A dominate Goth

All my stories are absolutely true

2010, August 6
about 8:40pm

A strenuous day finally was about to come to an end. I had to work from 6:45am till 3:45pm and it was very demanding. When I arrived at home I exchanged my clothes to more comfortable ones and after the changes I wore a white blouse, cream-colored sweatpants, normal black and white sneakers and my contact lenses. Today the only thing left to do for me was to meet Claude. Just as every Friday we would leap onto his bike and drive to the video store, afterwards buying some snacks and then heading back home to have a cozy DVD-evening if nothing interesting is broadcasted on TV. But today he wasn’t at home, for him this was very untypical, because if he leaves for a while he usually leaves a message below the doormat. Probably he was in the clubhouse, so I went to that place and directly headed for the back entrance into the garage. The house of the motorcycle club wasn’t that big but it had a small workshop in its rear where the members could repair their bikes and sometimes their cars. As far as I knew, Isabella, a young girl from England, also a biker and Claude’s ex-girlfriend, was roughly responsible for this part of the house. That’s the reason why I wasn’t keen on going into the workshop although the probability she knew I regularly had sex with Claude and he even anally deflowered me were really low, but what if she had heard about it - no one could tell how a woman reacts such a situation. On the other hand I wanted to know what kind of human Isabella was and how she looked. I’ve heard from Kira that she must have been an extreme beauty and apart from that she really fitted to Claude. At any rate I decided to look for Claude in there, at this rate I wouldn’t care if I confront her.

When I opened the door, and closed it behind me I was thunderstruck, no wonder she was Claude’s ex-girlfriend. Isabella was a bit taller than me and had a wonderful slim body, but what instantly got in my sight was her almost unnatural pale skin. She looked like one of those actresses from these old vampire films. Almost as if she was made of white candle wax. Well, according to prejudices English women are pale but she already looked unhealthy, added to that she wore black clothes. She had shoulder long, pitch black hair, dark blue eyes and used black make up, really stereotyped and absolutely worth to see. On her body she wore a mini dress what made mine look like a fire blanket, a black prong collar and a cross-necklace. Over her dress she additionally wore a corset. Her hands with its black lacquered nails stuck in sport gloves wrists were decorated with spiked armlets. Right below her dress black garter belts adorned her slim legs and ended in army boots. Was it her casual wear or did I stumble into a gothic-orgy? “What do you seek Babe?” With these German words in English accent she tore me out of my small “dream”. This might become an interesting

We exchanged some words, became acquainted to each other and in the meantime two things were obvious: In the first place she fitted to Claude almost perfectly; those must have had a good time together. The other thing: her tits were absolutely bigger than mine. Normally I was accustomed to top other women, but her breasts actually were a bit bigger than mine. Moreover she had a tattoo on her right upper arm, two violet hearts inscribed with Bad Girl – probably the best way she could be described. By this time I sat down on a roll-fronted cabinet while leaning on a workbench. “I’m glad you don’t take it personal that I’m Claude’s girlfriend now”: I said to her again, and I really was happy about that, even the fury of hell can’t be compared to a spurned woman. She seemed to keep relaxed and replied in mixed languages: “Not a problem, did he already fuck you in your ass)?” My stood still for a moment. Surely, because of the conversations with the other girls of the Cycle-Club I was familiar to speak open, but it’s another thing when the ex-girlfriend of a biker stands before you and wants to know if he already has visited your backdoor. Okay, he did it but should I really tell HER? The way she asked with her black lips was as if the information she wanted to know was nothing worth to mention, even if her German wasn’t perfect and she spoke a bit English all the time. I also have heard nobody could master a foreign language absolute perfect, especially an intricate one like German. “Yes he already did”: I virtually stumbled to answer. The topic was very unpleasant to me because didn’t really know her but it seemed my “embarrassment” was Isabella’s only objective. Obviously she loved those dominant games just as Claude and finally it made a sense when he meant: “When I had sex with her it was as if two tigers meet in a cage. Two persons tending to dominance seemed to reveal an interesting result. Back in reality Isabella began again: “In the past he loved it to fuck my ass, too.” This wasn’t that surprising. She had a nice body and, according to Claude’s description, she acted in bed like a bear. With those words she left her spot, rubbed over her upper arms what showed she felt cold. No surprise considering her dress, as for myself, I was not really sensitive to cold. Her heavy tits wobbled lightly when she walked to me and seemed to be willing to slip a jacket on. In the meantime I took a look into her garage. It was equipped as if a man was responsible for it – behind me was that black car, tires on the wall and even some posters of naked models, probably out of the “playboy” or other magazines.

