A hell of a woman

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2011, October 02
About 11:45 pm

That Sunday began very quiet and it kept nice and silent. I sat in a room on a revolving chair directly at a broad wooden table and right in front of me some sheet metal signs were placed. On those signs were black numbers. From 1 to 10 for the ratings for the dance performances. Admittedly I only was Claude's conjuror and so his judging, as the Clubs vice-president, was worth more than mine but my view definitely could affect the results. So I sat waiting in the bikers clubhouse together with Claude who was on my right and was smoking a cigarillo. To my left there was an older woman wearing black jeans, biker-boots and a black blouse. Over the blouse she wore a white leather vest with the inscription "president" on the right side. At first I was quite surprised that the leader of the whole motorcycle-club was a woman, but she seemed to be okay. Together with the three of us there sat some other male and female bikers at the long table - they were all critics. I was a bit nervous because the whole room was darkened and a the spotlights all were directed onto a small platform right in front of us. In the middle of this platform was a dancing pole. Left and right of it, about 3 meters, there were camp-chairs and some white plastic-chairs and every seat was engaged. Men as well as women had gathered to crown the Clubs best female dancer. I was positively surprised because despite alcohol was severed everything was amazingly calm. Till now nobody dared to touch one of the dancers. Some day, Claude explained to me that there were very strict rules in this club and if anybody would break ranks he will be taken outside and, in most cases, gets an imposition or sometimes, depending on the transgression, worse. This way the "Lost Saints Motorcycle Club" would maintain the women's dignity and forbid the guys to act like a bunch of randy monkeys.

The room was still bright till now what means it would take some more time until the last dancer would come - all this waiting was really a torture. To watch all those beautiful women of different age unleashing their beauty through their dance interludes... I already was very excited after the first three dancers and my panties surely were dripping wet until now. I wore a yellowish trousers together with a fitting blazer and yellow high heels. Softly I adjusted my glasses and tucked my golden hair out of my sight while I mindfully read the list in front of me. Finally, the last dancer would appear. Hopefully it will be over soon. I would tug Claude to his place as fast as I could and eat him alive. It would be correct if I put him on his guard at least a bit. Slowly I turned my head to the left to see a very thoughtful Claude. What happened to him suddenly? He too peered on the list with high attention as if it was a crossword puzzle. "What's going on?": I asked him silently so that only he was able to hear me. A justified question because I rarely see the young biker in such a condition. His reaction made me even more curious and so I pricked up my ears when the young man began to speak: "My ex-girlfriend is the next". BAM. Okay, now that was really a little slap in my face. I never had thought Isabella would dare to dance because she had even larger breasts than me. Most probably she wasn't even able to hold the balance right. Anyway, sometimes I asked myself how this with her two giant flesh-mountains on her chest could stand straight. My curiosity was unleashed so I flitted to the end of the list just to notice that the Goth's name wasn't there. Instead there stood the name Charleen. "I thought your ex is has the name Isabella:" I literally pricked him. My curiosity was now fully awoken because up to now he only mentioned Isabella as his ex-girlfriend and no one else. An explanation really wouldn't be bad, and in the meantime I knew him a bit. Concerning her he would explain it to me - and I was right because he fully faced me, let the smoke of his cigarillo blow out of his nose and began speaking: "My first girlfriend Charleen, there is not much to mention. She was young, I was young and then she found out that she is more interested in her own gender." While he held his little discourse the remaining smoke came out of his mouth. I have a quite good perception so I deciphered his last words very fast. Those two seemed to have tried it together when she was younger but she seemingly was a lesbian. Well it is nothing to say against, many people discover their true alignment only after years of bad relationships. But before I was even able to ask him why he was so nervous about her the lights were darkened. The other parts of the audience became silent instantly. Whoever was there in the room above and controlled the spotlight did a very good job. And then the crimson curtain opened and unveiled this woman who bothers Claude right now. Too bad that eyes don't become accustomed to darkness so fast. Behind this woman was also a soft red light what revealed at least her silhouette. This little Information alone already was enough. Within the nerve conduction velocity my brain handled this information and only one thing came to my mind.


