The b**st Within

Lately I have been in a long battle with a b**st that is trying to take control over me. He fills my veins with lust and clouds my mind with desires. He fills my mind with desires that I keep deep inside my soul. He tries to get me to bring these desires to life. To make them real. I fight off this b**st often when around a Lady or maiden inside these great walls. He has evil thoughts and I am such a gentle warrior. I have to fight off his lustful attacks, and the desires he wants me to partake in.

I am afraid I am loosing this battle he is slowly taking my mind and soul. He sets fire to my desires because they now burn long and deep inside me. Such impure thoughts of lustful rough play, pain, and control. Yes I have thought of these acts before but now he wants me to partake in them. He wants me to become who I am not. He comes in my dreams and offers me maidens for my pleasure. I am f***ed to do things I have never done, pleasures I have never experienced. I am growing fond of these acts and I fear I am turning into a b**st of my own. I want to stay a warrior with a gentle soul but I am afraid that soon he will turn me into a dominate b**st by giving me a taste of these pleasures. He wants me to be called MASTER.

I am still fighting, but I grow tired. My mind clouded with such erotic thoughts is driving me mad. I try to compromise with him I want the best of both worlds. Can I be gentle as well as rough? Can I cause pain and still give pleasure? Can I make her scream out in tears and still wipe those tears away? Can I be so bad but yet be good? Can both worlds exist together? I ponder these thoughts every day in hope to finding an answer.


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3 years ago
give in and embrace the "Master" within you
3 years ago
very good i know the feelings