Venegeance is sweet

Sequel to „A dominate Goth“

All my stories are absolutely true

2010 August, 11
About 11:15 am

What a warm day. Really hot, perhaps even the camels fainted in the zoo because of the heat. The thermometer reached 35°C that day. At these temperatures people usually aren’t up to do anything. So did I, because I sat together with Claude in his front yard. We were both sitting on our beach chairs below a large sunshade. While I was browsing in a magazine Claude uninhibited showed no manners.
He had his boots, together with his socks, pulled off and wore light blue jeans. On his upper body he had a red polo shirt, in his left hand a coke and his right arm was hanging weary over the armrest. Ever and ever again he granted his throat a small swig from the cold liquid inside the bottle. Furthermore he was panting for breath as if he just finished a marathon. In his case it wasn’t the heat but Isabella, his ex girlfriend who asked him the day before if she could wash her motorcycle at his place. Well, if you can call this washing. She wore her combat boots, very short hot pants, a tight top, her sports gloves, not forgetting her spiked bracelets and a red scarf. Some girls prostitute in this kind of outfit, but cleaning a bike? And the cleaning could only be interpreted because instead of thoroughly cleaning it she occasionally liked it to let her enormous breasts glide over the bike and the sexy poses she made weren’t for nothing too. Her acting could hardly be because of me as I had no fix plans that I would come to Claude’s place that day. Did she follow the plan to win over Claude again by using that tactic? Until today I don’t even know why those two even parted. It couldn’t be a big dispute between those two and no one cheated on the other either because if that was the case those two wouldn’t get along that good. But it probably was Claude who made the final stroke. Perhaps he was weary of the scratch marks on his back. Back then I had to chuckle inwardly. After my own experience with Isabella and with obvious shameful feelings when I got close to her I told Claude from the incident. Fortunately he understood and wasn’t mad at me or anything like that. In the end we didn’t have a love affair.

“Could you say me why Isabella is so dominant?” I asked the young biker next to me. Tired and stunned through the heat he turned his to my direction. Perhaps it was the wrong time to mention it, Isabella admittedly wasn’t able to understand what we were talking about but Claude will to speak free surely was influenced in her presence. And who would be surprised. Isabella really was a woman even god needed seven days to form - long and tight legs, a slim figure and breasts which you could use to knock out a guy. I for myself was blessed, and cursed, with an ample bosom but she even topped me. In the meantime Claude unshackled from his indolence a bit and spoke quite sl**py: “She isn’t dominant”. Then it was silent for some seconds. What did he just say!? I knew from my own experience she was a quite dominant woman but then Claude went on. “She just wanted to test you. If you had reacted dominant for yourself she would have become very obsequious. Just over-dominate her and she suddenly turns into a little shy, submissive schoolgirl”. I let this though cross my mind for a moment. Was this really the case? It was not for nothing Claude told me it was quite wild in bed between those two but at the same time Kira told me that Isabella, or Isi how everyone called her, really has a strong submissive streak. Would it have been that simple back then; I just had to be tougher? Perhaps I reacted a bit too weak because her behaviour somehow really turned me on. In that moment I noticed Isabella had finished washing her bike and went through the open door inside the house. Should I dare? Right in that moment Claude commented my thoughts: “Why don’t you just go in and find out yourself, I think I have something to do at the moment.” Okay, I had his agreement even if it seemed he didn’t really care if I hop into bed with his ex-girlfriend. For a moment my eyes wandered around until I found the reason for his “Occupation”. Two women, seemingly middle-aged, just went out of the opposing house. It seemed they wanted to welcome the new lodger. It was pretty strange because Claude already resided there for a while. Probably they attended until he settled down a bit, and today was the day. Both of them seemed to be in their mid-thirties but in a good shape. One had a black ponytail, a slight figure but smaller breasts. On her body she had a white top and dark blue jeans. The other one had slightly tanned skin and her figure wasn’t contemptible too. Her breasts were a good way larger then those of the other woman. This one had fiery dyed, short hair and it seemed she wore a kind of sports bra and a sweatpants. Probably she was jogging in the neighbouring park earlier. Claude got a small grin in his face and whispered to me: “I have to take care of the local ladies.” Oh yeah Claude! As if those two are really interested in screwing. Presumably both of them had a husband and k**s at home. Why should they want something from a twenty years old boy? I was only able to watch him jumping on his feet, walking to the women and greeting them. He should do whatever he wanted to do. As for me it was “payback time”.

