My first real time

Again – all my stories are absolutely true

2006 February, 22
about 11:40 am

Damn, I really hated sports when I was in school. Not that I don’t like sports in general, but considering I already had a quite big bosom when I was 16 it was really a pain when I had to jog or to make gymnastic exercises. If you can’t understand, just bind a pair of sand bags over your breast and try to jog properly. I think everyone can imagine the problem then. The best bra doesn’t help with that problem, my back starts to hurt and the breasts are bouncing wildly while running, but that’s not the biggest problem I had that time. Those suppliant looks of my schoolmates - the boys stared at me as if I was an extraterrestrial or an undiscovered a****l, while the girls only showed condemnation – this was what finished me of. A classmate of mine was blessed by god with small breasts, but instead of being grateful she really had complexes about that and even seemed to be jealous. Occasionally it happened to me that I was called a slut just because of my larger boobs, this already started when they started to grow in the past years, but it’s really typical, barely desirable the other girls start to pick on you. These circumstances made me develop a “fuck off attitude”. It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me. But now back to the real story.

The physical education just ended and I was winded and quite out of breath. My black Shirt literally adhered to skin and so did my sweatpants. A shower really would do it now, why I walked through this white-tiled room with exhibited pictures, certificates, photos of former classes and other stuff like that – virtually the athletic history of the schools former students. As for me, those things were so boring. Today I dragged myself along the left side of the corridor very exhausted and wanted to reach the girls locker room. Usually I was making a little fun of the boys by throwing their door open, just as they did to us when were in primary school. Now in higher age it’s a real fun for us girls, because lads became really sensible if you just open the door and simply look around a bit. Many of them flinched, covered with a towel and some of them even screamed that we shall get lost at once. Betweenwhiles it’s a nice joke, but today I simply was too tired.

Sometimes pupils were selected to stay a bit longer to clean up if we used equipment and today this duty was up to me and Yvonne, my best friend.
Small information concerning me: Back then I wasn’t that open minded in sexual things and my parents had their problems to explain these things to me.
It looked like that I was the last pupil left in the building. When I opened the door to the locker I was welcomed by that white-tiled room with its brown, wooden benches and to the left I already saw my brown backpack and light blue sports bag. Right that moment I noticed Yvonne in the corner undressing her shoes. She already saw me when I came in. “Ah, finally you’re ready, too” she “greeted” me while occupied with her shoelaces. She still wore her skin-tight leggings and a read Shirt with a yellow sun emblem on it. She had curly, dark brown hair which was long enough to reach her hips. As mentioned earlier I was very exhausted so I slumped onto the bench and groaned: “Yeah and I’m sweating like a pig.”
With my right forearm I wiped over my sweaty forehead before I began to undress my black sneakers while Yvonne already took off her shirt and sat there with only her red bra on her upper body. She always had a beautiful body, and her apple-sized, pointy breasts looked really nice, okay, she wasn’t able to keep up to my “melons”, but she always was happy with her body. “Will you take a shower, too?” she asked, what I affirmed very fast. I couldn’t take off my clothes that fast as her, but I had to kill some time because physical education was my last hour this day and my bus won’t arrive before 12:15 at the station.

Shortly after, I left my clothing and my glasses in the locker room because there was no one in the building left who could steal something, I entered the shower. For a moment I let the warm water flow over my head and after that I raised my arms to stroke my blonde hair back. Doing this my skin strained and my breasts were hoisted in the manner of speaking, this picture had its effect because Yvonne grinned and mentioned: “Those must feel great do it to yourself.” I wasn’t that surprised about her comment, it’s not easy to ignore my breasts, and besides, she is right, they are quite sensitive, but I didn’t ever “use” them when I masturbate. That time I didn’t even know that women could get an orgasm if only caressing the boobs. That’s why I answered: “I don’t know, I only use my pussy to get satisfied.” Saying this I took a good look of her body. Unlike me, she left a stripe in her genital area. That was definitely nothing for me; I never could stand hair down there, but beside of this her slim body with its long legs looked awesome. “Really? Then I have to give it a try.” Hearing that she replied: “I can show you if you want.”
Masturbate in front of Yvonne? Nothing special considering all the things we’ve already done together and our open relationship to each other, and we had plenty of time left. That’s why I didn’t spent much time to think about it before I agreed with her offer. A few seconds passed in which I only felt the hot water all over my body, when Yvonne fully turned over to me and interrupted me with a little smile in her face.