It was not a strong painted, conceited klutz who was coming out. Slowly the light was turned brighter from time to time until it stopped when it became a twilight. Something was wrong, a fact I knew by now. Although this woman only walked slow to the pole I already thought my eyes would pop out. The same was for almost every men and women in the audience. Dark red High Heels adorned her small feet and those long legs... This perfectly built limbs were put in black straps. She wore a dark red mini dress with some dark flowers on it - not trashy but really precious. Her physique was slim but not lean. According to her legs it was clear that she did much sports and this had paid for itself. Tight, well built calves alone already made her lower body to an eye catcher. As sinful as the devil himself were her hips. Even by watching only the front you could see that this woman had a tasty ass which she probably could use to crack coconuts. A flat belly which moved so smoothly in the dress made from finest silk. Her breasts stood firm and challenging on her rips; through the dress you could see they were ample and well-shaped too. The only thing that might had stretched the point were her nipples. Obviously even to think about dancing extremely turned her on because her nipples stuck out hard from her breasts and almost drilled through the velvety cloth in the way. For a moment I got a sneak peak at her small hands which nails were painted red, and then I finally attended to her face. If she looked only half as good as I thought I would get an orgasm without even touching myself. And then my eyes finally reached her face. By this moment I asked myself if this could possibly be the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. A slim face with smooth facial features, sinfully red painted full lips, a bit red rouge on her delicate cheeks and discreet black-painted eyelids. Together with that her head was decorated with short and a bit shaggy-styled hair with blonde hair-flicks. But what was really magical about her were neither those wonderful legs nor her perfect body but her eyes. She had chartreuse eyes, but it was a shade I've never seen so far - extremely bilious green and quite bright. It was almost the opposite of steel-blue eyes.

Concerning her dance it was not much to mention. Of course I gave her 10/10 Points. Such incredible agility and this suppleness in every move simply was stunning. In addition she danced quite slow and did not try to melt the pole by rubbing it. To describe her in one word, she was unique. When she finally finished her dance she even gave me a wink and a sight which caused a shiver running down my spine. The typical female 'business card' saying: "Visit me tonight." And I intended to so. Claude was tired and simply drove home. I said to him I would have something to drink and walk home after that. Thanks to his generous mood he gave me money for a taxi. Good, I really didn't want to walk all the way home the way I would probably look like 'afterwards'. After I had a small booze my already low inhibitions began to sink; it was midnight exactly. It was time to follow Charlene's invitation. So I stood before this black door with a white sign on it which had red letters on it saying 'changing room'. Below that 'ladies' was written. I was not extremely nervous. Many people would have called my condition back then a bit excited. But I already knew my heart would accelerate soon when I got a close look of this gorgeous woman. So I lifted my hand and knocked two times on the door. Then silence. A few seconds absolutely nothing happened until the entrance suddenly opened and a woman's hand seized me on my yellow blazer dragging me inside just to close the door again behind me. I stumbled forward for a moment hearing the uncontrolled clattering of my shoes on the ground when I additionally heard that the door was locked. Okay, in that moment I was really excited. Surely this woman wouldn't lock the door if she only wanted to talk with me. Hastily I turned around to the door to finally survey Charleen but I only caught a whiff of her dashing alongside me, probably throwing the key on a dressing table and then turned towards me. Oh my god, those green eyes really were scary. I also wondered how she was able to move so fast in high heels but I didn't had a real chance to think about it earnestly because she lifted her right hand and pointed in her direction. She did this a few times and while did it she literally sizzled out of her lips: "Come here."