In normal walking speed I went inside and reached Claude’s living room. I already could hear Isabella who upstairs was at his bed. Okay, now was the last chance for a drawback, because as soon as I faced her there wouldn’t be any excuse or something like that. I would have to pull it through or to chicken out and wait endlessly for my next chance. In that moment it was a really hard decision to make. Shyness and doubts if I could be that dominant in general chained me as if I was shackled with solid steel ropes. On the other hand, even if I wasn’t able to dominate her I would still have my fun if she took the control again. But I wanted to know if Claude and Kira told me the truth about Isabella by all means. Nervously I pushed my glasses onto my nose a bit harder, tucked my blonde hair away from my face. Basically I had three options. Go upstairs and pull it through, just draw back or just to practise a bit first. Back then Isabella really had acted scarily well, it really felt realistic. Had it all been Claude’s ruse, or was he serious ´bout that? In the end I decided for a fourth option – to go upstairs and “spy out the land”; to show spine and upgrading my dominance with every sentence. It remains to be seen if I was able to put it into action. So I began to walk slowly through Claude’s living room, determined to the stairs which would lead me to his bed. The noises from my heels were swallowed by the grey carpet. Again I tucked my hair behind my ears and almost heard my heart pounding hard. I felt a hot feeling crawling under my skin and sweat, almost coming out of my pores, as well as the weight of my ample breasts on my ribs. All right, there were only a few steps until I reached the upper floor. Isabella probably heard me coming by this moment; I exceeded the point of no return so I had to pull it through. I accelerated for the last steps and already had to suffer the first setback. Cheekily Isabella stood, with one hand on her hip, in the middle of the room and slightly grinned at me with the cute face of hers. Like a snake lurking for her prey. Well, and what now? Slowly my feet carried me a bit closer to her. Was it fear? Perhaps a bit. In the short run I decided to start with a question: “Hi, Claude wanted to know how…” She interrupted me. Rude and in a strange way glad simply said in English: “Bullshit”.

Okay, so much for the lie. And what now? My chances to really get the upper hand shrank just because that bitch knew how to intimidate girls like me. And then she suddenly dashed forward. Absolute advantage for her boots because with my high heels I would hardly be able to get this far in that short time. Isabella seemed she didn’t want to loose time and I started to recognize it was not me who raided her; she was the one who set up a trap for me. Her hand already dug between my legs and rubbed hard right over the zipper, making me feel the heat and, more than that, greed. All that came out of her was; in German: “You wanna fuck, don’t you?” And continued in English: “Wanna have my Strap-on deep inside your ass?”
Again this English talk, it was the same as the last time. This, in combination with her strong hand almost trying to thrust inside my pussy through the jeans enormously turned me on – but I was here to accomplish my small act of revenge so allow myself to soften up on her again, otherwise I would never have the courage to pull through something like that, so I had to bite the bullet. Then, suddenly, I felt her pushing her forefinger with full power against my pants to stimulate my clit. Heat already gathered between my legs and it increasingly became more difficult to plan the next turns. This already wasn’t foreplay either, but rather some kind of sexual war and it was up to me to change tack. I furtively bit on my tongue and seized her butt with my left hand. Instantly my fingers dug in the soft white meat through her tight hot pants. I distinctly made my position clear by hardening my grip, letting my fingers dig in deeper in her flesh: “Today I’m the one who fucks YOU and you will be my little slut.” I really wasn’t good in being dominant and this was the best I had in my mind, but I soon had to realize my little scheme didn’t get me anywhere. Isabella grinned maliciously at me, exposing her white teeth as her white fingers glided to my waistband. She even mocked me: “Yeah yeah, whatever.” I instinctively knew what she was up to. She would open up my jeans, let her hand glide inside my panties and probably would tamper with my pussy directly.

