It happend on my country's independent day. I got up form bed and i was feeling horny so i took my bath and dressed 2seduce i put on a black short skirt, a top dat showd hw hard my nipple was. I got 2my friends house we talk and play. I was so horny and i needed sex so i kissed him. He was shockd bt couldnt resist, we kissd it was slow and passionate. He took of my clothes and startd kiss my neck while his hands was slowly rubbing my breast it felt so good dat i let out a low moan, he kissed his way 2 my breast and start suckin and lick my left breast while his hand right hand was at my other breast nd with his left he caress my pussy. I culdnt take it anymore it was so great i have never felt this way b4. He then moved 2 my back and licked it 4rm d top 2the bottom slowly while he caress my breast. He moved down 2my thigh and den kissed his way to my pussy. Wen his tongue touched my pussy i shivered, he was so good and passionate he licked sucked, fingered my pussy, he kept on four abt an hour den he tongue fucked me. I couldnt take it anymore dat i started beggin 2 be fucked. He took his clothes of and rubbed his dick at d surface of my pussy he kept on goin fast den he inserted his dick into my pussy slowly in and out, in and out. He kept do dat i moan nd screamed whil he kept sayin 'oh baby u re so sweet' 'am gona fuck u like u av never been fucked' den he started fuckin me faster nd harder. I knew i was abt 2 cum so i told him 2go faster and faster. He kept on until i cam. He kept on fuckin me faster and faster i held his waist and pressed him harder he scream nd then he came. It was grt, i was exhausted. Dat was how i spend my independance day getting fucked by my friend
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