It was as if I was petrified, as if my body moves through reflexes before I was even able to think about moving. Perhaps I only was bemused from her aura and this beauty. For a short moment I thought about Claude and how could manage to get all those bombshells. Sure, he was cute, very pleasant, eloquent and concerning his looks he was over-average but if that was the only reason to get those goddesses? Well, basically was nothing I was really interested in but for any reason these thought got through my head. But now it was time to concentrate on the presence. In the end it seemed it was about to become interesting. So I loosened my muscles and put, in proper speed, one foot before the other. I heard the clicking from my shoes and the bobbing of my large breasts inside the bra below my blazer. As far as I was in range her arms dashed forward, snatched my shoulders and dragged me close to her. Quick as a flash her hands flitted down to my thighs. With her right hand she instantly lifted one my legs so I felt her butt with my knee for a moment. In the meantime she positioned straddle-legged over my other leg and began to rub her pussy against my thigh. I too noticed I was a few centimetres taller than her but this could be deceiving because of the heels. I stroked her naked shoulders, felt this soft and tender skin below my fingers when she, noticeable greedy, began to kiss me. Relatively reserved I felt her full lips on mine but this changed, just three seconds later I already felt her tongue on my lips. I granted her admittance and she began to play with my tongue. While our bodies moved much slower our tongues were fiercely moving. Unfortunately this too lasted only a few seconds until she withdrew her head talked to me, supported by her bilious green eyes. "Get your clothes off": she easily said while I felt through the cloth on leg this small foreplay made her extremely horny. Her glowing eyes seemed to make her words sound almost like an order from the devil himself. Was she dominant? Did she only act dominant like Isabella? Basically I didn't want to find out and began to unbutton my blazer. At least I tried it because when I had opened the first button she snatched the cloth and had the garment opened within a perceived nanosecond. For a moment I saw her eyes glowing when my large rack got unleashed a few centimetres more and my white bra could be seen below the opened blazer. As if Charleen already wanted to eat me alive she shoved this annoying piece of cloth from my shoulders and sturdily grasped after my butt. Her fingers firmly dug through the trousers inside the meat while she pressed her breasts against mine. I felt her nipples already must have been as hard as stone and additionally her breasts were a bit tighter than mine. Like more resistant pillows which are not usable for sl**ping. Her red painted fingernails, which seemed to be so fragile, showed Charlene's power regardless of the consequences. With her 'claws' she tenderly scratched upward and skilfully opened fastener of my bra. Instantly my ample rack bounced forward. Totally freed from every chain my bare breasts and my nipples seemed to watch directly onto the small sign-offs of her dress; as if our nipples looked at each others. This time her small fingers softly touched my massive breasts, lifted them slightly and weighed them while everyone could see she wanted more but she allowed herself plenty of time. Slow and with high attention for details she slowly stroked the bottom of my rack and slowly slid upward from the outside. She stroked over my shoulders, afterward she stroked back down while I felt her poisonous eyes aiming for my nipples. She had selected her prey.

Calm but earnest she bent down. Softly her knees bent when lifted my large breasts and let them wiggle like jelly. She greedily took my left nipple between her lips, letting her tongue circle swiftly. She sucked on my breast while she massaged it from below. As soon as she had finished licking my left nipple she literally bit into the right and squeezed my rack. For a moment a little sigh left my mouth because it hurt a bit, but it clearly knew she didn't want to hurt me. Inquisitively I watched her deeds. Firmly she licked with her tongue around my right breast while she nicely massaged the left one. It was easy to see she had her fun in doing so and taking what wanted like a predator. Was it only acting to hide her submissive personality or was she total dominant woman? At least I liked her methods when she wrapped her lips around my nipples alternately and tried to suck my hole breast inside her mouth just before her tender hands positioned my udder and Charleen withdrew her head with closed eyes to slowly test the ductility of rack until my breast left her mouth with a loud popping noise. Due to her tenderness that spot was slightly tingling when she grinned at me and spoke: "Put your pants off." Hastily I followed her order. Because of this rush I almost fell to the ground when I tried to undress my shoes before I, much more relaxed and appreciative, pulled the annoying trousers off my crotch and it finally fell to the ground, leaving only my white panties remain on my body. But it should fall too. I felt how the cloth, slightly sticking, detached from my pussy. My womankind already had produced so much moisture so I could see my shaved skin shining in the faint light. I slowly lifted my small feet to totally get out of my clothes and already had planned to explore her rack when she unerringly pointed at my high heels and dry-wittedly said: "Put these on again." Okay, it all started to become a totally new experience. Up to now I never had sexual experiences with women who were shoe fetishists. But I thought she probably only is turned on by women in high heels, exactly like the most men. But all right, all right, I would do this little favour to her. So it came that I was putting on my shoes while I was totally naked.

As soon as I had squeezed my feet back into the shoes Charleen softly took my right hand leading me to a large chest and with a little gesticulation she ordered me to sit down. Almost instantly I understood what she had planned when this b**st-like woman kneeled before me. Just one second later her face was hidden by my thighs. I had to swallow almost frightened. This woman really didn't loose time. I already felt her wet hot tongue pressing on my clit, circulating and making my already wet pussy even moister. For a moment my whole body shook when her swift tongue left its position just to glide through my labia a moment later. I felt her whole mouth was trying to dig in and she moved inside me like a little snake. Occasionally I heard her munching lecherous so I almost thought she wanted to completely suck me out. In the meantime my nipples stood steeply to the top, were hard and I because of Charlene's mouth-working I wasn't able to sit still. I constantly felt hotter and soon I had a feeling as if I had to pee, so skilful was her tongue inside me. Through my heavy breathing I heard her silently giggling before she continued her work with loud smacking noises. Clenched I bent back and pressed my right fist against the wooden chest, hoping to control myself a bit better that way. But it didn't really work.... this almost boiling-hot tongue on my womanhood, tossing and turning greedy and smacking inside me. I felt like a volcano on the brink of eruption when Charleen suddenly stopped. I heavily drew my lungs full with air and felt my sweat running down my skin when my seducer looked upwards between my thighs to establish eye contact with me. I clearly saw her greedy green eyes and her lips, totally moistened by my smooth cunt. She almost finished me off when her tongue came out of her sinful red painted mouth and cleaned her lips. "Get on all fours": she murmured to me.

