Something I have thought long and hard about

When I read what Michael has written about Kelly having 13 guys in a night I remember that time. I wasn’t there when it happened because we were just neighbors that would say hello in passing and we did not become friends yet. But I remember Kelly telling me about it a couple of times. I thought when she said she had 13 guys she was going to say it was too many or they wore her out or never again or something like that. What she said has been something I always thought about. Michael has never asked me about anything like this and neither did Kelly when she was here so it was only a thought I had. Kelly and I once went shopping and then went to the beach and we were just checking guys out as they walked passed us. I was joking with Kelly and said we should see who could get the most guys to fuck us before the sun goes down. Kelly said I didn’t want most of these guys because they were into surfing and frisbees and probably wouldn’t know what a girl is much less know what to do with one. I started asking her about the guys she did all in one night and she told me it was the best night ever. She never thought she could or would ever do anything like that and even though the chance never came up again she always thought it would be so wild to line up 24 guys and give each one two hours to do whatever they wanted with her in bed. And they could divide the two hours however they wanted to. If one guy wanted 30 minutes now and 60 minutes later, and then another 30 minutes, they could. She would take a break every so often to rest up or go pee or get a drink but if she started on a Friday night she could be finished by Sunday.

After I read about her and the 13 guys she did it brought back the thoughts I always had. After hearing how Kelly described it to me it sounded like she had so much fun and I wondered what it would be like too. For me to do anything like this I needed someone that could keep me from getting hurt and Kelly had Michael but I didn’t have someone like that, until now. You might have read that it took several years to get over losing Kelly in that accident and now we are together and he even asked me to marry him. When we went to visit her grave I almost thought he would go back in his shell because he started crying again but after that he said he felt better. I also made the mistake when Michael told me about this site and I was reading his stories and many others and I posted one that said if he wanted me to have sex with other guys I would and that I just wanted to make him happy and I would go to bed with as many guys as he wanted me to. He wasn’t mad that I wrote that but he wanted me to know that it won’t make him happy if I do that just for him because I had to want it for myself. If I fucked another guy it was supposed to be just for sex and nothing else and I had to do it because I really wanted to have fun for myself. He has seen Kelly fucking black guys before and the most I ever did was give one or two head and that was in front of him but I never fucked a black guy before. My mom and dad are really old fashion and back home something like this was unheard of. But I have always wanted to and last Tuesday I told Michael that I really did want to do it and yes I wanted to do it for me and he could be there and I hoped it would make him happy seeing me doing it.

Ta Da. I fucked my first black guy last Tuesday night and I even let him get off inside of me. It was so much fun because I had him and Michael together that night and all night long they kept taking turns fucking me and I was giving them head and making them cum in my mouth to and I would swallow it. Okay so here is my problem. I know that Michael is going to see this by the time he gets back home but maybe some of you can help me and write some things to let him know this is my idea and I am not thinking about it just because Kelly did or that I think it is what he would want me to do. I would need his help in setting it up but I have to make him know I want to do it just so I can say I did something like this. I really liked Kellys idea of having 24 guys and let them know that each one can have a total of two hours with me and they can break it up anyway they want to as long as it equals 2 hours. I can’t let one guy go more and other guys don’t get the same. I know that Kelly said they can do whatever they want with her in bed except for hitting her or something stupid like that. Kelly has let other guys fuck her ass before and so far the only one that I have ever let do that to me is Michael so if I said they can do whatever they want in bed with me I have to be ready to have any of the guys fuck my ass to. Here is how I think it might go.

It would be a Friday night and we get 24 guys over and some guys would be black guys and some are white guys. Once the time comes to start we would head into the f****y room. That is the biggest room in my house that can hold that many guys and we have a bed in there. I think to start off all the guys would want me to give them head and swallow their cum. I know this sounds corny but Michael would have a dry erase board or paper and would keep track of the guys times with me. I would start by giving them head and everyone takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes and then they cum in my mouth and I show them that I swallowed their cum. By the time I am done giving head to all 24 guys I would probably have to take a break and rest and with that much cum in my stomach I don’t know if I would be thirsty or not. After that I think the very first guy that I started with would be ready to fuck me. And then I start fucking each one and if they want to cum in me I would let them. So I keep fucking all the guys until I get all the way through 24 of them and I would take another break. If most of them put their cum inside of me I am sure I would look like I swallowed a pumpkin because my stomach would be filled and really sticking out. I think after resting up I would be ready to fuck some more if they still have more time left and I think one or two would want to fuck my ass. I think one of them will ask me if he can cum in my ass too. I also had a black guy fuck my boobs in front of Michael before and the guy put his cum on my boobs and then he aimed it at my mouth and I swallowed some of it. I was glad he didn’t fuck me because he was just so big I don’t think I could take it inside of me.

After all of this I would take a shower and I would ask Michael to join me and after we took a shower I would want to fuck him as long as I can and make him cum in me too. So my final total for the weekend would be 25 guys. I seen what he wrote when Kelly did this and if I did it I know he would write about it to and all of you can read it and see what happens. I wrote this while he was here and asl**p one night. He is now flying back home and I want to add this before he gets home and sees it. I hope all of you will write something and let him know that I really do want to do this. I wanted to for a long time but it just never happened. After I got pregnant I couldn’t do it then because I had a baby to raise. Kelly was killed before my daughter moved away on her own and then I could do it but Michael moved away. He wasn’t over Kelly by the time he moved so it was never mentioned before this. Michael I promise that I would do this because I want to. I think it would be fun and something you and I could have to talk about for a long time.

And by the way everyone. Michael slipped a ring on my finger that I didn’t even notice until after breakfast and he asked me to marry him while he was he was here. I said yes to him but he said I screamed it at him and knocked almost everything off of the kitchen table when I jumped up and threw my arms around him and kissed him. Because our daughter is getting married soon we have not set a date. We don’t want to get in the way of making her wedding all about her and nothing else. After she is married we will set a date. Besides we have so much to talk about between then so it’s okay. Thank you everyone and Michael. I love you. I already miss you and can’t wait to see you again.

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2 years ago
I'm glad things worked out with you and Michael. The way you two feel about each other really comes through in your stories.
2 years ago
That sounds like alot of fun!! I'll hafta ask Michael about gettin an invite to that party:)
2 years ago
As I read Michaels story about him and you, and Kelly and Marcus(?) that weekend, I kept thinking once you sucked the black cock while Michael did you doggy, that it was just a matter of time before you'd be wanting some BBC in your white pussy too. I'm glad you finally got that, I hope you got around to reversing the scene and gave Michael head while the BBC took you doggy. I think you and Michael have a lot of fun times ahead of you. God Bless
2 years ago
all the stories about Kelly and you are great as for thye 24 guys if I can't see it I'd sure love to read about it good luck..
2 years ago
Wow! This is what you wanted me to see? Hmmm?
2 years ago
hope it works out! i definitely wanna read that adventure!
2 years ago
great to hear use work it out kelly would be happy.ill pm michael