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2011, June 17
About 10:10pm

In the early nineties the first Mortal Kombat released and became one of the most popular games through its extreme v******e and splatter-effects. It was published the almost the same time as Street Fighter 2 and therefore was a big rivalry between those two games. Back then you either were a Street Fighter or a Mortal Kombat Fan. Well, that time I only was two years old and far away from the audience of those games so I initially began to play for real in the year 2008 with “MK vs. DC Universe”. After I decided for myself the game wasn’t good I began concentrating on the other games and in the meantime it happened that I really like the Mortal Kombat-Series but my addiction to this game first began with the release of the latest title this April. Okay, the game is far away from perfect, i.e. the monitor is juddering during online-play, not all chars are playable and my greatest point of critics, the missing signature feature, the theme song. But I bet everyone who is reading this and is not a fan of videogames is only reading half-hearted until the erotic begins

I was wildly bashing the buttons of the controller. Claude sat right next to me on the couch but we didn’t have eyes for each other because victory was the most important at that moment. My Mileena – this perfect curvaceous build Fighter in her purple leather-dress which not even a whore would probably wear, black hair and an incredible agility. If there weren’t her red glowing eyes which slightly revealed she was the beauty and the b**st manifested in one person. The veil she put before her mouth was not for nothing. So one of my favourite characters in the game fought against Claude’s choice; Stryker, a policeman who used dirty techniques from time to time. Unfortunately Claude indeed had the lead. His life-gauge was clearly higher than mine and he had more experience in this game, but I wasn’t willing to give up already. I almost rubbed my bottom uneasy on the couch, felt a bit adrenalin circulating through my body. That moment I wore a white miniskirt, a black blouse, was barefoot and my glasses sat sternly on my nose. I had to think out a plan to change the tack. For just a nanosecond I looked at Claude. He wore dark blue sweatpants and a black T-Shirt – so it was nothing thick and he would feel a touch, but I needed my hands urgently on the controller. Nervously I scrubbed my toes on another, felt the warmth my bare skin released. Should I really do it? Well, playing fair and square is important and to distract Claude would be wrong, but blessedly this was nothing I care about even a bit. Calmly I turned my body sidewise to Claude without letting the screen, on which our characters still fought, out of sight. It was time for a small distraction. I stretched my legs until my feet slowly touched his thighs. As if he was in a trance he flinched for a moment, but his concentration remained to the screen. It seemed sensitive touches didn’t work but I also didn’t had the time to study from which moment forward he finally becomes distracted. So the only possibility left for me was to go all out. Sensitively my red-coloured toes stroked over his pants until I finally felt his cock through the cloth. He already seemed to be excited which made my job much easier. Calm and sensitive I rubbed through the pants over his erection, feeling the warmth and the pulse on my skin. Footjobs had never been my favourite but right that moment it served the purpose because Claude began to struggle. A short shiver and a glance before he began to snarl: “HEY, that’s not fair.” Of course it was everything but honourable but rules are made to get broken. Now I carefully searched a firm hold through the pants and after I got it I managed to fetch his hard cock right between my feet and then I started carefully to move up and down while feeling the hot bl**d heavily streaming through this cavernous body. I jerked him off through his sweatpants. While doing it I chuckled a bit and realized his play worsened a bit. With a smile I now did my utmost to help my Mileena to her victory, but I had to take care that Claude, whose dick now began to twitch, is kept busy. One hit and Stryker suddenly began to stagger. His Life-bar reached the zero-point and a dark voice almost yelled: “Finish Him!” After hearing that I had to laugh even more inwardly because I would finish both of them off. Jerkily I stopped to move my feet and typed in a small combination to start my true victory. Mileena pulled out her daggers and threw them like bullets into the direction of the muscular policeman. The Steel pierced into his upper body and let her opponent stagger even more before Mileena let out a lustful moan, walked close to Stryker and held his face his face in front of hers as if she would kiss him. With just one wrench suddenly the head of Stryker was ripped off and this beautiful woman pulled away the veil before her mouth to reveal a supernatural big grin with large fangs which instantly dug in the face of the head she just captured with a smacking. Like a wild predator she bit out meat of it and almost shredded it before she threw the head away to the ground like a worthless ball. Again a lustful groan of this creature, she was stained with bl**d all over and stroked herself down over her slim hip until the following words appeared on the screen.

