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My new car is becoming Michaels past time!

So many of you know that Michael surprised me on my birthday with a brand new Camaro 2SS. (Okay, so he told me I have to learn about cars so I know what I am talking about when I am telling people) I only had it for a few days and he took it in while we were still in California and had SLP Loudmouth exhaust put on and that made it rumble. Next was a computer sensor for the transmission to make it shift for the best performance instead of fuel economy.

Once we left California and I got settled in at my new home with Michael in Spokane, away he went with my car again and had an SLP supercharger added which made it pretty fast. That still wasn't good enough and Michael put nitrous oxide in it too. To add that, he had to have the front suspension redone.

And that still wasn't good enough for him. So he had a shop redo the heads and put in four bolt main bearing caps and a bigger oil pan and after they were done, it was put on a dyno and it came up with 1125 horsepower. I loved my bright blue car that was nice and quiet and looked good, but Michael wanted to get my windows tinted and while they were at it, they repainted it. I was scared because they were emailing me pictures of my car all torn apart during painting and now, you can't see even a speck of blue on it. It is a dark grey with black stripes and dark tinted windows.

So now that it is fast and loud and now, looks as mean as it is, he ordered wheels from Foose and when they come in, they will be put on and hopefully, my car will be finished. I should add that I still have a paper dealers plate and it is so new, I don't have my real plates yet. Today, he brought it home and it has a new sound system with amps and digital display and he can make my windows move when he turns it up.

When Michael was married to my best friend Kelly, he had a race car he always worked on to make it faster. His truck was so loud and fast and even Kellys car was fast and loud. I am getting personalized plates. We applied and had to give two plates I want in case one is not available and I hope I get the one I want. Michael wants me to get BMYCEM (Beat me, you can eat me) I want SS4U2NV (SS for you to envy)

If I end up with the plates Michael wants, I will be getting a lot of tickets!! It is either that, or my cunt is going to be so raw if I lose! (hehehe)

So on that note, one of the guys that have been rebuilding the downstairs bathroom the first company screwed up has been flirting with me. He is really cute too! I told Michael and he asked if I wanted to go out with him. At first I wasn't sure, but cutey came back again yesterday with the others and I fixed them all lunch. When they went back to work, I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Kevin (my cutey) came upstairs and asked for some water. He got a drink and then he caught me staring at his crotch. He laughed and asked if I was looking for something. I turned red in the face, but got the courage to say that I was, but I think I found it. All week, he has been wearing cutoffs and they fit pretty tight on him and from what I seen, he has a nice bulge! He is 37 years old and divorced.

I talked it over with Michael and if all goes well, I am going to make sure I wear something skimpy tomorrow and if he likes what he sees, I will ask if he wants to go out. Here is the kicker. Michael dared me to go without birth control if we go to bed. That means that I will have to skip it in the morning when I get up when I normally take it. Michael laughed and said that if I really wanted Kevin, he wanted to see how far I would go for him. That big stinker. He is upstairs in the shower and now, I will be up most of the night wondering what I should do.

You will have to watch here to see what happens.
Posted by BeckyInLove 2 years ago
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2 years ago
85 in a 60? He must not have been behind me very long.

And as for Jason. You are the one that brought him over to work on that car with you. I just want him to check my oil.
2 years ago
Well, luckily, we do have a finished bathroom!

And Becks plays it off like she doesn't like what I have done to her car. Isn't that right there, little miss leadfoot? Go ahead. Tell everyone about your two tickets already!

Now, she wants to give a friend of ours, Jason a ride. As long as he gives her a ride too!
2 years ago
They did finish the bathroom. It is so beautiful too. Michael even said if I kept teasing Kevin, it would take so long to finish that bathroom that he would have to add those guys as dependants on his taxes.
2 years ago
LOL. You should make sure they finish the bathroon 1st or they might make the job last forever