Our first night

Good lord Michael! This week is amazing so far. I want it to last. I was hoping that I could get you in bed while you were but that first night was just how I remember you from as far back as I can remember. When I heard the doorbell, I threw the door open because I could not wait to see you. I am sorry I jumped at you like that, but the closer the time for you to be here got, the more I wanted to just take you in my arms and when you finally got here, I simply could not contain it any longer. You asked me why I was crying when Heather came over. Just seeing how much she loves her dad and when you and her were just holding each other, it was like she never wanted to let you go. So she really floored you with her surprise didn’t she? I have known for so long and I came close to telling you many times, but I promised I would not say a word. Can you believe our baby girl is getting married? I still remember when she was young and she would get mad at me and run away. All the way next door to her dad. I guess we were lucky you lived so close because she wasn’t allowed to cross the street by herself. It was so cute seeing her asl**p in your arms when you would bring her back home and tuck her in bed.

So anyway, if I said I wasn’t jealous about Lacey, I would be lying. I was falling asl**p at night picturing her in bed with you and I wanted it so much to be me. Kelly always said that she loved waking up in the morning next to you and I wanted that too. Like I told you, I can never replace Kelly and I won’t even try because no one can. But I would like the chance to do that with you. I want to be next to you when you are smiling. I want to hold you when you feel sad, and I want to take care of you when you don’t feel good. And now that I said that, you wanted me to write about our week so here goes nothing. And like you asked, I won’t use the word dick. When you said a dick is on a guy that plays the flute in a college band and a cock is what real guys have you made me laugh so hard. I really missed your sense of humor.

When you showed up and I ran up to you and wrapped my arms and legs around you, my heart skipped a beat. Feeling you holding me close, I had the guy for me. I think I seen that sparkle in your eyes again. I know you were so tired when you got here and wanted to just rest but when you laid your head on my lap, I knew that I had to have your cock or I would burst. When I took your pants off and seen your cock and I took it my hands, it brought back the days we shared before. Holding your balls in my hand and feeling your cock growing in my other hand made my mouth water. It had been so very long since we have been together and I felt like a giddy little school girl right then. Taking your cock in my mouth, I wanted to savor that all week. Hearing your soft sweet moans as I took you all the way down my throat made me want you that much more. Holding you so deep and feeling your hard cock pulsating all the way through my throat, I wanted nothing more then to feel every bit of your very hot cum fill my throat.

Every time I came up for air and would take you back down, I felt your hands running your fingers through my hair and you telling me I made you feel so great. I wanted to suck that big cock of yours all night. I know you were trying to hold back as long as you could but I wanted to suck your cock so good and deep that you couldn’t. When you said you were going to cum, I came up for air and down I went. I just had to have every inch of your cock in my throat when I felt that cock of yours explode. When I was holding your big balls, I felt them moving around in my hands and knew they were ready to give it to me. And then I felt your hands running through my hair even faster and knew it was coming. Feeling that hot cum as it was shooting so hard into my throat put me in my glory. Your cum pumped so hard into my throat that I hardly had to swallow any of it. You were amazing and just how I remembered you. I ran out of air and had to pull back a little so I could breathe. But feeling the rest of your cum filling my mouth and I was rolling it around on my tongue and your cock and then swallowing it. Just the feel of your cum sliding down my throat when I swallowed was the best. When I felt your cock falling limp, and I pulled away, you were looking into my eyes when you said you loved it. I loved it too. I loved seeing that look in your eyes too. It was a good thing Heather was running late wasn’t it? We didn’t lock the door and she could have just walked right in on us. You would have had to do all the talking because I had my mouth full. How would we explain that to her?

While we were at dinner with Heather and David, much of it was a blur to me. I know you were trying to get to know David and you and him went to the bar to talk while us girls hung out, but all I could think of was eating fast so I can get you home and into bed. So many times during dinner, I wanted to tell everyone to be quiet and hurry up and eat. When we got back home and Heather was sitting next to you, oh my gosh, she looks so much like you. When you both smiled, it was like looking at the same smile on two different people. And you both have that same twinkle in your eyes when you laugh. I was getting so wet for you when we were just sitting there talking. When they left and you and I went up and took a shower together, I was thinking of just taking you right then and there. But I had big dreams for this night and I wanted it to be so special for you and for me. When we got out of the shower, I didn’t want you putting anything back on. It would have taken me that much longer to get them back off of you and I was ready right then. I bought that nightie just for you and have had that for a few weeks waiting for that night. When you walked up and took me in your arms, I think I was about to soak those panties right there. My cunt was aching for you.

I had been thinking that it had been so long since you and I have been together that I would start shaking at your touch. But I feel so comfortable with you and when I felt your hands taking my panties off, I knew I would soon have you. When your lips touched mine, my mind went blank and all I could think of was you. Feeling your arms around me and then you gently leading me to the bedroom, I wanted to take off running for that bed. When you laid me on the bed, I wanted you so bad. I wanted so much to have myself wrapped around you. And then you started fingering my cunt and I almost cum right then. My cunt was on fire for you. When you took off my top and started kissing my boobs and I felt you kissing closer and closer towards my cunt, I knew I was about to feel that sweet tongue inside of me. When I felt your lips kiss my cunt and your tongue parted me and slid inside of me, I think I held my breath so long I almost fainted. I have to remember to breathe, but feeling your tongue going in and out of my hot wet cunt, it was just so intense.

