Sex Questions!

What’s your favorite place to be kissed?
My neck or pussy.

What’s your favorite color lingerie?
Black or Red.

What color panties are you wearing?

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Do you prefer srawberries with whipped cream or chocolate?

Do you prefer sex beneath the sheets or on top?

Do you prefer sex with the lights on or off?
On, then you can really see how eachother feels.

Do you like rough sex or smooth sex?
I love rough but smooth is really nice and romantic too.

What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you’ve had?

What’s your favorite part of sex?

Are you familiar with the term “erotic roleplay”?

Have you ever had sex in a public place?
Oh yes!

Do you enjoy phone sex?
Not so much.

Where do you want to have sex the most?

Would you ever Do anal?
Yes, and have!

Have you ever tried whipped cream in the bedroom?

Do you want to do something really wild?
Id love to (:

What would you do with me if we were alone right now?
Oh the things I would do! ;)

Have you ever fantasised about a person of the same sex?

Have you ever had sex with someone of the same gender or indulged in kissing/fondling?
Kissing and fondling

Do you find yourself attracted to people of the same sex sometimes?

Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?

Have you ever had unprotected sex?
Yes,many times with only one guy!

Do you have any fetishes - including foot fetishes, sadism and masochism etc?

How important is sex to you?
Id say important, I really love it!

How would you react if you found out your partner were disloyal to you?
Well this has happened before and I was mad, but We worked things out

How old were you when you first kissed?

Are you a virgin? If not, how old were you when you lost your virginity?
No, 14.

Who did you lose your virginity to? What was the experience like?
Im not saying names, it was really amazing.

Have you ever been f***ed into having sex?

How many sexual partners have you had to date?

Have you ever used sex toys?

Do you masturbate? How often?
Yes, everyday sometimes more than once a day!

Have you ever f***ed yourself sexually on a person?

Have you ever had sex with a person significantly older or younger than yourself?
Nope just 3 years older.

Describe a sexual fantasy you would like to fulfil someday.
maybe 3some?

Have you ever had a one-night-stand?

Have you ever had sex with someone related to you?

hve you ever picked up someone from a singles bar?
No, not old enough for bar yet ):

Have you ever had phone sex?

Do you browse porn on the internet or on television?

Have you ever paid for sex?

Have you ever been paid for sex?

Have you ever provided sexual favors to get anything in return, money or some other benefit?

If your boss promised you the promotion you were very keen to get but insisted that you spend a weekend with him, pleasing him sexually, would you agree?

Is there anything you would want to change about the way you look through plastic surgery if you had the choice and could afford it?
My boobs, I really do not like them!

Would you pose nude for playboy if they offered you $1,000,000.
Yes, if i had the body.

Have you ever been part of a sex orgy?
No, but would try!

Have you ever cross-dressed?

100% (12/0)
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3 years ago
Where do you want to have sex the most?

same bb
3 years ago
I really don't see anything wrong with your breasts.
3 years ago
You should be more secure about your body. You are not that bad looking.
3 years ago
Interesting, thanks for sharing with us!
3 years ago
Nothing wrong with your boobs sweety! Love your nipples!
3 years ago
nothing on cam-2-cam ? ;)
3 years ago
I like question 7, lights on or off. And here is why, there is nothing any more special than looking into a woman's eyes as she feels the pleasure of a man entering her slowly, ever so slowly, and then pulling out a bit and then back in so slowly, agree?
3 years ago
i like question 15 ;)
3 years ago
Very informative!!