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2010, August 31
About 9:25 pm

This story is a rough prologue to
A dominate goth
Vengeance is sweet

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Despite is was the last day of august the temperatures once again shot up. I don't know the exact temperatures by today, but it was so hot that every sunbeam hurts. Therefore I was extremely eased it already had cooled down a bit due to the daytime. The sun already had sunk and a brisk wind blew. From all this I didn't realize anything. I was inside the club house of the "Lost Saints", a motorcycle club in which I made some friendships - especially with Claude, the vice president and my friend with benefits. And together with him I sat on a Couch. It was strange, usually there always were some people in the entry area but today there was almost nobody. The familiar heavy metal sounded out of the speakers and behind the bar stood my best friend Kira, a small, petite Asian girl who was a bit hyperactive and had an addiction to the colour pink. Make up, lipstick, her clothes, almost everything was pink. Even inside her black hair were some pink streaks. All this made her an enormous eye catch which almost hurt ones eyes. Due to one or another sexual adventure with her I knew the even dyed her pubic hair pink. Today she once again wore clothes of that loud colour. Her lower body was robed inside a leather pants which ended short below her knees, her shoes were ordinary trainers coloured white and pink, her shirt was a white belly top which was so tight it showed her small pointy breasts. Over the shirt she wore a pink leather jacket which's sleeves ended, apposite to her pants, short below her elbows.
Today here movements extremely limited, she cosily sat on a stool behind the bar and tried build a house of cards with her swift fingers. But because of her swiftness it almost every time collapsed after just a few cards. As mentioned I sat in a black cosy lounge with Claude, in front of us was an ordinary wooden table with two glasses and a bottle on it. In this unlabeled bottle was a light brown liquid which probably consisted of 99% alcohol and the rest must have been air.
Now I had the chance to find it out. Claude grinned when he gave me a glass and said: "Swallow it instantly for your good". Unbelieving I took that self made hooch in my right hand - admittedly I already had heard that self brewed stuff is significantly stronger and I too don't have the highest alcohol tolerance compared to the average. But could alcohol really be so strong that you have to swallow it instantly? There was only one way to find out, but to be sure I really wanted to shift that stuff as fast as possible. Genteelly Claude showed me how to do it, put the glass to his lips, cocked his head and in just one second all the alcohol had vanished and literally was on its way to his stomach.
It was not much alcohol and there I thought was my chance. I wanted to show that I was able to drink more than just one glass without getting totally d***k. A bit nervous I put the vessel to my pink lips and darted a glance at Claude with my green eyes. That guy already chuckled. I decided to finish it quickly and within a heartbeat the alcohol had vanished. It took about a second until the all consequences arrived much to fast. Holy cow, the punishment followed swiftly.

Instantly I felt bl**d flowing to my face and an unbelievable heat spreading from my throat. Not even a second later there was a searing pain. Hastily my face turned red and formed a disgusted expression. Almost crying I pumped in cold air through my mouth while Claude's grinning turned into a loud laughing. He clearly laughed didn't even try to suppress it but I wasn't really angry at him because his laughs made me laugh too, as far as it was possible for me in this state. "You asshole": I said to him and poked him deeper inside his corner of the couch. He didn't even defend himself. It seemed my reaction to that booze was so funny that he was absolutely defenceless now. I turned my eyes to Kira and even she grinned behind the bar with her cute Japanese face. That little woman really all rights to laugh because she really had the highest tolerance to alcohol of all the people I know. Okay, I already met saw her tipsy, but never d***k. Perhaps she would be after the whole bottle of that hooch.

