The asian nudity

All my stories are absolutely true

2008 May, 06

It was 5 minutes past 8pm and we were in the ‚Backumer’ valley, the park area of my town. In the middle of the bright summer heat Kira and I spent a short afternoon in the clubhouse of the ‚Lost Saints’ where she introduced some members of her motorcycle club to me for the first time. Since the moment I got to know Kira was in this club I looked to bikers in a different way. Up to that moment I only knew the TV-reports about the riots of the big biker-gangs, but what Kira showed me differed extremely from that. The fact alone that women were equal to men in this club made it something special. I wore my favourite top in leopard-style that day which asserted my big bosom very good, even though it was pretty tight. I exceptionally wore my glasses instead of my contact lenses and my lower body was packed inside a jeans. My feet were clothed with black, spike heeled boots. Kira on the other side wore a pink latex outfit - a belly-top with long sleeves, latex pants and normal pink sneakers. But everything in a lighter shade than the pink in her hair or her make up.

We already were k**ding around the whole way and the, by this time, warm weather exceptionally got me to the right mood and I knew Kira felt the same way. After all she was a crazy girl and we already did it multiple times. Just as we entered a bridge to cross a small stream it came to my mind that I could start to get her horny. This way we wouldn’t need a long foreplay when we would finally are in her apartment, but because she walked before me I had to start the whole thing all by myself. So I hastily made two fast steps forward and unashamedly grabbed between her legs. Shortly I closed my eyes, enjoyed that warm feeling between the cold latex – I evenly could swear I already felt her hot pussy. Kira neither made any moves to react against my ‚attack’ nor said she didn’t want it right now. Her reactions were quite the opposite, without any prudency the right hand stroked over my right breast. The tight latex a silent squeaking noise sounded and I only hoped this stuff could fastly be removed from her skin and it wouldn’t take hours before finally get rid of these clothes. My hand became wilder and wilder between her slim thighs and I clearly noticed that it pleased her because of her accelerated breathe, she even leaned her head back, bedded it on my shoulder before she whispered something very uncommon with her pink lips: “I want to fuck, right here.” That really was an insane idea. Even in this unpeopled park we could get caught any time. Perhaps it would be a group of d***ken teenagers who surely won’t simply stand aside or it would be would be caught be a policeman who instantly would arrest us because of our open behaviour. On the other hand, the suggestion really was exciting. But Kira was obviously more aroused by this fantasy than me because she turned around to me and clamped my hand between her thighs, pressed it even harder into her lap by using her hands – doing this she tripped and squeaked: “Come on, fucking in nature. Come on, let’s fuck… fuck… fuck. “To this I needn’t say a single word and so I began my work.

Faster than I thought she ripped off her annoying clothes from body. In her nudity she sat down on a large, square stone, spread her legs and pulled her right leg with the hand so I got an even more generous view of her pussy. Hastily my eyes wandered over her small breasts and her pink made-up eyes. How she could walk around like this without being ashamed is something I won’t ever understand. “Very nice”: I praised her for her gorgeous physique. Slim like a model but not that undernourished by far. So there was something to grab. In my opinion this is perfect constitution for a women body – slim but not scraggy. You can easily observe it yourself, if you are going to a pond to feed the ducks and the a****ls throw bread to your direction you exaggerated it with your diet.

With a little grin I said to Kira: „Go to the bench“. Many of you would ask why, but stones are damn cold and I didn’t want her to get ill. Very randy the followed my friendly order and placed her nice tight butt on the massive wood. Doing this she leaned back a bit and, this time, spread her legs as far as she could. Seeing this I didn’t need an extra invitation. Instantly I fell on my knees before her, regardless if my jeans got green because of the grass. It was the price I payed with pleasure. I braced with my left arm on her thigh and right that moment my face disappeared behind her most intimate place. With relish I tenderly brushed between her wet labia with my tongue, tasted her juice throughout my tongue. Kira now moaned lustfully and slowly began to relax while starting to rub her lower hip in my face. It seems that circling moves of the pelvis are inherited by every woman. I already started to softly play around with her swollen clit with my tongue and Kira rewarded my efforts with a horny squeak. Why do Asian women always have to squeal when having sex?

