I'm Becky. Hear me out.

I tried responding to the story called Kelly and Marcus and Becky and I, but I think it was too long to just put in comments. So I have to write this here.

I guess I should start by telling all of you that I am the same Becky that Michael has written about. While he was still married to my best friend Kelly, him and I had a baby together. And I never regretted it. Back then, I had sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and I was 5’ 4” and weighed 112 {And Michael, I didn’t weigh 115 either!} Over the years, I have changed my hair color so many times that I forgot what my original hair color was and right now, it is light golden brown and I did pick up some weight and now weigh 131. It’s the Pepperidge Farms cookies I tell ya! They must have cocaine or something in them because they are very addicting. So I see that Michael has told all of you about the night that him and I went to bed for the very first time. When he told me he did this and asked me read it, I thought he must have a very good memory and didn’t know they were writing all of this down back then. When I read everything about us, I was a little pissed. How would anyone feel knowing their sex life is getting posted for the world to see? But it also made me think about us. This is for Michael and I hope it turns out like I have dreamed it will. As I am writing this, he is getting ready to get on a plane to come and be with his daughter on her birthday so he doesn’t know this is what he will get to read when he arrives. Wish me luck!

Michael. Before we became friends, I used to see you and Kelly in your yard. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and thought a girl like me could only dream of going to bed with anyone like you. Before we had sex the first time and I confessed to Kelly I was not on any type of birth control, she offered to help me if I wanted it but she said it might be cool if I wanted to have sex with you and risk pregnancy. Then she offered to fuck her friend without birth control if I decided on no protection with you. Do you know how many times I was in bed with my husband before he left me and wished it was you inside of me? All of those times I would see you in your front yard and I would come outside wearing some tight shorts or tight jeans. Do you think I had those on minutes before that? I would wear those because I was so hoping you would come over and talk to me. Steve never knew how much I had masturbated myself thinking of you and the times when he would get off inside of me, I wished it was you. I couldn’t tell Kelly that I wanted so much for you to get me pregnant and had to keep up the act that I would just go ahead and do it and if it happened, well then I got pregnant. Even when you guys helped me get my first job and you and I would drive to work together, little did you know that even before Kelly talked to me about you, if you would have asked me, my dress would have been over my head and we would have been in the back seat of your truck in seconds! I had more orgasms by myself thinking about you then I did the whole time I was married to Steve.

I used to get so upset after that when Kelly and I would still have our coffee and I would hear about you and her with others. I wanted it to be me you were with. Call me selfish but if it wasn’t Kelly, I always wanted it to be me. When I seen the police at your house the morning Kelly was in her accident, I thought some guy had hurt her or something. When you told me she was killed in that accident, I cried myself to sl**p for weeks. To this day, I still miss my best friend and it hurt me every time I seen you because I knew how bad you were hurting inside. I wanted to take you in my arms and make it all go away somehow. When I grabbed you that day and held you so tight, I felt your heart breaking. I knew it was going to take you time to get her loss behind you and I so waited for the day that you would call and ask me to come over and I could have you inside of me. I wanted to fuck you so badly, but out of respect for my friend, I needed you to tell me when you were ready. I was so hurt when you said you were selling your house and moving away. I know why you were doing it, but I was afraid I would never see you again and that scared me.

So many times I have wanted to tell you this and I am such a chicken when it comes to just telling you that I have to write it and hope it works. I love you. I love you so much and I want you to be with me. I know everything that you and Kelly have done before and if it would take fucking other guys and you fucking other girls to have you for myself, I would do that. If you were the last one in line of seven guys and I had to fuck them just to get to you, well guys, hurry and get off in me because I am heading for the end of that line. Please tell me what I can do to be with you. Every time I look at our daughter, I see your face. She has your eyes and your smile. I still think about the night that you and I created her. Can we ever go back to a time like that?

I know that you have stayed in touch with some of your friends that Kelly has been with and here is what I am willing to do if it means I can have you too. If you want to invite anyone over, I would go to bed with both of you. I would swallow a gallon of cum from both of you just to have your beautiful dick explode inside of me. Two months ago when you said you wanted to be here on our babys birthday I remember joking with you and told you that you just wanted to look up some old friends to go to bed with. When you said it would have to be me going to bed with them because you were looking up some of Kellys love birds, I thought about that. I asked myself after you said that just how many guys would I be willing to fuck and suck just so I can fuck you. I almost wore out my big rubber dick thinking about it. You can come up with any number you like and I will say yes. But that is only if you say yes to me. Keep in mind that I even though I learned a lot from Kelly, I can only try to keep up with guys you would pick for me. So when you read this, you tell me a number it would take for me to have you. The answer is ~drum roll please~ yes yes yes yes yes.

I know you miss Kelly and I miss her so much too. I never want to try to take her place. But I would like the chance to make you as happy as you were with her. I so want to feel your rock hard dick inside of me. I want to feel your dick explode in me and fill me up with you warm flowing cum. I want to feel it as you explode in my mouth and want your cum to coat the inside of my throat when I swallow every drop of you. I have asked Heather to give me a few hours before she comes over to see you. I know she wants to see her daddy, and she said it was gross that her mom wants her daddy too. She said that we should have fun. I really hope so. I hope you like what I will be wearing to the door when you get here. And just so you know, I hope I have it off before we get inside. That girl you were with this weekend, she better have saved some for me when you get here. I want to rip your clothes off and fuck you right there in front of the door.

So there. You know my feelings and I hope you feel the same about me. From the first second you kissed me, I fell for you. When I had your beautiful dick for the first time in my mouth, I wanted that moment to last forever. When you ate me and you made me cum, I felt like I was in heaven. And when you fucked me with that gorgeous dick, I would have stayed in bed with you for life. I never told you how much it hurt when you fucked my ass that first time. It hurt so bad but I wanted to feel your dick in my body no matter how much it hurt. When you wanted top cum in my ass, I wanted to turn over and take it, but I also wanted you to see I was willing to let you cum in me anywhere you wanted to. I could never love you the way I wanted to before. I cherished my friendship with you and with Kelly too much to do that. But I think the time has come and I can be in love with you and let the world know about it. I am serious that I will do whatever you want me to.

I can’t wait to feel you in my arms when you get here. I just hope you will feel the same way as I do about you.

Please people, write something and tell Michael how much I want him! And I will post about how it turns out.

I love you Michael!
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2 years ago
No one will ever know how I wish someone was this much in love with me. It I had someone who loved me this much I would give up everyone else and settle down and love only one and spend the rest of my life loving only her. Some people never realize a great thing until it's gone. Don't let this one slip thru your fingers man. Most of us never find love like this. Looks like you were blessed to have it twice. Pull her in your arms and hold her for life. Never try to relive the past, build a foundation called future.

All the love in the world to both of you. I really hope you not miss this opportunity. Be her one and only til death do you part.
2 years ago
I hope that you two do get together. It's obvious how much you care for him. The one thing I would say would be this: I don't know if trying to recreate the type of relationship Kelly and him used to have is a great idea. I think you two should forge ahead on your own path.

You guys don't know me and I obviously don's know you, so you can throw my advice out of the window. I just think that you shouldn't build your own relationship by trying to keep Kelly in it. Remember her, cherish your memories, but don't try to live in the past.
2 years ago
good luck, I hope it works out for you.
2 years ago
I hope you get everything you want and more.. You are as special as Michael describes you back then.