Either way I would be the winner but I wanted to try one last thing and pinned everything on one chance to carry the control over from her. Swift and sturdy I instantly grabbed her ample breast with my right hand. My fingers squeezed her udder sturdily while I massaged her butt at the same time. With relish I searched her nipple below the cloth and in the end I felt out the little bulge in her top. My turn almost was finished. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it slight but demanding, doing this I literally snarled at her: “I’m serious, little whore. Today I’m gonna fuck you. So long until you won’t be able to walk.” I just played my trump card and this time it had results. Uncertainty sneaked into Isabella’s black painted face. Even her wild hand from earlier calmed down progressively and she became nervous. I seemed Claude told the truth, but if stopped now she definitively would get back her self-confidence. I squeezed her nipple harder and harder, drew on it a bit and tried stare strictly into the eyes of that fiendish Goth. While I did this I too released my hand from her butt to squeeze her free breast. With passion I massaged those two mountains and decided to further in my role. “On your knees, slut.” As if it was a reflex she slowly fell onto her knees, looked at me with her large blue eyes. The formerly hard woman suddenly became very submissive, like a little c***d you catch stealing something and waited well-behaved for the punishment. I had to admit the imagination of what I could do with this little submissive lady alone was enough to get me wet instantly. So I allowed me a little play before I get to the real action. For a moment I loosened my eyes from the gigantic cleavage of her black top to look around the room. A small lesbian number was nice but I wanted to do the same to her what she did to me. And her own strap on was just right for this plot.

Within a few seconds we tore down the clothes from our bodies. We could have done it like wild wolfs as if we were actors in a lesbian porn, but why should I do the usual if I can try something new. With spread legs I sat down on the small black cupboard. Isabella looked over my barely naked body with her dark blue eyes starting with my blonde hair, continuing with my eyes, my sinful red lips and when she, in the end, admired my tits I could see sparkles in her eyes. Although hers were larger than mine they still looked impressive, and then of course I wore her own strap on, the same one she used in the past to fuck me. Today I would the same to her so I almost spoke like a resentful queen: “Go, do your work!” And indeed, she came over to me extremely shy. There was nothing left from her brutal personality, instead she really watched at me like a schoolgirl and even her movements became considerably uncertain. Did I go too far? Obviously not, otherwise she probably would have said she didn’t like it. Unerringly I stared between her legs for a short moment and was able to snatch a small view of her pubic hair. A nice hairstyle; two thin streaks stuck out diagonally from her pussy. I was made quite well but what really made looking surprised was her little “honey pot”. She literally shined because of excitement and in fact a bit of it was running down her leg. I almost could follow a small, watery trail down to her knees before it finally vanished. I never had seen a cunt producing that much juice and I hardy could believe it was just from her in the first moment. I would definitely eat that cunt at least once before I start my true revenge. At least I could be sure she liked it too and so I concentrated on my closer coming victory while she fell on her knees before me and began to take in the glans of the artificial cock with her mouth.