Claude and I sat there for some other minutes. In the meantime Kira had joined us sat on a stool by our table. Ultimately she was working there and had to stand up if someone came. However there only were three other bikers, a bit older guys who sat next to the bar and talked while drinking their beer. I didn't knew them but they seemed to be that kind of guys who had wife and k**s and used their free time to ride their bikes and meet with friends. Apart from them nothing was going on. As for myself I felt as if I was knocked down by a truck after I d***k that fire-water. In the meantime Kira, Claude and I talked about any number of things. I already had thoughts to go home despite I had a day off the next day but I was sl**py and longed for a hot shower and my bed. Just a moment before I was able to mention my plan I heard an arriving motorcycle. I wasn't that familiar with bikes but was able to tell a chopper from a racing motorbike. I already wanted to drop my that thought when I realised Claude wiped his face with both hands in frustration and got an annoyed expression. I knew that mood quite well and there was only one person who was able to make him so upset. Isabella, a goth who always casted an eye especially on me. She was Claude´s ex-girlfriend and seemed to see some kind of rival in me although Claude and I weren´t a real couple. But it seemed to be a thorn in her flesh. It really was kind of strange she still clung to my friend with benefits because she had a murderous body. She is tall, slim, had gorgeous legs, inviting hips and breasts which are even larger than mine. A real dream for so many. She shouldn´t had any problems to find a new boyfriend. Still calm Claude d***k another glass of booze. He seemed to think I would help him to relax. But then I heard the club house´s door opened. A moment later the echoes from hard boots on the ground the movement for skin-tight leather could be heard. And then the last door opened. In the meantime the few people inside the room became attentive but the eyes of the guys only became bigger when the expected person came in. Claude must have recognized her as early as he heard her bike.
Impressive, she really was the mistress of darkness herself. Her appearance always was unique. Right before I was even able to look at her one of the guy´s whistled at her. I had to agree with him. Isabella was the manifested sin. She hair was shoulder long, pitch-black and she had almost unhealthy looking pale skin. She had black make up which highlighted her dark blue eyes and black lipstick which played around her lips. I knew she painted her finger and toenails black too. She was a goth all through. But today her something different than her usual black clothes. She still wore black boots with broad heels, fingerless black gloves and dark sunglasses on her nose but on her sinful built body the wore a leather suit. Yellow with black stripes which just looked too familiar to me. It looked like the suit Uma Thurman wore in Kill Bill. The difference was the ample body of Claude´s ex filled out the suit much better. Even on the first watch you could see the suit was very tight but with her marvellous physique she really could wear it. When she witnessed the whistles she grinned cheeky.

She wasn´t in the room for too long and didn´t drink anything too; but that wasn´t very surprising because according to Claude she couldn´t hold much alcohol and that´s why she doesn´t consume it. Right in that moment I had similar plans. I definitely won´t drink another glass of this stuff. Instead I wanted to go to the toilet and then home to my bed. With quite wobbly legs I strolled to the toilet and pushed the door handle but instead of granting me entry to the bathroom the door didn´t move even a bit. I was a bit frightened for a moment and shook that mechanism a bit but there was no sound or noticeable movement what indicates that the door would open. "Hey, is anybody in there?" I called through the door.
Before I was able to ask anyone else if he has another key for the room I heard a silent voice with a slight accent coming out the locked door. "Piss off": a women inside snapped at me in English through the wooden door. I knew only too well who the only woman in the club was who didn´t speak German perfectly and let out some English phrases from time to time. That god damn gothic now even spoiled my way to the toilet. Slight upset knocked again, stronger, on the massive door and shouted: "Open the door Isabella, I have to pee!" Of course I didn´t use my full voice because not everyone should realise I am practically excluded from such an important room. Seconds elapsed but nothing happened. I neither heard her voice nor steps on the other side. Did that little bitch want to make fun of me? At first she snarled I shall go away and now she acted as if I don´t even exist? Good, if she didn´t adhere to the rules there was no reason why I should.

Swiftly I had left the house. I already knew the building a bit an knew about the small window in the bathroom. It was small and latticed but at least I was able to see why Isabella had locked the door. She never had any problems to paw me from one second to another so she probably wouldn´t be that uptight in something natural as going to toilet and to make things worse, this was the only ladies´ toilet in the building. It was old and over all it was sordid. I heard there were plans to renovate it because many of the women complained about it but right that moment I didn´t really care of it. Spryly I surrounded the building and entered the backyard. In that case I was lucky the club house was at the bottom of the road. There was practically only forest or the road next to the building. No other houses and therefore no annoying neighbour who could watch what I was doing there. Smoothly my feet toddled forward over the dark tarmac. I passed a big garbage bin to my left until I finally could see the small window. Silently I toddled further until I could sit down before that little basement window. But what I saw didn´t really make any special sense.

