Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 2

Michael and I were holding hands as we headed up and Denise and Jim were walking ahead of us. Michael looked over at me and said it was my last chance to change my mind about fucking Jim without birth control. I smiled and said that it was a little late to be thinking about that now. I hugged him and whispered that Jims cock was hard already and I had already said that I was ready for it. I asked Michael if he was sure I should still let him cum inside of me and he said I should have fun and do whatever I wanted and that he was excited either way. Well, I already know I am fucking that cock and if he cums in me, well whatever. I know I won’t back out, so it will be up to him now. I asked Michael if he was ready to fuck Denise unprotected and he said she told him she was all for it so he was going to just keep on going. We got to our doors, and I gave Michael a big hug and kiss. I seen Jim and Denise were hugging by their door and when they stopped, we stopped. Denise stood by her door and asked Michael if he was coming. He laughed and looked down saying he wasn’t yet. Jim walked over to me and we waved to each other and Jim and I headed in our room and Michael and Denise went in their room.

Jim is taller then Michael and when we got inside, he took me in his arms and we started hugging and he kissed me. I had my arms around his shoulders and his hands were just touching my ass and as we were holding each other, I felt his hard cock against me through his shorts. He had his arm around me as we walked over to the bed and sat down. He leaned over to me and we started kissing again without saying a word. As his arms were around me, I felt him untie my bikini top and with it dangling from my neck, he reached around and slid his hand on my boobs. He stopped kissing me and said that I had a nice ass and really nice boobs. I just smiled and we started kissing again, this time we started French kissing. After we stopped, I took my bikini top off and he leaned over and started to kiss my boobs and started sucking on my nipples. Damn that felt so good. Here I was with a guy that I barely knew and I was getting ready to have his cock inside of me knowing that before the night was over, he would fill me with his cum. And I couldn’t wait!

Jim stopped sucking my nipples and we started kissing and hugging again and I felt his hand slide down and was on my leg and he was slowly gliding it towards my cunt. I felt his hand over my bikini bottoms on my cunt and he gave my cunt a slight squeeze. So I started lowering my hand down on his leg and slid up until I found his hard cock through his shorts. He felt much bigger then Michael and much fatter and I knew I was going to have fun with this cock tonight! If Denise couldn’t take all of him in her cunt, I knew I was not stopping until I had every last inch of him inside of me. I slid my hand down his shorts and moved up inside of the leg and felt his balls. It almost felt like he was hiding a couple of baseballs in his shorts. I was so into Jim and let slip with a little ‘Oooo’, and he smiled and asked if I was alright. I told him I was just fine and was just admiring what he was hiding. I asked him to take his shorts off so I can get a closer look.

He stood up and took his shorts off and his cock sprang out. Damn he was huge! I sat on the floor next to him and put my arm up next to it and it went from my elbow to my wrist. Jim had a big smile on his face and I asked him if it was all for me and he snickered and said that I can have as much as I can handle. I stood up and he pulled the strings on the sides of my bikini bottoms and I let them drop to the floor. I stood still in front of him and he was staring at my cunt and told me it was beautiful and he can’t wait to get a taste of it. I sat back down next to him and we started hugging and kissing again and I felt his hand slide its way to my cunt and felt one of his fingers trying to slide into me. I parted my legs a little to make it easier for him and I slid my hand down and took his huge hard cock in my hand and started to rub him. I squeezed his cock as I pulled up and a huge drop of precum oozed out of the tip.

Jim looked a little embarrassed by his cock oozing, but I wiped it up with my finger and put it in my mouth. I told him that he tasted so good. We started kissing again and he guided me back so I was laying on the bed sideways with my feet hanging off the side and he turned his body so he was over me and put one hand on my cunt and we started kissing. I felt his finger slide deep into me and he started sliding it in and out of me. I was getting hot and was wiggling my cunt against his hand and took his hard cock in my hand and started to rub his cock and then his balls. I could feel his balls churning in my hands and I wanted to get him so built up that when he did cum, he would explode hard. I couldn’t hold off saying this any longer and I told him that I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. I needed to see if I could get all of it down my throat. And if I did, could I keep it there and make him fill my throat with his hot cum?

I got up and grabbed the bottle of lovers oil I bought earlier and sat on the edge of the bed and started massaging some of it on his cock and balls. It was the oil that if you blow on it, the oil gets warm and I leaned over and gently started to blow on his cock. His cock started dancing in the air and I took it in both hands and guided him to my mouth. It was starting to look a lot fatter then it did before and I was really going to have to stretch my mouth to get it in. I kissed the head of his cock and then sucked the head into my mouth. I took one hand and started to cup his balls as I continued to suck more of his cock into my mouth. I was really having a hard time getting all of his cock into my mouth and I wanted it all and didn’t want to stop until I could show Jim I could do it. Jim looked down and it was okay and that Denise is never able to take more then just the head of his cock. So I decided to try something I learned from an Xhamster member I met up with before.

