I lost the bet. He fucked my gay ass.

Sometimes there's nothing more arousing than admitting someone is better than you. The overwhelming feeling of defeat makes us seek approval in a desperate way. This is how I ended up on my knees with a wide open mouth begging for Roger's hot cum. I had only met Roger earlier that day when I was playing billiards at a local gay bar. I am not really an athlete, but I do love billiards and consider myself a good player. However good I am, I found out Roger is better and he took great pleasure in teaching me and my ass what it means to be a "sore" loser.

It was a saturday afternoon and the bar was empty except for the bartender, a couple of regulars, and Roger. I was casually playing a game by myself when Roger started to heckle me from his lonely bar stool. He was mid-30s, starting to lose his hair, and had a little belly. I looked at him angrily and judged his lazy stubble, ratty clothes, and cocky attitude. I instantly hated him. I ignored him as much as I could, but after a fews minutes of being called a little bitch, I got up the courage to challenge him to a game.

I should have known he was a hustler. We agreed loser buys drinks and when the game started Roger seemed hapless. I easily won the first two games and felt like a badass drinking my whiskey coke courtesy of Roger. Roger bought another round of shots and then decided to escalate the bet. I was d***k, feeling confident, and willing to take almost any bet; so when Roger said he would pay for my entire tab if I won, I accepted. Then he told me in return he wanted to fuck me, I laughed it off.

Roger started the game and expertly started to work the table. I knew I had made a mistake when he won the game in minutes and looked at me with a creepy smile. "That's game bitch," he said smugly. I was so upset, I could feel my face turn red from embarrassment. "My place is a few blocks from here. Let's go, unless your going to bitch out on our bet." Against my better judgement, I closed my tab, and walked out of the bar with Roger, who had already begun slapping and grabbing my ass.

A few minutes later I was in Rogers messy studio apartment. The place felt dirty and didn't even have a bed, just a couch where Roger sat watching me stand awkwardly by the door. "I am gonna fuck you like a bitch you know that right?," he said with a sly grin. "Of course you do. You wouldn't be here if you didn't like big cocks ramming your little hole, making you squirm so good." I was mad, but I could feel my cock starting to grow in my pants, knowing full well there was some truth in what he was saying.

Roger took out his half hard cock and start to stroke while looking me in the eye. My eyes glanced down to Roger's growing dick. I couldn't control myself and I licked my lips. "Come on, I know you want a closer look," Roger laughed, "Why don't you get on your lose knees and taste what winner cock taste like." Roger's trash talk made me a weird kind of horny angry. I wanted to punch him and suck off all at the same time. I gave him the death stare as I walked over to him and put my hands on his thighs as I knelt down to please him. He really did have a winner cock. I grabbed his low hanging testicles and ran my hand up his long veiny shaft. I tried to wrap my hand around his penis and was barley able to get my fingers all the way around. I stared to gaze at his soft pink prick, bulging and growing. "Well, what the fuck are you waiting for?" Roger pulled my face close and slapped his cock against my face.

I felt a rush of adrenaline come over me and started to swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock. His prick was so smooth, so sensitive, I couldn't believe it belonged to such a sleazy guy like Roger. I gave Roger a mean look as I stroked his shaft and flickered my tongue on the tip of his cock. "Yeah bitch, get dirty with it." Roger said as he threw his head back. It felt really good all of a sudden to get Roger's approval and I started to lose myself in passion. I moved my mouth down and gulped up more of Roger's big winner cock. I slowly spun my head around with Roger's in my mouth. I went deeper and deeper until I gagged and had to stop for air.

Just like that, Roger was an asshole again. "Come on bitch, you can't take it all? Maybe I need to fuck your mouth a little bit." Roger grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my face. My lips were wet, slimily, and I ran them along his rod until I was ready to deep throat him again. I took a deep breathe and went down all the way, holding back my gag reflex. I went down and verbally gagged and fought down deeper and deeper until my chin touched his balls. "Aww fuck yeah, that's better baby, just like that" Roger grabbed my head and started to thrust himself into my mouth. It felt good to please him, to make this rude guy so fucking happy, I worked and got sweaty. He stood up, took off his shirt, dropped his pants. "I want to see your ass now bitch."

