Becca's MMF

This story is a work of fiction, written for Redneckwoman

Becca and I had been seeing each other for several months and had enjoyed a lot of sexual adventures together. Becca is a big girl. Big all over – just the way I like my women! She is also very submissive – another admirable trait in my women. She is quite a bit younger than me but we had not noticed that was an issue – we got along VERY well indeed.
When we weren’t having sex in risky, exciting places or doing something quite kinky, we would share our fantasies and get off imagining we were fulfilling them. After a while we found we were running out of fantasies though. The one that kept coming up was the idea of having a threesome (mmf) and fucking her in all her hot, wet holes.

I made the decision to make that fantasy come true and I told her so but I also told her that she wouldn’t know when it was going to happen.

The toughest part for me was to find the right partner to join us. I considered some of the guys that I worked with but none of them quite fit our needs (in truth – I wasn’t comfortable sharing Becca with them). Not that I am against sharing her, but I am a little choosy about who gets to enjoy her wonderous talents.

I also considered a total stranger (that had entered the fantasy more than a few times) but I worry about diseases and such (I insist on bareback with my baby).

One evening my son dropped by to visit me when I was home alone. He’s a 41 year-old with a great body, girls say he is gorgeous. I knew him to be a very naughty individual – I had seen some of his homemade porn clips. His cock was bigger than mine: longer & thicker. Actually he has a beautiful cock.

We got talking about sex and it dawned on me that he might be the ideal choice for Becca and I. I wasn’t attracted to him sexually but that was okay – this wasn’t about me, it was about Becca and giving her what she wanted. I wasn’t aware of any bi-leanings in my son (Dave) but I did know that he was very open where sex is concerned.

I began to steer the conversation towards sex between Becca and I. He seemed interested – not put off by thinking about his dad fucking. He also expressed admiration for Becca’s body (they had met a few times so he knew what she looks like).

I finally told her that she wanted a threesome and that I was working out how to make that happen for her. He smiled. I bit the bullet and asked; “Are you interested?”

He leaned back and looked at me seriously and thought about that for a few minutes. I began to be concerned that I had gone too far in inviting him. But after considering the idea for a few minutes he nodded his head in the affirmative, smiling at me.

I sighed in relief. “Okay, I’ll let you know when. I’ll make it happen – you just need to show up with a hardon and an open mind, okay?”

He agreed and told me that he hoped that it wouldn’t be too long a wait – he was eager for this to happen!

Two weeks later I thought I was ready. I arranged for Becca to visit after work on Friday night. I instructed her to douche her pussy and ass before coming over and gave her suggestions for supper.

She arrived on time, carrying a bag of groceries to supplement what I had in my kitchen. As usual, she stripped naked then put on her long apron – I like her to be mostly naked when she’s cooking for me. After she had been working on supper for a few minutes I mentioned to her that Dave would be coming over to join us.

She stopped what she was doing and stared at me. “But I’m naked!” she complained.

“Of course you’re naked; you are a slut; sluts should be naked.” That seemed completely reasonable to me.

“Well fuck!” she complained. “I’ll have to get dressed before he arrives, when will he be here?”

His timing was perfect – we heard his knock on the door before I could answer her.

“Fuck!” cried Becca. She moved to go around me to the bedroom where she could get dressed.

“Unh uh, baby. You are fine just the way you are. Just be a good little slut and remember who is in charge here, okay?”

She looked into my eyes. I could see fear and shame in her look. In a moment that turned to trust and resignation. “Okay baby, I’m scared, but okay – I’ll do anything for you” she mumbled.

I kissed her, pinched her fat ass and walked to the apartment door. Dave entered when I opened it. Becca had disappeared into the kitchen again – hiding, I suppose.

Dave and I sat in the living room and chatted about mundane things. He threw me a couple of questioning looks and I smiled and nodded to show him that things were fine.

We must have chatted for about 15 minutes when I called Becca to come out and say hi to Dave. She didn’t come out immediately but finally stuck her head around the corner, waved and said “Hi Dave!”

I chuckled quietly then said, “Come here baby, don’t be anti-social.
She paused for a few seconds then slowly walked into the living room holding her apron against her, trying not to show more than she had to. She stood beside me facing Dave – her hips and the sides of her tits were visible but otherwise she wasn’t showing very much at all. Becca hung her head, avoiding Dave’s eyes. He, on the other hand, was ogling her hungrily.

I reached up and ran my hand over her naked ass. She made a move to slap my hand away but caught herself before she followed through, finally just standing there, letting me feel her up in front of my son. I grabbed the edge of her apron and tugged a bit to get her to move in front of me, which she did, still facing Dave head-on.

I reached between her thighs, cupping her pussy lightly with my hand. I knew she was uncomfortable but I also knew that she would appreciate this in the end. With a little pressure on her inner thighs I coaxed her into spreading her legs a little. I slid a finger into her pussy. She wasn’t very wet yet but god she felt so good! I began to finger-fuck her slowly while Dave made small-talk with her. Soon enough my ministrations got her juices flowing a little.

Looking up, I could see that she was blushing furiously. And I think that Dave could see movement at the front of Becca’s apron. “C’mere, baby,” I said softly.

Becca turned her head and looked down on me, a questioning look on her face.

I ran my hand up and down my cock, clearly straining against my jeans. “This thing needs your attention, now.”

If she was blushing before, she was on fire now. Her face was beet red. She shook her head ‘no’ quickly, a look of fear on her red face.

I nodded ‘yes’ and motioned her down with my crooked finger.

After hesitating for a few seconds more, she turned and knelt down in front of me, whispering, “what are you doing?”