I was very confused when suddenly a pair of hands grabbed roughly after my hips and violently ripped off my blouse. She caught me off-guard so I wasn’t able to defend myself, after my blouse carelessly was thrown into a corner, she unexpectedly wrested my hands onto my back and I felt something hard and cold, accompanied by a metallic sound. Had she just cuffed me? Memo for myself – do never again turn your back to that bitch when you are all alone. Yet I felt her cold hands laying onto my naked hips and pushing me forward a bit onto so I fell onto my knees, but it wasn’t that hard. Well, she didn’t want my bones to break one of my legs on the hard concrete floor. I could feel the heavy weight of my both breasts when I landed on my knees and, barely on the ground, I noticed Isabella kneeling behind me. She instantly got very close to my skin so I already could sense she had planned some more things. It seemed to me she wasn’t mad at me but joyful and by the way she wouldn’t hurt me because Claude surely wouldn’t be delighted if she did. The only possibility left was she wanted fun with me – so she also was bisexual, just as me. Finally she stood up again. Probably she had enough of the cuddling and got away from me some steps. I was able to see the amusement about my big breasts inside this pink bra in her face while I simply looked at her clinical with large eyes. What was she planning? Probably she simply enjoyed it to make me think she would seriously torture me. “You got some really nice tits”: she complimented me in English. Couldn’t she say that in German? Or did she think it’s better to formulate it in a way so I had to translate it first? But I had to admit her style was turning me on.

Suddenly she left her position and swiftly went behind me. In the first moment I wanted to turn around on my knees but she was too fast, so she was behind me again. Suddenly she snatched after my breasts and I could clearly feel the light pressure of her hands lifting my tits while she began to smite her hip against mine as if she would fuck me. Her pushes became stronger and stronger what would cause breasts to fly into a rage if there weren’t the bra and her hands. Then she calmed down slowly and pressed herself very close onto me, whispering in my ear: “May I fuck you too? You’ll have your fun.” I had to admit I needn’t think of it for long. This overstated dominant style she showed to me turned me on, and she knew exactly how to touch me to awake my lechery. I leaned back a bit and mentioned with ease: “Do it then, I won’t give you a second chance.”

For a short moment I heard her chuckling until she slowly lay a hand onto my back. I felt the cold leather of her gloves when my upper body was pushed forward what made me fearing to fall over but hardly I bent forward she loosened the pressure and slipped away a bit. I felt her fingers hastily working on my shoes. In no time she opened them, together with my socks, pulled them off and threw them into a corner. Then I felt her hands on my butt, shortly stroking it until she grappled my trousers and ripped it off my hips. According to allow it leaned forward a bit further so she could remove this annoyance from my bottom. Again fast, she literally jumped away watching me how I got back on my knees. How long did she want to continue this game? Curiously she eyed my body up and down until she finally drew a small key out of her right boot. Thank goodness, I already feared she would only bluff the whole time instead of making action.