I lifted up and told Jim I wanted to lay on my back with my head hanging over and this way, he could push more into my mouth. All he said was okay and I got into position and he was standing on the side of the bed with his cock just inches from my mouth. I reached around and grabbed his ass and pulled him closer and as he came closer, I opened my mouth and started taking his cock in. I only had about 3 inches in my mouth and still had so much more to go and as fat as his cock was, my mouth was really getting stretched out. I pulled on his ass a little more to let him know to push some more into my mouth and he did, but he only pushed about another inch. Then he started to slowly fuck my mouth. That was nice, but I wanted to see his entire length down my throat! I stopped and pulled his cock out and Jim asked if I was okay. I told him I was fine, but from this position, I was letting him know it was alright if he wanted to ram his cock in. He looked a little stunned and asked if I was sure. I told him I was and asked him to rub some more oil and that would also help his cock slide into my throat.

He poured the oil in his hands and started to rub it all over his cock and as he set the bottle down, I could see he had so much oil on his cock and it was dripping down to his balls. Jim leaned down and kissed me and then stood up and asked if I was sure I wanted him to push that hard. I told him that I really wanted him to and he said that if I let him push his entire cock all the way in my mouth, it would be the first time anyone has ever deep throated him. I smiled and told him that I wanted to be his first then. He smiled and stepped closer and I took his cock in my mouth. It was all slippery from the oil and I was able to get a few inches in fairly easy. I put my arms around Jim again and pulled on his ass to let him know I was ready when he was. Jim looked at me and asked if I was really sure I wanted to go through with it and I pulled his cock out and told him I was ready. I think he was a little nervous about it and asked if he should push slow or fast. I told him that it didn’t matter to me and whichever he wants to do is okay. I did tell him that all I ask is he lets me up for air and I will smack his ass when I need air.

I took his cock back into my mouth and started to suck on him. He told me to hold on and I took in a huge breath of air and he seen when I had my breath and he pushed. Damn, did he push! It felt like he was ripping my throat, but I felt it going deeper and deeper and I was kicking my legs on the bed. I looked and he still had a couple of inches to go and he asked if I was still alright. I waved with one hand letting him know I am okay and just as I put my hand back on his ass, he leaned over me and pushed every last bit of his cock into my throat. I reached around with one hand and felt my throat. It was all bulged out and I could feel that bulge going all the way down my neck. I slapped his ass because I was running out of air and he pulled back.

I was taking a few breaths and Jim said ‘Damn. That is so fucking hot.’ I took in a breath and grabbed his ass letting him know I wanted it again. He pushed hard and once he hit bottom, he held it there for a second or two. He was moaning pretty loud so I know he was enjoying it. And now that my throat was pretty much stretched out, I was enjoying it too. He pulled his cock back and I started getting a few more breathes. He pulled out of my mouth and leaned over and kissed me. Then he said he would like to fuck my throat with his cock all the way in if it was alright. I told him to go for it. He stood straight up again and I took in another breath and put my hands on his ass and he jammed his entire length into my throat. He was still for a second and then he leaned over and had his hands on each side of my waist and started to hammer my throat with his cock. He was getting the signal down and when I would gently slap his ass, he would let me catch my breath.

It got to where I would grab a few breathes and on the third breath, he would ram his cock down and start fucking my throat. We continued with this for probably a good ten minutes and then Jim said he was starting to feel like he was going to cum. I pulled his cock out and told him that if he wanted to, he could fill my throat, but just before he cums, I needed to get some air so I could hold it in until he was finished. He was really stunned at that and with his eyes big, he said ‘Really? Can I do that?” I just nodded yes to him. I grabbed my breath and Jim shoved his cock down and started fucking my throat hard now. Every minute, he would pull back so I could get some air and back down he went. He finally said he was going to cum and I grabbed a huge breath and he pushed his cock all the way into my throat and he held it. I heard him grunt as I felt his cock shaft shoot his first jet of cum and then another and another. Wow, this guys was cumming so hard and I didn’t have to swallow him because he was shooting it all the way down my throat.

I was starting to run out of air, but I didn’t want to signal him because I wanted him to finish cumming and I was trying to hold off as long as I could. I was starting to get light headed because I was so out of air and just before I was going to slap his ass, he pulled his cock back a little and I grabbed my breath. He wasn’t all the way in my throat, but I had more then half of his cock still there and he was slowly fucking my throat. I was getting the taste of his cum and knew he was still shooting into my throat, but not as hard as when he first started getting off. He kept going and I could no longer feel his cock shooting and he leaned over and kissed my stomach and then stood up and pulled his cock back. He said that nobody has ever done anything like that to him and it was fantastic.

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1 year ago
Great writing; very erotic.
2 years ago
great and hot story...loved it
2 years ago
So fucking hot Beck! Can't wait until you get the rest of our cruise posted. I know what happened, but can't wait to see how you describe it in here.

See ya soon Babe! Counting the days.
2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it !
2 years ago
very hot, thanks