Carefully she took only the very top in her mouth and sucked on it as if it was a real cock. What kind of blowjob should this become? „Suck on it already! “: I snarled at her and pushed my hip up a bit so the dildo got deeper inside her mouth. I almost could feel her black lips made more efforts after my small order and I saw her cheeks indenting what was a signal she was really sucking hard on it. Greedily I watched her wetting the strap on. So she really took pains to do it right this time. I really wished I was a man that moment and could really feel her tenderness. Slow and calm I stroked over the back of her head and granted her some attention and smoothed her a bit. Doing that I also showed her I liked what she did while I still watched her with pleasure wetting the strap on, now with more eagerness. I seemed she already knew the blowjob wouldn’t be the only thing I would do. In the past she fucked me, and now I would repay this little favour to her. Sensually I opened my mouth, moistened my red lips with my tongue lustfully and was almost sure I could finally start the true game. “Bend over the bed, honey. I’m gonna fuck you now:” I told her with a strict voice. This dominant part really wasn’t fitting for me but at least I was able to keep this level. Isabella sucked the strap on bottom up, looked into my eyes. I could see a small flare in her eyes. She really wanted to get fucked. So extremely excited like she was I really would have been quite sadistic not to grant her this small wish, furthermore it would have been sheer waste not to do it because you could never know how long a cunt would remain in a wet condition. With a loud munching noise she finally released the artificial cock from her black lips and sprang up almost as if she was a wild cat. Within a short moment she braced on the bed and held her white ass towards me. Dinner was served. I let my view glide over this unhealthy looking white skin. The black tramp stamp and the both tattooed violet hearts on her right upper arm and of course the “scratches” on her right shoulder blade. For a moment it reminded me of some special memories and how she must have watched onto my back when she was the one who took me. But I would do it a bit more tenderly. So I stroked softly with my left hand from her left calf upwards until I reached her tasty ass. No single hair was on this bare, white skin. Catchy meat was exactly at the places where many lesbians, bisexual women like myself and men wanted to have. At this moment I admit I was a bit jealous for a second. Endlessly long, slim legs with those well-trained thighs, a well built butt which almost invited to play with and this interesting looking intimate shaving with those two stripes. But it firstly became sinful from her hip upwards. A slim belly with absolutely no sign of paunch and those breasts, they really have to cause a lunar eclipse if you have them in front of you. So much smooth meat; I already had had an enormous rack but hers were adjoining perfection. Her breasts were larger, admittedly they hung a little bit more, and those pink nipples. She was a personified dream for everyone who had breast fetish. And this bombshell crouched before me and literally waited for me to fuck her. With the dildo I slowly spread her labia to invade her but the longer I reflected the harder it became not just to run wild and fuck her like a berserker. Back then she didn’t hurt me gravely so I wouldn’t do it either. I let one hand rest on her butt and stroked over her slim back with the other before I carefully moved my hip towards her. I watched at the artificial glans as if I was mesmerized from it when it softly “knocked at her tight door”. A very strange feeling for me because it was the first time I had the dominant part with a strap on and I wanted to do it right. Inquisitively I watched the glans spreading her labia and slowly f***ed its way inside her. After a few centimetres I heard a small moaning coming out of Isabella’s mouth felt her trembling a bit. Bit by bit I slid further inside her soaked hole and could feel how she almost got freaky inwardly. After a few seconds I felt our thighs clashed; the dildo got into her cunt almost too easy. I really had put it through, but the true game was just about to start now. Slow, and a bit clumsy, I pulled back a bit just to f***e the strap on back forward with a slapping noise inside her pussy caused Isabella to groan. As the way things were going I was able to start fucking her unimpeded without hurting her. And so I began with consistent movements of my hip to move the in the meantime warm and soaked piece of plastic, pushing it in and pulling it out of her vagina again and again. Admittedly I wasn’t as good as a guy because it was the first time I ever used such a thing.