She opened the handcuffs and even helped me to undress my underwear. After that she pressed me onto the small cupboard I sat on at the beginning. Greedy she crouched down, wetly licked over her lips while she looked at me and right after she buried her face between my thighs. Oh my, she surely didn’t want to waste time and so, instead of a careful beginning, she instantly thrust her tongue between my labia starting to lick me out. I had to lean my head into my neck a bit and moan when I heard her greedy munching while she was working. Normally I couldn’t stand it if it starts in such a wild way and preferred a nice and long foreplay but she nevertheless she got me horny. Eagerly she spat at my and hurried with her lips and her tongue over my dripping clit. Slowly I felt an upcoming orgasm but she intuitively seemed to notice that and abruptly stopped, pulling her head back and looking at me with a sneaky face and purring silent: “Not yet my little whore.” God damn, Claude should have licked me to my orgasm, she surely was sadistic.

She stood right before me before she stepped back a bit, and finally I got something worth to see, too. Slowly she unbuttoned her dress and shortly after it fell to the ground. Isabella really had an incredibly outstanding body. Slim legs, inviting hips, a flat tummy and, above all, her skin color was all the same everywhere. Her whole body was pearly-white, but in the end her breasts were the most fascinating. They were a bit larger than mine, in exchange hers seemed to hang down a bit, but it wasn’t noteworthy and therefore uninteresting. She wore a black latex bra which obviously had trouble to keep these masses under control. For a short moment she turned around so I could see another tattoo, over her butt – a tramp stamp. But there still was another tattoo which extremely caught my attention. On her right shoulder blade were claw marks and over the “scratches” were thick letters forming the word “BITCH”. Oh my, there was no way I would get a tattoo like this. Frenetically she burrowed in a drawer until she seemingly found what she was looking for. From my position I only could see her undressing her old panties. If I had more time to react I would have wanted to lick her, but she lost no time until she dressed a new panty. She fumbled far too long on the crotch, but why? Finally it must have been a part of her plan. Only now I recognized her saying she wanted to fuck me; and that exactly should become truth, literally, because now she turned around and I saw a strap-on, lavishly formed like a real penis. Shaped or not, usually I don’t like those things. You could do some interesting things with them but the simply were lifeless and cold.

Oh wait sec – I think I’ve just found a market niche, heatable vibrators, could possibly be marketable.
Anyway, with a gesticulation she indicated me I should come to her. I already could guess what she was up to.

Only a moment later I kneeled before her. There was no need to ponder on what she wanted; I should wet this thing before she would call it to action. She laid her left hand onto my head and greedily dragged me over this piece of rubber, plastic or whatever it is so it was drilled between my lips without a trace of tenderness. But she left me enough space so I could decide myself how deep I insert the strap-on. To be honest I didn’t make an effort to play with it, why should I, there was no reason because she couldn’t feel it anyway. Ever and ever again I lifted my head and pulled my lips over it until her grip in my hair became a bit stronger and she suddenly pulled my head against her hip. I ripped my eyes wide open when this thing almost entered my throat. Okay, so much about the foreplay. I abruptly withdrew my head and coughed a few times. For this action she became a minus point. Things like this always felt as if you thrust a cucumber into your mouth and this has nothing to do with foreplay. When there would be another such failure I would cancel the whole action.

While I slowly got on my feet again she almost tore the bra off her breasts. For a moment I cringed when her tits, just as 2 melons, swayed to and fro as she removed that piece of latex.
It was not the size but those large striking, pink-colored nipples on each of those flesh-mountains. “You like them, don’t you”: she seductively purred. Well, those bulging udders really attracted me despite I usually like girls with smaller breasts because wanted to brag a bit. But in this case, those both breasts of hers almost magically attracted me, so I spared my words and directly pushed forward - the right breast first. With both hands I encompassed the whole breast, lifted it slightly to weigh it but that was just the beginning. I assumed she didn’t want it the soft way, so I massaged the tit a bit rougher, entranced by watching my fingers sinking in the flesh. I leaned a bit over to and embraced her pink nipple with my lips. It entered my mouth while I sucked on it; I even softly bit in to stretch it. Her reaction was obvious. A little moan and she filthily grinned at me, saying: “Mmh, here we go.” Greedy I opened my mouth and tried to suck in as much as I could, but right that moment she softly grappled my hair and dragged me to her left tit. Arriving there I instantly used my left thumb and forefinger to pinch the nipple. I twisted and also squeezed it until she pulled me away from her boobs crying: “Ouch, Bitch”. Too bad, really would have tortured her a bit longer.