“Sit down and spread your legs a bit, just right that.”
Saying this she prostrated, braced with her left hand and finally sat down before me. The water was flowing right over her head and made its way right over her beautiful, slim body. She bent her knees while spreading her legs a bit so I had a good view on her exposed pussy. Because of the water it was already shining and Yvonne probably was a bit horny that moment. Seeing her naturally had its effects on me as my pussy started to tingle, a signal that she wants to get stroked, but I had to resist. So I got down on my knees and sat down, the same way Yvonne showed me, towards her. She also looked at my nice looking, bare skin. She especially fell for my boobs which instantly bounced back and forth very delicious with every of my movements.

“Take your breasts and fondle them very soft.”
I was a bit disappointed because Yvonne did not make the first step and showed me what to do. It would have been a great pleasure to watch her indulging her small boobs, but at least I knew my little show would make her extremely horny. So I raised my hands and slowly placed them to the bottom of my plump breasts. It gave me the creeps extremely sudden when my palms touched my tits. Tenderly I stroked all over my breasts, spreading the water on those fleshy mountains, until I reached the top. In the moment my fingertips touched my nipples they hardened within a moment and I even moaned a bit. My nipples pressed against my fingers as I realized my pussy getting warmer and warmer.

“Good, now play with your teats a bit.”
I already longed to touch my cunt to relief myself but I managed to suppress this desire and did what she wanted me to. Simultaneously I touched both of my wet, hard nipples which caused a real wave of excitement streaming throughout my whole body. As if it was in slow motion, I let my fingers circle around my teats which indulged despite hardship. I simply had to open my mouth and to breathe heavier - unbelievable, how was it possible that I ever miss this feel - my pussy excluded more and more liquid, and I wanted more. So I took my nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and carefully squeezed them and right this moment I felt a real shock running through my body, making me moan again, just a bit louder than before. As if in trance I now twisted my nipples and now got real loud. Yvonne stared at my tits with large eyes while her hands already covered her pussy and she played with herself.

“And now show me what you’ve learned, bring yourself to orgasm”
Finally redemption, it won’t take long till I’m finished. I let my right hand; barely playing with my right nipple, glide down my cunt. Using my fore- and middle finger I spread my, meanwhile, dripping wet labia and exposed the pink flesh. My pointer now began to rub my clit and finally I was allowed to feel the heat streaming through my body and piling up. I grabbed my breasts with my right hand and started to massage them – it’s a totally novel feeling now that I freed my boobs from sexual abstinence. With one hand tenderly squeezing my tits and the other hand indulging my clit my lustful cries became really loud and even drowned out Yvonne’s groaning who treated her soaked pussy with her small fingers so hard that she became a bright red face. How disappointing that she gave me advise and did not heed her small, pointy tits, but this moment I didn’t care. The heat inside me increased steadily and I felt the initiation of an orgasm.
For the grand final I squeezed my right tit a bit sturdier and rubbed hard over my pink button when this unbelievable randy feeling emerged within my body. A great eruption which shook through my pussy and spread into my whole belly made me scream silently. Shortly after Yvonne groaned loud too as she threw her head into her neck what caused her beautiful brown hair to whirl through the air and they also looked like living snakes.
As if my orgasm had cost all remaining power I simply fell backwards onto the cold tiles, letting the hot water, which felt enjoyable cooling by now, flow over my naughty body.

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1 year ago
great story i like your writing style
3 years ago
Loved this. Sorry I missed it for so long. For myriad reasons, this phrase tickles me no end: "...freed my boobs from sexual abstinence."
3 years ago
Mmmmm very sexy, loved it baby
3 years ago
Beautiful story
3 years ago
i loved this story and its even better cause its true all my stories are also completely true check em out and tell me what ya think
3 years ago
awesome writing
3 years ago
Wonderful tale of cold tiles and hot streams.
As beautiful as the the breasts of Bea are big.
3 years ago
great story