Isabella almost stood below the window which now granted me a view inside the ruinous bathroom and on the first view I could have sworn she only stretched herself but that wasn´t it at all. She posed for herself. She only looked at her well-built body inside the totally shattered mirror. Well, in some way she did it for me too. Right that second I almost had forgotten why I initially had come there. I was too fascinated from her silly performance. Didn´t she had a mirror at home? But after a while it became different. Almost fitfully she took off her sunglasses, laid them to the ground and then used her hands to stroke her slim hips. Slowly her right hand stayed on her side while her left hand slid over her thigh. She would never do this all day. I would wait some other seconds and talk to her in the right moment to scare her. But before I was even able to handle this thought something different happened. I clearly saw her unclothing her black gloves and her thick boots together with her socks so she stood there barefoot. What was she up to?

I wore a white miniskirt with blue jogging shoes, so I didn´t have big problems to sit behind the window. But in the meantime my legs began to rebel against my will because they had to bear my whole weight. Nevertheless I ignored that light pain and bolstered my chin carefully on my bare knees. I felt my own skin. Skilfully I stood on my tiptoes and waited for the right moment. But then, instead of a simple embarrassing moment something different happened. My eyes got larger instantly and I tried to keep calm even if the pain in my muscles grew and the feeling of my ample breasts pressing against my knees wasn´t that comfortable too. My pupils followed every single movements of the goth. Almost carefully she unbuttoned small part of her suit what seemed to be some kind of belt. But would she really go that far? She surprised me again and again. I clearly heard the buzzing of her zipper when she practically opened it from her cleavage until short above her bikini area. Even from my position is saw her gigantic udders will soon look for a way to get outside. Instead of examining herself she slipped out of the tight yellow leather suit and revealed her almost perfect body fully naked but in her underwear. Her bra already was a small top which was held where it belongs just some thin threads. Down below she wore an ordinary slip. By now my thoughts about the toilet had already vanished und I fully concentrated on the scene right before my eyes. With smooth moves the pale woman went some steps forward giving me time to watch her nice butt inside the tight piece of cloth and her beautiful back. Isabella stopped about one step before she reached the broken mirror. For a moment I thought about addressing her but she continued her show for me. Her black painted fingernails stroked carefully downwards, starting from her slim neck. I almost could feel her tender white skin, how her fingers laid down on her gigantic breasts. Her rosy nipples could clearly be seem through and I watched her massaging her own meat. Greedy but reserved she slid over those tits which were covered only by a bra. Silently I heard her accelerated breathing. She definitely would not keep posing, she was about to start masturbating!

Silent I turned left into the shadow. The light out of the basement shined at me before but now I sat in a shady corner. If I kept where I was she instantly would have seen me if she only watched in my direction. Nervously I sat down, this time on my butt because it would be a nightmare to sit on my knees all the time and the ground was relatively clean.
So I sat invisible in the shadows and watched Isabella with large eyes. For any reason she fascinated me the most out of all female club members. When we first met she was relative friendly until literally pawed me. It was not her personality, which I would change a lot, but it was her body what almost attracted me. Her pale skin, well build tight legs, inviting hips, her striking pubic hair and, of course, her gigantic breasts.
I never had thoughts I was an unattractive woman. Okay, I didn´t spend hours in front of a mirror to find flaws. I simply was a young beautiful woman and knew it, but compared to her almost felt unfeminine. Everything on that bitch exuded some kind of attraction and an enormous femininity. If she only could learn to act more civilized when she´s with me; she probably would be a perfect friend with benefits.
But that way my sexual adventures with her always had a strange flavour.

Only now I saw the wore a small pendant. It looked like some kind of a cross pattée. She too wore it when we first met. For a moment I held my breath when the English woman hastily turned around, began to move to a small stool on her small feet and sat down on it. Now she didn´t loose much time. I clearly saw her right hand meddling with her panty but she only stroked over her pussy with her long fingers. I even almost saw her middle finger opening her labia. With pleasure and slow her fingertips circulated over her womanhood and very silently I heard her breathing accelerating slow but steady. In the meantime her must be so horny that her pussy must produce much juice. Her panty surely must be soaked too. Her breathing became louder seemed to become faster by every second. Almost carefully she spread her legs a bit more to get better entry to her own womanhood.

