First time Anal

The stories I’m writing are absolutely true

2010, July 30
about 11:40 am

Again an explosion. Concerning films Claude surely had a fetish, because he didn’t just watch them but sucked them up. Well, I didn’t watch together with him just this once, instead I sat on his bed and watched some clips on “Youtube”, but I only did it to kill some time. I wore my cropped pirate top, together with blue jeans and pumps – what I wore beneath will be mentioned later. You might imagine I was very horny and just waited for Claude to finish with his film so he could finally fuck the shit out of me – proverbial spoken. Perhaps some of you call me addicted to sex by now, but here a little question.
If a man is randy, how does “HE” think? If a man has filthy thoughts there is no one who is interested in it. But if a woman confesses to her sexuality she is called a bitch, or even a whore. Well, I think those guys didn’t ever have a girlfriend.

Claude’s whole apartment fundamentally wasn’t really fitting for a biker; it appeared very classy and was in the top floor of a house in the city centre - two floors in one apartment and especially a very noble furnishing, in this sense a strange liking my biker-friend displayed there. In the meantime – pointing to my story “make a promise, keep a promise” – Claude and I had deepened our friendship and became something like fuckbuddies after I kept my promise. Although we remained best friends we frequently had sex but didn’t fall in love to each other. Apparently we both weren’t the kind of people for such a relationship, so it was quite simple – just an ordinary friendship but including sex.
The TV became silent; finally, it was about time. I heard the DVD player again and then Claude, putting away the disk and after that I heard his 178pound climbing up the stairs. The moment he entered my sight I only said: “Did you like the film? “ Almost ponderous into the floor and mentioned: „”Alone in the Dark became awfully bad critics, but in my opinion the film is good.” Wow, this information really wasn’t interesting for me and my fiery cunt at all. He seemed to be not interested in having sex or he, once again, played one of his little games with me. So I should beg for it – men really are predictable. However Claude’s a bit different, he could be compared to a darning “Rubik’s Cube”, but it was possible to solve it, even if it takes decades. I harshly grabbed my Top and tore it off my body just to toss it into the corner and seductively lay down on my left side. Below the pirate top I wore blue bra which allowed watching through the cloth onto my nipples. The reasoning and reaction of every normal guy would be obvious, “get that girl and fuck her right into the afterworld”. But not Claude, he surely understood my message but he simply began to circle around the bed over and over like a hungry wolf. All right, so he needed a special invitation, let’s see if would continue to ignore me when he sees me without my trousers.

Now I only wore my underwear, my long legs decorated with purple nylon stockings which, together with my pumps and sexy lingerie, had to be an unbelievable awesome picture. Beautiful like a top-model and almost as horny as a woman absolutely could be, I continued observing Claude, who currently stopped circulating around the bed, with my big green eyes and sinful red lips. So I finally had his attention now – slowly his eyes scouted out my body top-down. Then his sight slowly went from my pumps over my calves, farther to my thighs and finally up to my blue thong. After a small break he continued his exploration to my slim tummy just to interrupt again to view my breasts inside my bra. Oh yes, this tremendous amount of flesh which is bridled only by that piece of cloth and solidly stood on my ribs only waited break through and release my tremendous tits. Claude visibly seemed to be amused, noticing my accelerated breath and my nipples pushing through the bra. “It seems you need someone to fuck you even more urgent than any women in history.” Ah, as if he could read my thoughts, incredibly uninteresting. My cunt was sliming and nipples were as hard as granite but he couldn’t be deterred by that, quite the contrary, he calmly stood before me in his blue shirt, jeans and sneakers and shamelessly grinned at me. All right, so he wanted me to haul out the big guns, so I gave them to him. Hastily I grabbed behind my back and opened the brassiere and after that I undressed my thong. I shot both pieces into a corner and fully lay down on the bed, slightly crossing my legs. From my experience Claude could never resist this pose. The lower body totally was displayed perfectly. „Then I won’t let you wait any longer: “Claude said with a little smile. Goddamn, it’s about time.

Almost clumsy I stood up for a moment. Those pumps surely looked sexy and men and lesbian women inwardly began to drool even only thinking of a woman wearing those shoes but it’s hard to stand on them. So I shortly tried to find my balance and then launched myself onto his manly body. Instantly my hands seized his shoulders and my left leg strongly wrapped around him like a constrictor. Thanks to the pumps I almost was as large as Claude and so I finally could press my wet lips against his. Lustfully I moved my lips, slipping over his. If Claude wasn’t made horny he took up much time, usually really nice, but today I simply was too randy. Softly he put his hands on my hips, stroking my soft skin up and down and replied to the kiss. But now he wouldn’t loose more time, in the end the lechery took total possession of every body. He dragged me closer, virtually pressed my breasts against his chest. His hands remained on my hips until he pulled me to the ground.