I almost felt ****d. This woman totally ignored my wishes and I couldn't deny that I didn't like it; at least she wasn't as extreme as Isabella. But I had no reason to complain because I wasn't able to say my desires and of course I didn't want to add something. To destroy this moment was the last thing wanted now. I crouched on the carpet like a dog, holding my butt out to the air and virtually waiting for this embarrassing moment to end. I never liked it to lay down like this and being watched by someone without seeing that person. But Charleen didn't wait too long, instead I felt her hard, red painted fingernails clinging to my butt. It was not harsh enough to be really painful but I learned my place. This woman really was a devil. She didn't loose time, only accepted whole things and instead just took what she wanted. Just as now, but it seemed it wasn't only a wild foreplay but she already started the final spurt. I felt her short brown hair when she pressed her face directly against my pussy and began to lick me again. Now the almost hardest part of the evening had begun. The thin red carpet wasn't really helpful for sparing my knees and hands and she absolutely used all her licking-skills. Again I felt her tongue diving alongside my labia, hastily indulging my clit and her warm hands on my butt, massaging it while she continuing to spoil me orally. It almost finished me off, I felt my forehead slightly breaking sweat, my heart accelerating and my pelvis contracting. To cap it all off I felt the tip of a thumb carefully was laid on my back passage. Slightly wet the finger carefully circulated around my little gap while Charlene's mouth continued to work on my cunt and smacked. It almost was too much for me, I already felt my pelvis became much more difficult to control; even my thighs began to tremble a bit. Bit by bit I lost my concentration to hold my position. I didn't made a secret out of it and clearly gasped. Silently heart her chuckling between the noises of her tongue on my cunt but she continued unimpeded to lick me and to spoil my butt. Slowly it became unbearable. By now my fingers had begun to tremble slightly and as if my body had decided to turn against my will my hip twitched a bit forward. I no longer was able to hold still like a statue; my flesh coiled in pleasure and became uncontrollable. Shortly after the only thing was able to feel was how her long tongue licked over my clit extremely firm and slow. Finally that was too much for me. I only gazed to the ground and groaned very loud while an infernal orgasm went through my body and I finally lost the control over my body. Weak and feeble I slumped slightly moaning onto the carpet. I felt the carpet scratching unpleasantly on my nipples and exhausted hips collapsed like a house of cards. I could only close my eyes and greedily drew in air inside my lungs. But much wasn't granted to me. I felt light vibrations of the perfect body and the quiet clatter of her high heels on the ground. As if it had cost my last reserves I turned my sweaty, weary body around. Through my glasses I saw Charleen donning a black leather handbag on her shoulder, made some steps and stood beside me. Again I got a short view inside those demonic green eyes before said very dry-witted: "Not bad sweetie." And these were her last words until she didn't deign to look at me simply went away. I only heard the wooden door was opened and closed and she had left. What was wrong with this woman? Charleen had almost driven me crazy and then she simply left? I hadn't satisfied her even a bit. Her panties must have been dripping wet, but why did she simply leave then? So many questions and I had no answer. In any case, started wild and had a sudden end.

I remained on the ground for at least three minutes without being able to feel my body and just tried to awake from my trance. When I finally did that I only managed to put my clothes on and to call for a taxi. Now I really needed to sl**p, and above all new, dry underwear.

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2 years ago
Mmm you do lead the most entertaining of lives, Sexy
2 years ago
Your english is very fluent, and the construction of the story impecable. Congratulations!

If only I could have been there watching you. :)
btw, I like how you mention your breasts.
3 years ago
Excellent, excellent story. I loved the passion, and can't wait to read more. Encore!
3 years ago
great story