I knew that it would not be long and you just kept going. And when I felt like I was going to start cumming you must have sensed it because you would stop and started kissing me just above my cunt. And then you would start kissing my cunt and sliding your tongue again. I lost count of just how many times you had me right there and would stop and I wanted to just grab your head and hold you there so I could cum. I hope I didn’t scare you when I screamed so loud. But when you finally made me cum, all that came out of me was that scream. Michael that was wild and I had goose bumps as I was cumming. It has been so very long since you have made me cum like that and I wanted it to last. And you wouldn’t let me stop cumming. I think at one point, I tried to get you to stop, but you just pushing your tongue into me and I seen stars. You made me feel so great and I tried so hard to tell you how great it was but you took my breath away. My heart was pounding about 100 miles an hour and my chest hurt trying to catch my breath. You were nothing but amazing and I almost forgot how great it is to feel you eat me like that. No one has ever made me cum like you do.

I’m kind of glad we got dressed and went for a walk. It gave me a chance to get some air and get ready for the next round. I felt like a proud peacock holding your hand as we walked. Every house we passed, I wanted to shout to whoever was inside so they could see who I was walking next to. I could not wait until we got back and we had our clothes off. I wanted to feel your big hard cock inside of me and I was going to keep you there all night long. My cunt has been wanting your cock for so long and now, I was going to have it. I know we were talking but I missed half of it because I kept thinking of you on top of me fucking me with that hard cock. I wanted to be so wrapped on you and have your tongue in my mouth where it belongs as you are fucking me. I was trying to take things slow like you wanted, but I wanted to rip your clothes off when we got back. You were lucky we even made it back. I would have fucked you right there on the sidewalk.

Once we got back and you stopped me and took me in your arms and started kissing me, I wanted to drop right there on the living room floor and give myself to you. As we walked hand in hand up the stairs and into the bedroom, my heart was racing and I knew that soon, I would have you and feel your body against mine. When we got undressed and climbed into bed and you started kissing me, I felt so safe in your arms. Nothing else seems to matter when you are holding me. Any worries I have just seem to go away. And when I felt your hand slide down and you started to rub and finger my cunt, I reached down and felt your growing cock and I wanted to pull you over and jam it into me. I know by the smile on your face, you wanted it as much as I did and you still held yourself back and took it slow. You don’t realize how much that makes me want you even more. When I felt your body roll over onto mine, my racing heart slowed to a crawl. I feel so good with you and I wanted to give my all to you.

Feeling your cock as it found the opening to my cunt is what I have been waiting all of this time for. And now it was here and it felt so great. Feeling your hard cock as it began to penetrate my cunt, I loved that feeling. I tried so hard to focus on the feeling of your cock sliding against my insides, but I got lost somewhere along that way. It seemed like it was taking forever to get your big hard cock all the way inside of me and as soon as I felt the very last inch inside of me, I wanted to cum all over it. And once again when I was just about to start cumming, you would stop or slow down. When you do that, it really builds me up and makes me want to cum that much more. I was glad you didn’t listen to me telling you I want to cum. Feeling your big cock as it was going in and out of me was so amazing. Feeling your tongue reaching for my throat made me melt under you. I had my legs so tight around you and my hands on your ass trying to make you give me your cock deeper. I started bucking so wildly underneath you because my cunt wanted your cock so bad.

I must have had at least five orgasms waiting for that cum of yours to be in me. I don’t know where it came from but you found it in me and when you said you were going to cum, I just lost it. I have not cum that hard in so many years and that was the last time I was with you. Something about the way you feel inside me just make me go wild. When I felt your hot cum start to fill me I wanted to feel your cock shooting in me all night. As I write this I can still feel that cock of yours filling me. You had me cumming so hard on you and I was wrapped as tight as I could be on you to make sure you were not going anywhere. It felt so thick and so warm as your cum was filling me. You took my breath away and I was having trouble putting two words together as we were both cumming. Feeling your cock inside of me was something I had missed for so long and now that I have it I didn’t want it to end. Even when we stopped fucking I still felt your cock shooting its cum in me. And the more I felt, the more you were making me cum too. And feeling your warm soft lips kissing me just added the candle on that cake. I could snuggle and kiss you all night long.

When we stopped I had so hoped we would take a break that night and go again. My poor baby was so tired from such a long day. I fell asl**p against your chest. Hearing your heartbeat was so soothing and I fell asl**p listening to that gentle beat. I can only hope this is just the beginning. I missed your touch. I know we both miss Kell. I know that losing her hurt you so bad inside. I have missed her so much too. I learned so much from her and seeing what you and her had made me want that too. Michael helped me write this. My original was only two paragraphs and he helped me dig everything out of myself and put it in words. But he doesn’t know everything I wrote so I hope he likes this. I hope you do too. I am hoping he reads this and we do it all over again. He left right after dinner to go get me a surprise. He said not to tell anyone until I write it. So it is a surprise for all of us.

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2 years ago
I hope it all works out beautifully for you and you get everything you want!
2 years ago
great story i hope everything work out for u the 2 of use
2 years ago
Sounds like a great night. Great details. Hope to hear more from both you and Michael.
2 years ago
Great 1st nite Becky!! I hope your week together keeps getting better each day!