By this time I lay on my back in his arms, held his head with one hand while one of his hands beginning from my neck stroked further down between my breasts over my tummy. Any of his endearments still were agonizing slow; even when his hand finally slid between my legs it was much too slow, concerning my lasciviousness. His fingers quickly grabbed my wet pussy and tenderly one finger caressed the surrounding area. My kisses became wilder and wilder while he carefully began to rub my clit what caused me, as if it was a reflex, to move my hip to press harder against his hand. From time to time he rubbed stronger on my cunt until one finger slowly found its way between my labia. In the meantime my fingers routed his hair and pressed his lips stronger onto mine and pushed my tongue into his mouth – I absolutely demanded everything from him. But then he slowly broke away from me and said: “On your knees.”

This position undoubtedly was good but far from perfect. I sat on my knees directly over Claude’s face who directly pressed between my thighs with his mouth. Not that bad, but in the long run my knees began to hurt, so I preferred it to lie or to sit in a relaxing position. However, right this moment I didn’t care so I leaned back and braced with my left hand on Claude’s belly. Still I could feel his annoying shirt on his body while my free hand eased his work and massaged my clit. With relish I closed my eyes and simply tried to enjoy this moment, how Claude’s tongue swiftly rushed through my slot and held my pelvis. “Let’s do it a bit different”: I said while he still worked on my pussy very greedy.

It was very more comfortable to be on all fours – releasing the a****l in yourself. For a moment I heard a rustle behind me and knew that Claude literally ripped off his shirt. It seems it became a bit too hot for him too so he now, topless, stood at my rear and grabbed after my hip as if was his property. But instead of simply continuing to lick me he suddenly said: “Let me show you something new.” In my mind I tore my eyes wide open when he slightly spread my buttocks and I felt his hot breath on my hole. “What are you doing there”: this was all I could say before felt his wet, warm tongue on my rosette. Now that really was something new to me, admittedly I heard about rimming but I never practiced it. Until now I only had one boyfriend who wanted to try anal sex, but back that time my condition was rimming what he always refused. In other words he was uptight and all he was interested in was his own fun.
Eventually these were the reasons why I left him. Compared to this Claude was very different but I never expected him to do this. His tongue slowly licked over my little butt hole and moistened it. The feeling totally differed from the feeling of ordinary oral sex. As this long tongue licked the hole over and over again my arms began trembling – really something strange that even my powers faded. I closed my eyes to enjoy it even more and moaned silently as the tip of Claude’s tongue lightly pressed inside my gap

By the way, a little Tipp. Most people don’t know if you blindfold your partner his remaining senses become more sensible. This way a normal touch on the nipples, usually without a big reaction, becomes very intensive. This also works on men and when you masturbate.

“Now it’s your turn”: I seductively whispered to him because no one should blame me to be selfish. For the “present” Claude just gave to me he deserved a little fun too. He understood and probably couldn’t await it because he hastily undressed his shoes and socks, then his jeans followed before he sat down on the little cupboard. After he found his place I kneeled on my left leg before him, so it was comfortable enough to endure. Afterwards I took his cock with my left and drew back his foreskin while Claude carefully stroked over my head to signal that he liked it. These are good working premises. Now I stuck out my tongue and prodded his dick what solely made him moan and again stroking over my head. In addition his cock already left a long, sticky thread on my tongue so I closed my eyes to focus on the blowjob. Then I slowly put my lips over his glans and began swallowing his dick and tenderly sucking on it while in addition I rubbed his shaft with my tongue. “I can’t wait any longer”: he groaned suddenly, seems like his own little foreplay made him hornier than he thought.

Hastily he pushed me on my back and swung his whole lower body onto my belly but nevertheless he tried not to cut of my breath and moved his hip forward to slide with his dick right between my tits. Concerning this men were so calculable. “Yeah, you like those two, aren’t you:” I purred to him while pressed my breasts against his hard cock. A moment later he replied: “Oh man, your boobs are so huge; you could strike a pig to death using them.”
He bent forward and braced at the ground with both hands while instantly beginning to fuck my tits. He lunged out slow and tender before stabbing fast and hard. This way he occasionally rammed his glans against my throat. It would have been a pleasure for me to open my mouth to indulge his cock a bit but Claude was loaded anyway and didn’t want him to cum already. Ever and ever again he thrust forward and pulled back while groaning lustfully. Mesmerized I watched his dick emerging between those mountains every time he jabbed out and was dripping in the meantime, leaving little drops of precum on my skin. By this time he stabbed so hard even his balls heavily clashed against my belly and breasts making a slapping noise every time. It felt his to the bursting point cum-filled cock getting warmer and beginning to prepare for the shot. “Hey, don’t you dare. You’ll have to fuck me first.” I harshly said. Concerning this I couldn’t take jokes. Eventually I was horny too and wanted my orgasm as well.