Mileena wins

Almost a bit angry Claude turned off his controller and went into a huff, growling in a grumpy voice: “Are you happy now?” Oh, essentially yes, but I naturally knew it was a dirty scheme, so it would only be fair if I do him something good in exchange. I put my game pad aside and kneeled before that young man on the couch. “I’m going to make reparations for it”: I purred to him while I let my fingers push below the elastic waist, pulling his pants down a bit. His cock already jumped out towards me. Bulging and hard as granite he stood, his glans gleaming in the light and waited for me to redeem him from his grief. And this exactly was my intention. I strongly dragged down the Pants. Claude instantly understood and helped me so it didn’t take long until his pants were down his ankles. Right after that he ripped off that annoying black Shirt, remissly throwing it away without savouring it anymore. Instead he spread his legs just a bit and slipped out of the pants. Now the time has finally come. I bend forward; my ample breasts pressed against his thighs and my head already covered his hip. Through my blonde hair he wasn’t able to see anything but he needn’t the sight at all. Carefully I embraced his hard dick, fest its heavy pulse and his glans watching out the foreskin a bit. Tenderly I pulled the foreskin fully back, revealing more of his meat. I licked over my lips before I gave Claude’s cock a wet kiss. I heard him moaning in satisfaction when I tenderly began to circulate around his glans with the tip of my tongue. Anti-clockwise circulations, shortly I played with his “squirting-hole” before I let his dick fully slide into my mouth. I heard a sustained sigh from Claude and his strange calm breathe while I was sucking on his spear. I adhered onto his glans and moved my head slowly downward, letting his dick penetrate deep inside my mouth until it reached the end of my mouth. I already could feel the naturally given urge to gag when only a few centimetres were absent to have his whole cock inside my mouth. In the end I pressed my head fully onto his hip. Claude moaned loudly nice when his glans slowly touched my throat and he felt my lips on his balls. I could hold it a few seconds until I could feel my stomach cramping. Hastily my lips slid upwards again, releasing his cock partially out of mouth. Nevertheless my lips stopped right beneath glans and began greedy to suck on it while playing swiftly on it with my tongue. Now I felt Claude’s left hand, softly stroking over the back of my head, signalling his satisfaction. So I continued my work and rubbed with my tongue over his glans, collecting his bitter manly taste in my mouth. Carefully I robbed with my tongue over the root of his dick and continued this procedure for about five minutes when Claude slowly and carefully dragged my head away.

“I’m about to cum”: he gasped, making me grin. He knew I wouldn’t care about that nor I bite his thing off because of a shock, but I already had an idea how I could sweeten his former defeat. For a moment I braced on my thighs just to my upper body again. Once again my tongue slid over my rosy lips to take in the taste before my hands tampered with my blouse. In tremendous speed I opened every button of the blouse bottom up and out of the corner of my eyes I was able to see a small flash in Claude’s eyes when I inadvertently let my top glide down onto my calves. Softly I felt the cloth on my skin but more than that my ample breasts which are presented in a white bra. It was time for the grand finale, so I slowly moved down from the couch so I stood right before Claude and grinned at him. He probably seemed to know what was about happen next. Slowly I kneeled before him, fortunately for me the carpet was bolstered me a bit. I bent forward a bit and lifted my breasts a bit to take off my bra. My hard nipples seemed to stare into his eyes when I took my breasts and wedged his hard cock between them. A satisfied groan from Claude and I slowly began to move my breasts up and down. I felt his dick pulsing between my two love-pillows and his glans secreting some drops of precum. Claude’s sighing slowly became a heavy moaning again what encouraged me to speed up and pressing my big jugs against his manhood firmer. He now grabbed forward with his hands. With his thumbs and forefingers he took each of my breasts and tenderly squeezed my nipples, rubbing over and pulled them softly and tenderly. Now my breath accelerated too and I enjoyed this little attentiveness. I felt this little tingle inside my breasts until Claude tightened his grip and cried loud while doing that. I too had to moan out loud, partly from my feelings, partly from the pain. Then I felt the twitching of his member and then suddenly the releasing of his sperm. A long thread splashed onto my chin and instantly remained stuck. I continued to rub on his cock but I slowed down my movements because of his grip on my nipples. He shot his second load; not the same pressure than the first one but it was enough to hit against my voice box. Shortly after more spatters followed which, too, flew through the air for some centimetres until they landed and covered my breasts. Claude often jizzed a bit more than an average guy and that’s what I enjoyed so much. Just some more little drops streamed out of his glans, searching their way between my tits. Now the fingers of my Biker-friend calmed down slowly and so did I, however, I didn’t release his cock from his prison and still felt the jerking of his dick. In the meantime my pussy naturally had produced more than enough liquid too and just waited for some of Claude’s attention, but I wanted to take a little break. The longer you are excited the stronger the orgasm gets – furthermore, Claude, who was breathing heavily, has to get back his endurance. While he was gasping he still stroked around my nipples with his forefingers until he let his arms hang and he relaxed leant back his head. An exhausted man.

So I finally released his member from his prison between my, in the meantime totally sticky from Claude’s juice, funbags. Still lascivious I let my hands glide over my breasts, levigating the sticky white material on them. The purpose of this deed was of course to make my friend, who still sat on the couch gasping, pumping bl**d into his cock a bit sooner; and I went a little step further. I held my right hand before my face, smelled the clear scent of sperm before I and finally put my tongue out and licked over my hand. Doing this I stared into Claude’s eyes and signalled that I wanted to come at my cost later too, and I knew he would do it when he grinned in a sneaky way. In a few minutes he would be ready. In the meantime I wanted to clean my cumcovered, shining breasts as well as my neck and the bottom of my mouth. I pulled myself together to get on my feet again and breathed deeply, what made my already large rack even larger. “Honey, no man in the world is employable again this fast.” He spoke to me. His breath has calmed slowly. Well, I knew this fact already but to show him some things couldn’t harm. Perhaps it would accelerate things a bit, and so I looked at him very lustful before I began my walk into the bathroom.

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1 year ago
Wonderfully written, great job :D
2 years ago
amazing :D simply amazing work
3 years ago
Great. 5 out of 5. I would have let you win without the foot job, just to cum on your breast. p.s. was a big mk fan myself
3 years ago
Mmmmmm damn I'd love to have you deepthroat me like that