedroom. I grabbed my phone and headed upstairs to bed and seen I had a text from Michael asking if I was safe and having a good time. I texted him back that it was awesome and I was so tired and going to bed and would tell him what happened in the morning. So now, he can read about it. I am so tired and my makeup is all over my face now. I am washing my face and going to bed.
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2 years ago
great story and I had a laugh about the gum! Years ago a lover and i were having a great time and I went down on her and left some gum in her pubic hair!! Very embarrassing but she forgave
2 years ago
great storys
they are so hot
2 years ago
That was the first time doing it like that. After you left I kept thinking about it and I did have a great time with you.

We had to cut Sierras hair to get the gum out. She is the one that had the gum. Shelly made it worse rubbing peanut butter in her hair and it just embedded it deeper instead of coming out. Sierra is the one that was loud. Shelly was the quiet one last night. Thanks for a great night!
2 years ago
Hope I didn't hurt or scare you. I had such a good night and wanted to say thank you very much for a great time. Did Shelly get the gum out of her hair? She is such a pistol.

Hope to see you soon love.