My hits became fiercer very soon and Isabella gasped heavier with every strain. Her knees were already toppling as if she couldn’t stand by her own power. My breasts also wiggled freely like balloons and I saw the udders of the moaning Goth below me came to movement rather heavy too. As if I had transferred my breasts movements to hers through fucking. Almost mesmerized I stared at those shaking, hanging, white mountains and instinctively began to do it harder to her to bring her tits to even heavier motions, and I succeeded in this intention. This tender meat took me under a charm and simply wasn’t able to resist any longer. While the sweat slowly streamed out of our pores I bent forward, tenderly letting my nipples slide over her back and grabbed between her arms, instantly to her full udders while I tried to continue making her happy. She continued moaning loud while I began with my thumbs and forefingers to take her nipples now and started to rub them tenderly. Gradually it was too much for her. I clearly felt her body trembling, her legs yielding and heard a long squeak coming out of her throat. Instantly her knees bent outside and her whole lower body rolled to the ground, releasing the strap on out of her hole. Wow, it seemed I wore her out quite well, but by this time she seemingly had no orgasm too. I never knew a woman who got off that fast, even if Isi sat on the ground so that her dripping wet cunt almost touched the ground and her black painted face lay on the bed panting, but if she really was that sensitive enabled undreamt possibilities; A gap of her I have not fucked yet. Seductively I bit into the tip of my right fore finger. Did Claude still bunker the Vaseline inside his bed table? Usually he had some reserves if we wanted to do anal sex, and up that moment I never was up for it. But I now was literally inflamed of the idea. A moment later I had my loot, no Vaseline but glide gel. This would do its work too. The formerly so dominant Goth still was paralyzed, didn’t move as if she was petrified. At first I thought if she had an orgasm after all; but after that short time? Perhaps she just didn’t want to raise herself because she still was intimidated of me. Understandable, even I could hardly believe we did something like that. But I had started and now I had to finish it. “Lie on the bed and spread your legs”: I ordered her again, but this time way friendlier instead of sounding like a slave driver again. I already had her where I wanted her and domination simply wasn’t really in my bl**d. Obediently the Goth crawled onto the bed as if she was Aphrodite herself and lay on her back, opened her thighs and virtually presented stage. How lovely and submissive she could be. I slowly sneaked to the bed, let my hip circulate and felt my own nipples being absolutely hard in the meantime. A moment later, like in the soggy dreams of a pubescent boy two adorable lavish built women laid side by side and the blonde lovingly stroked the Goth’s little butt hole using her middle finger to lubricate it while the goth spread her legs even more. She granted me full access to her womanhood and her ass. Her pulse rate must have been exploding thinking of what was lying ahead.

After I had prepared her little rosette, just to be on the save side I put some lotion on the strap on too, it finally could start. Admittedly she told me Claude had fucked her in the ass several times but this way it would be much more comfortable and, above all, filthier. Kneeling I sat between her white thighs and positioned my prosthesis on her butt while braced myself on the bed for a moment and grinned at her: “Now I’m gonna fuck your ass just as Claude fucked mine the first time.” That moment I almost could see a small shining in her eyes. Did this thought alone get her even more excited or was she just horrified. Now I let my hip slowly drive forward, dying to press it against hers. Isabella laid her head back, trying to breathe calmly and closing her eyes and a moment later I knew the reason. Despite her cunt her butt-hole hardly opened when I glided in. At first I thought she was frightened but she seemed completely calm, so I amplified the pressure a bit. No I was almost frightened I could hurt her myself when the glans slid into her gut after all, but far from fast. Oh my god, this girl was built really tight, but slowly I was able to overcome every resistance. The young, pale girl commented my efforts with a loud sigh but didn’t dare to open her eyes or to move noteworthy. Just to be sure I added: “Say if I’m hurting you.” Like a reflex she opened her eyes and stared at me; neither angry nor frustrated. It was one of those lascivious glances you even could feel through your whole body and it could only mean one thing. “Shut your trap and do it to me.” Things like that said more than a thousand words so I strongly pressed once again to plunge the dildo inside her. I returned her view with a grin and, instead of losing much time, came to the point instantly like I did with her dripping cunt by pulling the dildo almost out of her gap just to ram it in again. For a moment I startled when Isabella began to squeak. It was not the same as Kira, but nevertheless, I became really horny so that I accelerated once again. How much had I enjoyed to grab her breasts and to indulge them in that moment, but to keep my movement speed I had to keep bracing myself. I directly looked onto her black painted closed eyes and once over her full lips while I enf***ed my movements and tried to accelerate a bit. Doing this I occasionally heard a small smacking form her butt together with her moaning what was the sign she enjoyed it a lot. Some minutes we spend in this position until I noticed her hastened breathe and her louder and accelerated moans. It was time for the grand finale. I set my sights a bit deeper onto her giant breasts. Hers, as well as mine, swung heavily in our rhythm. Again I wished I was a man just to get to know how it feels when fucking a girl; with flesh instead of plastic. This would have completed the illusion. Her nipples stuck towards me and almost yelled at me that I should fuck her harder. In the meantime we both sweated but I mobilized all my energies once again and began, more with my weight than my power, to root her ass. Instead of thrusting I simply let myself fall onto her with all my weight and so I could penetrate her gut even harder what she clearly showed to me. Alone from the fucking speed I noticed she was contracting her muscles, and as she was squinting her eyes and lifted her head she was about to scream her orgasm into my face. For some seconds I pounded into her gut until she relaxed again and simply lay down powerless. Nevertheless I smoothly moved inside her tight ass a few times until I fully pulled myself out of her. The English girl almost seemed spaced out. Her were empty, she panted like an exhausted dog and it seemed she didn’t really notice my presence any longer. Inwardly I grinned once again. Oh yeah, vengeance is sweet.