„Calm down sweetie, I’m not a selfish lover:” he chuckling whispered and got away from me and wanted me to kneel on the bed. Finally he started the grand finale. I didn’t lose time to crawl onto the bed and leaned forward so he could fuck me in doggy-style which was something we both usually don’t like that much but sometimes used it for a bit variety. Because of the bed’s vibrations I felt Claude was crawling behind me and after he positioned he grappled my hips. Although I not submissive it sometimes made me incredibly horny to submit as well as I loved it to dominate at times, so it remained in a good balance. Today I submitted to Claude who had a small dominant vein, but sometimes enjoyed it to bow down before me if it wouldn’t get too ferocious. I felt his glans getting closer to my cunt and touching it cautiously. Though I already was very wet he kept careful in the first moments because you could never know if you hurt your partner after all. Slowly he rubbed his dick on my opening, gradually driving me into madness. The whole time he kept stirring up my lechery and even now he continued with this mischievous play. But then he suddenly pulled back his glans and whispered: “Let’s add another new thing.” With these words I felt his face between my butt cheeks to wet me again. “Wait, let me lay down:” I moaned. Admittedly I was frightened, after all it was my first anal sex and the stories I heard said it would be painful. Usually I was not the kind of human to everything I hear but still it deterred me a bit.

I lay on my back and raised my legs a bit so Claude had a better access. My pulse raced and thought I would collapse when he tenderly slow sank onto me, allowing him plenty of time, stroking over my legs and mentioned I should relax so it would almost go automatically.
In my mind I thanked god Claude had not a giant penis, in this case I instantly would have denied. But he was average-built so he wouldn’t tear me in two halves. I tried to calm my breath and getting my pulse under control, tried not to think of what would happen in the close future. By now he didn’t stick inside me and I had a few seconds for myself. Then he started. Softly Claude moved forward and I felt his glans on my rosette. Viscerally I wanted to cramp but I tried to stay calm. The rim job didn’t miss its purpose so his dick slowly slid into my anus, widening this small gap. A completely new feeling which many people would call odd or even disgusting, and so did I in the first moment when this cock slowly moved forward. I closed my eyes to concentrate on this new feeling what surely hurt a bit but it was not as painful as hell what other women asserted (by the way, I learned women who say that mostly never had anal sex, how pitiful). And then I felt Claude’s balls on my butt cheeks and his hips on mine. He asked me if it’s fine. “Give me a sec, it feels so unfamiliar: “I answered with a shaky voice. It excited me more than I thought; my ass was even more than my pussy and seemed to be made for this kind of use, too. But it was something new, and wanted to give it a try, so I nodded and relaxed a bit more. Nothing could have prepared me to what then happened even a bit. When he pulled his shaft out of my butt it seemed all my nerves were activated. I tore my eyes open and I even wasn’t able to groan because of this feel. It was not the same as on the toilet, it was something unique feeling so good I couldn’t scream.
Claude slowly left my gut just to slide in again while he heavily groaned because my ass seems to be quite tight and I tried to suppress a loud, lustily scream and just to close my eyes and moaning together with him. If I would have screamed I was sure he would have stopped and that was the last thing I wanted. It felt as if I never had sex before and was overwhelmed by those feelings, my nerves were so sensitive it almost hurt and despite of that it was indescribable awesome when he accelerated and began to fuck my ass. It didn’t take even 5 minutes until I couldn’t hold me back any longer had became something like an orgasm. That surely surprised me; I never heard a woman could get an orgasm during anal sex. Anyway, all my muscles contracted and while crying I pressed against Claude one last time with all my remaining power before he thrust one last time himself and cummed inside my ass before he, exhausted as he was, stayed lying on me. We both gasped almost simultaneously: “Wow”.

2010 July 30
about 13:20pm
Claude slowly awoke from his more than refreshing sl**p. He felt fully satisfied but now felt as if was about to die of thirst and was hungry a bit. Tired he slowly got out of his bed, and did not check if Beatrice was already awake too. He was sure she would sl**p a bit longer after how he had done it with her, so he hastily donned his shorts and sneaked downstairs.
The sun already shined really bright through the large windows and in the moment he hardly reached the end of the stairs he suddenly saw Bea, spreading her legs on his Couch and seductively looking at him saying: “Ready for another round?” What!?!? That little girl wanted more – NOW? He was hungry and felt parched after he filled up her gut. There was no possibility for Sex right now and so he simply stammered: “Oh no, my dear, please, I’m thirsty and hungry…..I’m totally weary…. I …. I …..I have headache“. With this white lie he tried to save his neck but Bea remained adamant and replied with a mandatory face: “Forget it, I know this trick.”

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3 years ago
Loved it! Looking forward to more!
3 years ago
Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.
3 years ago
Your writting skills are quite above the average and just to picture you shedding some tears during your anal lesson, is enough to arouse me in such a way no words can describe it.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Mmmmmm damn that's hot...would love to give you a good rimming too:P
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Great story. As always it show a nice insight of how you feel before, during and after the sex. That is something I too like to know when I fuck.