My japanese Girlfriend

The Stories I’m writing here are absolutely true.

2009, November 30
About 11:30 pm

It’s always a good opportunity to meet new people when a friend throws a party – and if you want to get talking to groups easier it’s better if you already know several party guests. I’m glad that I roughly knew the host of today’s celebration, a young Japanese women we all simply named Kira because her true name was, like the one of many Asians, hard to say for a “westerner”. This young girl already looked a bit crazier than many others. Black, shoulder long hair with pink streaks and also her make up was glaring pink; she even used a pink lipstick and nail enamel. It should be added that she also exclusively wore pink clothes and had a special fetish for pink leather. Concerning her personality she was kind of a mixture between a hyperactive human and the known “Japanese-Schoolgirl” cliché.
To this moment I already knew her for half a year but I didn’t ever see her furious or in a bad mood, she always was in an extremely good temper. A strange human, but that’s exactly the reason why she suits well into my clique - and today is her birthday. She became sweet 19, but halfway still looked like a k**, something many Asian women have in common.

We currently were in her bedroom and removed the traces of her birthday party. Since she is a member of the “Lost Saints” motorcycle club as well it was easy to see that bikers celebrated here but beer cans lying around here and there and overstuffed ashtrays were the worst things to clear away. Her bedroom, totally equipped Japanese, fortunately looked as good as new when finished. She still wore her pink leather top and blue, washed-out, jeans, but no shoes anymore. I wore a white blouse and a grey skirt, together with beautiful high-heels on my feet – when going to a birthday I dress more elegant than normal even if she doesn’t put much value to this. Because I d***k a bit I wouldn’t drive my scooter to get home and since it’s quite a distance Kira provided me to stay with her this night. Good that I needn’t go to work the next day. There was only one problem, she only had one bed and as a good host she had to be polite and could never let me sl**p on the couch. So it was decided that we sl**p together in the bed. As for me it was not a big deal, and she didn’t have problems with that either, considering we were both bisexual and had the one or other adventures together.

After we exchanged some words we both felt extreme warmth. She stood right in front of me when she pressed her tender, pink lips onto mine, which alone almost felt like a little orgasm. As for kissing she undoubtedly played the passive part, Kira´s lip-activities weren’t roughly as demanding as mine when comparing the both of us. To make the kiss nicer I moistened my lips. We lustfully fondled our still clothed bodies, exploring the soft flesh which we will be allowed to see without cloth or leather very soon. Totally in passion I even raised my left leg and tried to press her closer to me. The warmth coming from her tender body rewarded my efforts and the feeling of her small, hard nipples pressing against mine simply was indescribable, but with my shoes it was hard work to keep balance. I rapidly got rid of this “annoyance”, but also took care that there wont be any interruptions in the kiss between Kira and me. After a few seconds I was barefoot, slowly lowered my left foot back to the ground, only to let my left hand f***e its way between her legs. I curiously felt the hard jeans, but noticed great warmth inside of it. The little foreplay surely didn’t miss its purpose.
Suddenly Kira turned me around, pressed her body onto my back and, with only one pull, ripped off my skirt so I stood there in my red thong. Right that moment she sent her hand to my pussy and inquisitively explored everything through the piece of cloth where she now noticed that the “prelude” left its marks on me too. My thong already was entirely wet between my legs.
That’s enough foreplay, at least for me.
I used the momentum to undress my blouse and also didn’t lose time to get rid off my underwear, and then I laid my head back a bit and murmured: “You may begin.” And so it was decided. Kira pushed me onto her bed so I sat right in front of her. Shortly after she kneeled before me and I saw that beautiful “pink” face of hers disappearing between my legs. I felt her puckering her lips and pressing through my labia as if she wanted to kiss my innermost. A moment later she withdrew her pink lips from the inside of me now slowly began with the tip of her tongue to slide through my slit. Kira had a distinctive licking-style. Very slow and tender she discovered my drenched cunt. For a short moment she looked at me with her brown eyes and said: “You taste really good.” This signalled me I simply could enjoy and leave the work to my friend. I propped myself up because I didn’t want to fall on my back and I really enjoyed watching this cute Japanese girl working on my pussy.