Hastily she directed me onto the worktop, it was not hard to read what I had to do now, so I sat down and spread my legs. Doing this my pussy opened a bit while she came a closer to me. With circular movements with the strap-on she rubbed around my labia while lustfully looking into my eyes. Then she slowly stabbed it inside me. Almost tenderly she pressed her hip closer to mine while I felt this piece of plastic drilling deeper inside me until finally her white skin touched mine. She let her hips circulate slightly so I could familiarize with that thing. Then she already seized my thighs and moved, in a steady speed, her hips back and forth. At least this was to my taste, not to slow and not to fast. With every thrust our breasts teetered up and down, almost as if they bet which one could bounce the best. Then she lowered down the speed to stab out with f***e for a few times. Every time your skins collided there was a loud slapping and my pussies munching noise. She fucked me so heavy so that my bouncing breasts actually became annoying. But then she slowly stopped. Now she lifted my legs and laid them onto her shoulders while she slowly pulled the dildo out of my drenched pussy. For a short moment I flinched when I felt her artificial penis at my backdoor. Soft but with little pressure she rubbed it between my butt cheeks and purred to me: “Don’t you want it?” I felt a bit frightened but in the meantime I was so lecherous and the dildo was already wetted enough so it should work. Well, no risk, no reward. If it doesn’t work it won’t be the worst, but in another position.

I slowly freed my legs out of her grasp and stood up. Within no time I decided for the small cupboard I sat on earlier, bent forward and embraced on it. Doing this I also offered my butt to Isabella by spreading out toward her. A second didn’t pass by until I felt her hands on my lower body and right after the strap-on drilled between my butt cheeks. Doing this she really was careful by pushing forward slowly, and indeed, it worked. I relaxed as good as possible already feeling the dildo making its way into my gut. She seemed to have realized it worked so she began to move. Slowly she pulled it back and I had to keep my focus so that I won’t run as wild as that time with Claude. But unlike to my first anal sex the endearments ended very soon. By the time she was worked in she began to jab into my ass hard. A simply unbelievable feeling, even if it felt better when Claude did it. Those plastic things simply cannot replace a guy. Quite a minute has passed when she really had begun to fuck me. Always fast and hard, pulling out the dildo to the point it almost slipped out of my gap just to thrust it back inside. The clashing noise became louder and louder and we began to moan together. But why was she moaning? Was it the situation which made her so horny or was there a kind of device inside that strap-on which pleasures the wearer? In the end it didn’t matter. The cupboard under my hands rocked with every impact and had to be attentive that it won’t slide away below her heavy thrusts. Ever and ever again she nailed my butt and suddenly I felt an orgasm flashing through my whole lower body. I was shook as if I was hit by a lightning bolt and I wasn’t able to suppress a lout moaning. This dominant Goth chick already had noticed that and accelerated while I had my climax what caused me to release a loud scream out of my mouth and my knees almost quitted their service. Trembling, I firstly had to regenerate when Isabella withdrew from me. Even if her disliked her overstated style at first it was really pleasant. Then I heard a loud slap and a sparkling pain. “Ouch, did you have to strike this hard!?” I lamented after she slapped with her flat and onto my butt.

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3 years ago
Another awesome story! Truly seemed like an interesting experience filled with mixed feelings and amazing highs. I'd love to know people as interesting as these you write about. Should be interesting to read the sequel!
3 years ago
HOT things allways happen to a hot girls like u mamy ! nice story ..i feel every word!
3 years ago
Mmmmmmm damn that made me fucking hard..would've loved to see you get fucked like that...
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Probably our best so far, Bea. You fear her, you like her, you hate her, you wonder, you get hot.
You adapt. Until suddenly lightning stroke! ,-)P
3 years ago
very nice