Make a promise, keep a promise

A promise is a promise

The story I’m telling is absolutely true
This Story is translated, so please excuse bad english.

2010 July, 17
About 10am

I remember exactly what happened on that day. It was quite warm although it was in the morning .To be honest, it was a searing heat in my hometown. We who live in the Ruhr-area have Sunshine too though it is below the sea level. A fact even many Germans from afar don’t realize. Despite it was just 10am a fiery heat already has spread what made me wake up really early this Saturday. Normally I sl**p like a log on weekends but this a****l heat simply doesn’t let me stay in bed any longer. That’s why went to the nearby bakery with only white, light blue low cut jeans and a white blouse, as well as white underwear beneath. If it was my really my own decision I would have dropped the underwear but concerning my big boobs it would be the same as if I go naked.
Alright, I am really proud of my body but it’s annoying to be gaped – or even worse - by men or boys, and really, who wants to be treated like that all the time.

A little hint for you guys: big breasts do have their disadvantages – but back to topic.

I almost reached the bakery when I noticed a black colored “Harley Davidson Iron 883”. I know this vehicle only because I knew the owner for a while now. This bike caused me to hurry to the shop entrance and already saw my good friend, wearing his dark blue jeans, black shoes and his biker jacket, showing a playing card with a white cross within and the inscription “The Lost Saints MC” on the back - a typical club symbol. “Hey Claude” I greeted the young man which made him turn around at once and, when he saw who talked to him he smiled at me and said hello, too. Claude was given an English name despite he is a typical German, about 5ft9in – which means a bit taller than me – and brown hair which he parts to the side. He has blue eyes with a tinge of green and a small mouth, but with thick lips. All things considered he looked like a 15 year old teenager, not like the 19 year old biker he really is, his appearance isn’t the one of a typical biker as well. He wasn’t well trained but had a sturdy constitution and a small potbelly, because he likes good food too much for abandoning it just to get a muscular body. He also cannot stand beards. I owned him one since he helped me to get rid of an idiot who m*****ed me, and I would do him any favor he wants me to do.
Back then he simply knocked that guy down when he attacked me after I gave him a rejection. Following this he threw him out of the building and warned him never to get rough to any girl ever again if he wants his bones to remain unharmed. After that incident we became quite good friends.

After buying the buns I invited Claude to my place for breakfast and shortly after we sat at the table talking about how we got to know each other. Right at that moment I reminded that I’ve never paid my debt in a right way although I promised him to do. He never intended me to do anything as a reward but I insisted on a proper payment. Seeing me this adamant, he stayed calm considering something I would never do that I already give up my plan.
Finally he smiled at me very filthy saying: “How about eating a bun with my spunk on it?”
He kept his dirty smile because he was sure that I would do a drawback. Well, I knew him for almost 2 years now, so I simply put up a defiant smile and answered: “If you would give me a hand and lend me your sperm?” His grin disappeared almost at an instant and his expression became very surprised, he surely didn’t expect that kind of answer. “Are you going to help me now?” “Come on, I’m even willing to help you get it out”. He kept on watching like a total fool and asked me if was just messing around. Now was my turn to chuckle: “Nope, I’m doing it. Promise!”
He continued staring that way but grew more courageous because the stood up and slowly got closer to me, this really looked kind of sweet but to speedup the whole thing I grabbed his belt and dragged him to my side. After doing this I hastily opened his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and, together with his underwear, literally ripped them off a bit to set his cock free and it already nearly sprang out.
It was a nice cock, a bit small and thin perhaps, but sufficient to have a nice time with it. Probably it’s an average dick and it only seems to me that small because my last boyfriend had a really big one. “Is it too small?” he interrupted my thoughts by asking very shy. This almost made me laughing heartily but I managed to suppress it. “No, you have a really nice dick.”

Why the hell do men always have complexes about how they are “equipped”? Watching too many porn or what are you doing. Honestly, I had great problems with the large shaft of my “man” in the past. Sex already hurt because I’m built very tight and I can’t even give him a proper blowjob. That’s why I like normal hung guys, as bonus such boys take more pains to please a woman. At least that’s my experience. That as a remark by me, but now back to the story.

I slowly grabbed after his very hard dick – the foreskin was a bit secluded and the he already had drops of precum on his dick. It smelled very masculine but I could also sense the scent of soap – there really is nothing worse than inferior cleanness in that area!
Now I searched a good hold on his stiff cock with my right hand, which must have felt like a little massage for him concerning his moaning. When I found my grip I finally drew back his foreskin skillfully and began wanking his shaft slow and soft while his breathe became heavier after a short time. Okay, nothing against a little jerking-session, but I simply couldn’t resist to get a taste of his precum, it was too seductive, so I opened my mouth and slowly inserted his cocks “head” in it. He looked into my eyes very astounded while he was gasping. Now I closed my mouth, softly pressed my lips against the inserted part, sucked on it and pulled it out with a smacking sound when I set him free again.

I began to play with my captured good by using my tongue at once. Incredible, Claude really is blessed with a delicious juice. “I’m Cumming any moment” he moaned to me. How disappointing, I was hoping to spoil him a bit longer, but today he seemed to be horny since he went out of his bed. But I wanted to grant him a little more pleasure before it comes to an end, so I hastily unhanded his dick so that he doesn’t shoot out his cum before I want him to.
I opened the top buttons of my blouse so he could see deep right into my décolletage. His breath became even faster when he got the chance to see my two “meat-mountains”.

With my left hand I took a half bun that moment and placed it right on my boobs which were still packaged in my white bra. My nipples were already really hard and pressed against the cloth so that you could see them clearly. My big titties held the bun perfectly so that I was able to use my both hands to grab his dick this time. I aimed with his cock for the target on between my breasts while I slowly began with a massage. I licked my lips in anticipation when I saw fresh precum streaming out of his dick. Seeing this caused me to start jerking him off with both hands.
I moved my hands forward and back fast and already saw his dick start drooling and a drop fell down, too bad that this one didn’t hit the targeted bun but close by on my large, left, breast. But now I had reached the limit, Claude groaned silently and I could feel as his spunk made its way through his shaft. About half a second later the first, long, splash was spit out and, after flying a short distance through the air and didn’t hit the tender skin of my tits as “it” seems to hope, therefore my aiming was too good. And so a white thread decked my bun and his cock released more volleys. He must have been really horny that day because he released 4 more thick loads coating the predetermined target while he continued moaning and watched the “show”. I think I was lucky because my hands stayed clean the whole time. After his cock began to calm down I released him from my grip and took the jizz-creamed bun. The mortadella which was on it all the time seemed to be white instead of pink.
Claude gasped exhausted but his eyes were still wide open when he saw me taking the roll close to my lips and opening my mouth. I bit off a good piece of the former “target” and instantly had the taste of the sausage and Claude’s thick cum in my mouth, a real delightful combination. While chewing it I was enjoying this luscious taste in my mouth. After swallowing this delicious morsel I smiled at him and simply said, “I keep my promises”, and got my bun in position to take the next mouthful.

Special thanks to insanity84 for translating my original story.
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3 years ago
Great story. And yes, you have to keep promises. I bet you'll make another promise soon.
3 years ago
sweet & very good
3 years ago
Bea baby, your story is hot and horny.
I wonder, untranslated, even hotter?
3 years ago
great story....i wished it was me...of course
3 years ago

I enjoyed this very much. As one incapable of mastering another spoken language, I'm always charmed when those who can are apologetic for skills beyond me! The best I can do in German is BMW!

3 years ago
Mmmm such a naughty girl;)
3 years ago
great story, i think i need to run to the bakery