Totally exhausted I got into my clothes, leaving the wasted Isabella in bed. She should sl**p off and regenerate after I almost screwed her into a c***. Despite it was just 12am I wanted a cold beer, but it was just too early and I therefore I would content myself with a cold cola or an ice tea. So I went into the kitchen and took a can of ice tea - lemon. This would fuel my body with energy and liquid again after I lost that much thanks to Isabella. Calm but still with slightly accelerated pulse I opened the can and abut on the fridge, feeling the refreshing cold on my back on this fiery day. I didn’t dress all my clothes, just my underwear and my jeans. My blouse however was placed inside the freezer (The perfect advice against hot flushes). Admittedly the cold garment couldn’t cool me down that long but for some minutes it was nice refreshment. I led the freezing can to my lips and let the sweet drink stream into my throat, and then I heard a knock at the front door. Instinctively I got back on my feet and wanted to give them the order to walk when Claude suddenly rushed past me with full speed. Like a head high hurricane a wave of cold air came towards me when the young biker opened the door and greeted somebody. Okay, curiosity killed the cat, but I just couldn’t resist and leaned a bit into the door’s direction just to see the woman with the black ponytail whom I saw earlier in front of the door and Claude, who seemed to be delighted because she and her housemate had organized a “welcome to the neighbourhood party”. I just heard Claude saying that he would gladly come over this evening using an easy and “overenthusiastic” voice. This almost let me doubt my own mind. The slim older woman stroked with her forefinger bottom up his neck, saying: “We will await you at 8pm; the front door is always open.” But as if this wasn’t enough she even upped the ante and continued with a seductive voice while she was turning around: “Or you turn around to the back and enter that way.” After she had fully turned around she removed herself from the door, shaking her ass conspicuously. Seeing that I need some seconds…. WHAT THE HELL? I mean, I wasn’t jealous because Claude and I had no loving affair, we just were friends who occasionally had sex, no more and no less but how the hell was this possible? Right when he closed the door I got out from my “hideout” some step, stared at him with large eyes, holding the can a bit higher, shocked as I was: “Claude, you just became acquainted to her, how the hell… did manage THIS?” The shaking of her butt was a clear sign; the same was the party which would start not until evening. Could he control minds? But instead of explain something to me he grinned with a half smile and paraded like a young king past me. Doing this he proudly proclaimed: “You just need to know what’s in a woman’s mind.” After these words he vanished behind the living room’s door without answering my question although I really wanted one. How the heck could you persuade two women in just 35minutes for something like that? It was scary.

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damn ur lucky u have some great fucks
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Mmmmmmm what a sight that must've been..damn horny