With large eyes followed every of her moves when her hand released her panty and started to meddle with her back. This was the deciding moment because shortly after her bra simply fell down and released her large breasts. Those big udders which even surpassed mine. Round, smooth mountains with those large pink nipples. I just saw her black painted fingernails sliding over her own meat. She stroked her large tits top down and every time one of her fingers slid over a nipple it firmly bounced back between them. In the meantime I hardly was able to keep my hands off myself. Heat got through my boy and my thighs heavily rubbed against each inside my short skirt. But right now I couldn´t risk to touch myself. I was too charmed from the picture and every experienced voyeur knows it is hard to run away with lowered panty.

Her right hand now slid down over her flat tummy, stroking her white skin until her fingers reached her pussy again. She lifted her head but had her eyes closed when her pointer carefully touched her wet clit. Her other hand rested on her thigh and stroked it. Spellbound my eyes fixed her face. The faster her fingers moved the deeper and faster her breathing became and the more conspicuous her lustful moaning which came between her black lips. The soft trembling of her whole body, every little move and every breath let her heavy breasts wiggle. I really wanted to give up my cover and talked to her - she was naked, there wouldn´t be any better moment - but I wanted to wait further. I thought it would be perfect if surprise her after her orgasm.

Her hand stroked increasingly stronger and faster over her pussy while her soft moans became more intensive and the smacking of wet lips could even be heard from my position. Her left hand slid with firm pressure upward to her breasts. Instantly and much too fierce she seemed to pinch her left nipple. I clearly saw her clenching her teeth but the movements of her over hand became faster and faster. Those pains must really turn her on because it seemed she pinched her nipple stronger and stronger and she now bit her black lips too. From time to time a quiet moan found its way out of her throat while she seemed to get closer to her orgasm. I wasn´t mad at her, you could not take too much time in such a situation. Her muscles contracted more and more, I saw that especially on her nice legs which were despite of being tight impressively strong. Her thighs and calves tensed up just as her lower body and her jaw when she began to pull on her right breast with its nipple and to twist it. Just for a second a silent scream was coming out of her mouth until she fell to the ground from her stool totally drained. It seemed the surrounding world was meaningless to her and she was completely imprisoned by her own lust. Thanks to her black Make Up I always saw when she opened her eyes, but they were tightly closed. The stool still rattled behind her when her butt landed on the bare ground but Isabella wasn´t annoyed by that at all. Hastily she let off her tit and used the hand to fairly hold the balance. With wide spread legs her fingers scrabbled inside her small cunt and so gave her never ending pleasures. The way her chest moved faster and faster and, this way letting her tits wobbling back and forth. Then only mouth opened and just a moan left her lips. I just saw her muscles contracting and then I noticed her lower body was twitching softly. Uncontrolled her butt and her labia jerked a few times, pointed at her orgasm until she drew her right hand away from her cunt. I caught a small view of womanhood and the amount of mucus she had produced. Her breath slowly normalised but she didn´t dare to move or to touch herself. She simply enjoyed that little moment her lust faded away.

In the meantime I knew I had to masturbate myself when came home. I felt heat had amassed between my legs. I already had forgotten I had to pee and right that moment I didn´t really matter. The show was over and I only wanted to get home. When I decided to stand up and wanted to let that sinful goth off the hook for that evening I saw her getting on her feet. At last she beat a her thighs and her luscious butt a few times to remove the dirt from her sweaty skin when she suddenly lifted her eyes watched at me directly.

"Fuck": This got into my mind instantly.

"Hey sweetie, now you can use the bathroom": she murmured to me while she lifted her hand as if she wanted to say hello. Now I realized she knew I was there all the time watching her; and now she humbled me with her own orgasm, using my own strategy against me. I didn´t lose any time, stood up as fast as I could and ran away. Right that moment I really didn´t wanted to go inside again and meet her. This woman simply seemed to have all trumps against me.

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2 years ago
good story! i could almost see it in front of my eyes, very hot!
2 years ago