Kira stopped for a moment when she stripped off her leather-top and her jeans as far as she could, an absolute randy sight. She wore underwear in leopard look, what surprised me a bit because I expected to see the colour pink there, too. While she still was occupied with undressing I became impatient. I wanted more, immediately; so I simply stood up and dragged her, together with me, to the ground.
The floor was upholstered with some kind of mattress what made it more comfortable to lie on, but still I would prefer a bed. But now back to topic.
We rested on the ground; I embraced Kira’s head and pulled in my direction so I could press my lips onto hers again. She immediately responded and I tasted my own sweetish pussy-juice which still wetted her lips. During the kiss I felt Kira´s left hand slowly stroking over my big breasts, making its way down over my belly just that she was able to take care of my pussy again. A short while she rubbed in circling moves over my clit until she cancelled the kiss and whispered: “Sit on my face.” She needn’t say that twice. Right in the moment she finished her “request” I lifted myself a bit, swung my legs around her head and positioned so I could see into her eyes while she clutched my legs and began to continue her filthy work. Those beautiful fawn eyes innocently cute looked at me from bottom up while her tongue slipped greedy and wild through my gap as if it was a rare candy she sucks. At this treatment the only thing I could do was closing my eyes, moaning silent and listening to Kira´s contented munching. But now I wanted something to “eat” too just as my girlfriend, so I quickly turned around and instantly bowed forward, so my boobs pushed onto her slim tummy. Kira hardly realized my movements and was still licking me out – and now I intended to do the same to her. But at first I almost couldn’t believe what I saw right before me, she is shaved except for a little stripe over her little pussy, and those hairs also were DIED IN PINK!? What a crazy girl. Now I opened my mouth and thrust my tongue into her, by this time, lightly wet cunt and began to lick around her slight bitterly tasting pussy to get her wet enough for the grand finale. Always clockwise I licked around Kira´s pussy until I slowly pushed my tongue between her labia, what caused her to moan between thighs. As I tried to fuck that Japanese twat with my tongue she simply licked through my cunt in a very wild way.

“It’s time for the grand finale”. Satisfied I munched these words with her cunt on my lips, and she understood what was in my mind so we parted and began to rub our soaped twats against each other. Because of our horniness we already positioned like a mutual leg scissors and together harder and harder. Kira wasn’t the kind of girl who needed a sensitive finish so she grabbed my right thigh and squeezed our pussies really tight together. I clearly could feel how our labia kissed and mutually moistened with their mucus, but it only longed for some seconds. Wildly we almost fucked rubbing our cunts against each other when Kira was overwhelmed by her orgasm before me. She squealed like a little piglet trembled before she simply fell on the floor very exhausted. By that time it was really warm between my legs too, so I continued rubbing against Kira´s pussy for a little while. It didn’t take long until felt my orgasm approaching, so I hastily scrubbed me against Kira´s cunt till I finally felt this awesome shock, widening throughout my whole body and that hot feeling running through my pussy. When I came I cried out loud, trembled and did the same as my friend and fell down on the floor.
Exhausted I moved back a bit but made sure our pussies kept pressing hard against each other.

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3 years ago
Lesbian love is always special, and the pink pubes are a such a teasing detail.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story.

I have had the luck to witness a lesbian party with a Japanese woman. And it was as hot as you described it.
3 years ago
Lovely little colourful dirty details. Yummy ,-)P

Wonderfully written and beautiful story, Bea.
Please tell us more of your sexperiences.
3 years ago
Hot and dirty story. Japanese girls are so beautiful.
3 years ago
well that is a very nice story about your girl friend
3 years ago
Great! Keep up the good work