I obeyed his request and undressed. Roger bent me over the couch and starting licking his fingers and rubbing spit on my tender asshole. He slapped my ass and slowing started working his finger into my ass. "I know I was gonna have this ass the second I laid eyes on you bitch. You were so cute, thinking you could beat me," he spoke and got further into my ass now with two fingers. "Stupid bitches like you have the best asses." He bent down and start to rim my ass tenderly. He let out a loud moan and arousal. I stood legs spread, jerking my own rock hard cock as Roger warmed up my ass, using only sweat and spit as lube. After I was good and ready, he start down. "Mmm, lovely ass bitch, let me see you twerk it like the bitch you are." Even I laughed at this and smacked my own ass to Roger's cheers.

Roger spread out his legs and leaned back, his long shaft resting beautifully on his leg. He reached over to the drawer and pulled out some lube. "Ok loser, get this cock ready with your mouth because I am going to punish that ass and I know you want it hard." I eagerly got up and laid face down on the couch so I could suck Roger while and lubed my ass. I started to suck Roger with a sloppy purpose as he held the lube high above my ass and let it drip down slowly. He rubbed it along my ass until it was all shiny and ready to be fucked.

Roger grabbed me and put me in the reverse cowboy position on the couch. Roger help me tight and slowly guided his dick towards my asshole. It was almost loving until he said, "I am going to fuck this ass sore, because you are sore loser, and loser's have to please winner's cocks". And with that, he plummeted his way into my. It hurt for a moment and I moaned in pain. Roger slowed his thrust and slowly started to work my asshole. I could feel my asshole stretching and growing more use to Roger's cock. As I grew more comfortable, I started bouncing my ass on Rogers massive cock, my balls slapping, my cock leaking pre-cum, my face red with sheer ecstasy. Roger started pumping and pump, I could feel him building a huge load. He moaned and slowed down. "Get on all fours bitch."

I crawled and proudly put my ass in the air inviting Roger. Roger rushed over and started to run his cock between my butt cheeks. Roger grabbed my hair and started to slam me as hard as he could. I could barely hear him muttering dirty sex talk over my loud moans of joy. Roger looked out a little out of shape, but he trusting and trusting, reaching for my cock. I quickly blew my load all over the flow. Roger slowed his trust and whispered in my ear, "Where do you want me to cum bitch?"

I don't know when I decided to do this, and it wasn't part of the bet, but I knew I wanted to please his every fantasy, exceed his expectation, and earn his respect. "I want to to cum in my mouth winner." I screamed. Roger enjoyed this and started to trust harder. He pulled out and turned me around on my knees. His cock hovered above my face. I grabbed it and started to stroke furiously.

In that moment, I knew that Roger had hustled me, degraded me, and sort of taken advantage of me, but I didn't care, the mix of emotions made me too horny to care. The fact Roger had taken me as a fool, only made me hornier. "Please winner, give me you cum. I want to have all of your hot jizz," I begged. Roger gushed a rope of cum that hit me right in my left eye. He kept cumming not in my mouth, but on my face, plastering my forehead, nose, and chin. I stoked him until he shot his last load. He took his cock and slapped my jizz covered face, painting a semen portait on my face. I at cum off his cock for a while, but there was no way I could eat his entire load. "See, I knew you were a little cumslut" He smirked, threw me a towel, and told me he'd buy me another beer.

Today, I am still not sure how I feel about Roger, all I know is, I want a rematch.

100% (6/0)
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4 months ago
wow I want to meet this guy Roger I'll bet him and lose on porpoise just so he can fuck me too
10 months ago
great story... got me horny
10 months ago
love it