Then we heard a branch breaking a short distance away. Almost simultaneously we both turned around, directly onto a small tree with a large bush in front of it. There, in midst of the darkness I was slightly able to see something that looked like legs. Inside there seemed to sit a person which must have a very fast heartbeat in this moment. Damn they noticed me, now they surely will stop. This must be his thoughts or something similar, and partially I thought of it too. Who wants to be stared when having sex? I already gave the order to my legs to stand up when Kira laid her right hand on my head. „Just a bird or something like that“: she said with a blushed face. Well supplied with bl**d because of horniness. What was the meaning of this statement? There obviously was a voyeur. Then my head slowly realized why she said that. The message wasn’t directed to me in the first place, she said it to our little voyeur. She really wanted him to think we didn’t notice him and continue the show. Well, in some way everyone would suffer if we stopped. The peeper would go home with his stiff cock while Kira and I would be very wet. The idea to simply go on was very exciting. After all we would never allow the guy to join us, and in times like this you have to be aware of diseases. You could never tell where guys like this already had stuck their dicks in. In some cases I even don’t want to know. I agreed, but I wanted to make fast work of it.

My clothes were stripped off with Kira´s help. Boots, jeans, top and underwear were placed together on one stack so I was able to put them on fast when we finished. But now it was time for the finale. I simply laid down on the lawn, felt the slight prickles of the culms on my skin when Kira conversely putted herself onto me. Instantly I embraced her hip. She wanted to go all out so I felt her swift tongue greedily piercing inside my pussy. Of course I wanted to be equal to her so I let the tip of my tongue slide over her clit. As the both of us already were very horny our sexual organs produced more than enough liquid as they almost swelled. I was pretty sure that little peeper wasn’t able to hold out and already jerked off his hard cock. At least I thought so, because there was also the possibility that it was a women or a girl. But it didn’t matter who watched us, he/she had to be randier than ever seeing Kira tenderly thrusting her forefinger inside my pussy and appreciatively began to move it while adhering on my clit. Greedy I dug my nails into her soft ass and began slowly, but with f***e, to let my tongue glide through her wet cunt very deep. With every smacking noise from our 8 lips we became faster and wilder, indulged each other. We smelled our excitement and put on a diabolic show for our voyeur. I almost felt his horny eyes on our bodies; watching us licking out the pussy of each other and lustfully stroking our bodies. Kira slowly began to press her hip stronger against my tongue while she became more active in licking. I heard her slurping on my pussy greedily sucking on it. I almost wasn’t able to concentrate on fucking her slowly in her tight hole using my tongue. While I licked her I felt her pink dyed pubic hair on my chin. Right the moment I thought I would get my orgasm I noticed Kira spreading my labia, beginning to let her swift tongue slide firmly over my clit and this way licking me right to my orgasm. Unable to do something against it I adhered onto her clit what Kira rewarded by squealing like a little piglet. Time by time we became faster and more powerful with our tongues on each others dripping cunt until we got our orgasms almost simultaneously. I came first, my lower body practically began boiling as I climaxed. It was good that, after only two seconds, my friend screamed out her orgasm with her high voice. The grand finale was over and we had licked each other to orgasm.

As if she just had started Kira jumped, with shaky legs, down from me and embraced my right breast with both hands. She squeezed it a bit so that my already hard nipple was pressed out even more. Back to the foreplay, concerning our last positioning. She immediately took my nipple inside her mouth, sucking hard on it for a moment. For a few seconds my breast maintained in her mouth until it left with a popping noise. Her spittle hang on my nipple and her face was flushed – it simply was indescribable feeling. And it seemed our voyeur plucked up to courage too, because he came out of his bush. It was a boy after all, perhaps 15 or 16 years old. He wore light blue Jeans and a black T-Shirt with the white letters forming “Rammstein” and finally found the courage to reveal him although it was obvious he was very nervous and already shot out his cum. Admittedly, I couldn´t tell it on this distance because of the twilight but hardly believed he only watched. “Thanks you went on, you are incredible”: he praised us for our courage and began, with weak knees, to run away as far as he could while Kira and I still lay on the lawn very exhausted.

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3 years ago
Mmmm damn horny..wouldn't we all like a view like that in the park...
3 years ago
Incredible indeed! ;-) The boy will never forget
having watched such a sexy scene with so
pretty young ladies making love in the open.
Congratulations for your courage and writing skill.