I whispered back, “getting you fucked by two horny me, do you have a problem with that?”

She stared at me, processing what I had just told her. Finally a light sparkled in her eyes, she smiled and reached for my zipper. I also noticed that she spread her knees apart on the carpet. Dave sat quietly watching.

Becca opened my jeans, fumbled with my shorts and pulled my hard cock into view. Without hesitation she then plunged her head down, enveloping my cock in her hot, wet mouth. Immediately she was bobbing up and down on my cock as though she was starved for it!

Did I mention that Becca is an awesome cocksucker? I wasn’t going to be able to let her work on my dick for long, else I’d cum and that would ruin my plans for the evening. Across the room I could see Dave was rubbing his own cock through his jeans. I put my hand on Becca’s forehead to get her to stop for a moment and told her, “a good slut entertains her guests; I think you better go over and say hello to Dave now, baby.”

She smiled up at me, slurped my cock one last time then got to her feet.

Becca walked slowly across the room to Dave, sitting on the couch. I knew that she was excited yet apprehensive. Still – she stood in front of him, watching him lightly touch himself through his jeans.

I think she mumbled, “let me help you with that,” as she lowered herself to her knees again and reached for his zipper.

Dave moaned a little as Becca dragged his engorged dick from his jeans and lowered her mouth onto him, kissing the head, teasing it with her tongue, then sliding it into her mouth.

Again her head was bobbing up and down in seconds. Becca does love to suck cock! I watched in contentment as she pleasured my son, reviewing in my mind what was to come.

Dave knew enough to stop Becca when he found himself getting too excited. He didn’t want to waste the evening either. So he lifted her head from his cock then reached inside her apron to fondle her huge breasts. With a little urging he brought them out, bunching the apron between them. I could see that Becca’s nipples were rock hard and protruding. She moaned as he ran his thumbs over them then tugged on them.

“Becca, I think that you better go and turn down the oven or whatever, it might be awhile before we get to your supper.” Becca rose and, hips swaying, sashayed into the kitchen to do what she needed to do to save the meal.

Dave sat back, eyes wide. “Man, can she suck cock!” he exclaimed.

“She does it all,” I told him. “You’ll see pretty soon! Why don’t you go and lie down on the bed? We’ll be in there in a few moments.”

Becca returned from the kitchen as Dave was leaving. He entered the bedroom but left the door open. Becca sat on my lap, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me hungrily. I thought I could taste my sons cock in her mouth. “Are you ready for this, slut?” I asked her.

She kissed me harder, showing me that she was hungry for more.

I gave Dave a couple of minutes to do whatever he was going to do to prepare himself, then urged Becca off my lap. I stood, cock waving in front of me, took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

We stopped just inside the bedroom door. There was Dave, naked on his back on the bed, his clothes a small heap on the floor. He was hard as a rock and lightly stroking his cock, watching to see what came next.

I reached behind Becca and untied the bows of her apron, first the one at her waist then the other behind her neck. She allowed it to drop to the floor at her feet, standing naked in front of the two of us. Dave stroked a little faster.

“Get on him and fuck him, you little slut.”

Becca didn’t hesitate at all this time. She took two paces and climbed on the bed, straddling Dave’s hips. Reaching down, she replaced his hand with her own and gave him a few gentle strokes before lowering her sopping cunt onto his rigid dick. They both moaned as he entered her completely. Becca leaned forward, lowering herself onto Dave’s chest. They kissed passionately – Dave’s hands reaching for her ass and squeezing, kneading.

Becca began to move her hips, slowly fucking Dave. He, in return, met each thrust with one of his own. Slow fucking but with a tension that suggested things might speed up soon.

While watching them I pulled off my t-shirt and stepped out of my jeans. My shorts joined them on the floor. I stood there watching Dave and Becca fuck while I stroked my hard cock.

After a few moments I walked to the edge of the bed to offer my cock to Becca’s mouth. She leaned over slightly, opening her mouth in the process. To my tremendous surprise, Dave turned his head and also leaned over towards me. I was rewarded with two mouths tasting my rigid cock. I groaned in excitement as first Becca, then Dave, took turns sucking the head of my dick into their mouths. I moved closer to the bed to make it easier for them. They seemed to be in sync as they took turns teasing my cock, stopping now and then to kiss before returning their attention to my dick; all the while continuing to fuck (although I did notice that they were pumping significantly harder by this time).

I wasn’t able to let this continue for too long – it felt WAY too good and the excitement and surprise of having my son suck my dick was making me way too hot! I finally backed away. They continued to fuck as I stepped down the bed and crawled on between Dave & Becca’s open thighs.

I watched Dave’s cock slide in and out of Becca’s wet cunt for a bit, her ass shaking like jello as she met him thrust for thrust. I placed my hands on her soft fat ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her tight asshole. I lowered my head and tickled her asshole with my tongue then licked her. I heard her moan as I bather her ass with my tongue. Stretching myself out, I lowered my head further and found myself licking Dave’s tight ball sack which was soaked in Becca’s sweet juices. I heard him groan now as he felt my tongue on him. My tongue ran up the length of his cock when Becca rose up then I pulled back out of the way when she came back down. Dave flinched a little and his cock popped out of Becca’s cunt. My mouth was on him in a flash. I swallowed as much of his length as I could manage without gagging much then pushed it back into her pussy.

I watched them fuck for a few more seconds until he popped out again, then thrust my own cock deep into Becca’s hot hole. My intention wasn’t to replace Dave but rather to get my cock wet with Becca’s warm honey. I withdrew, again helping Dave back inside her. Then I knelt behind her and brought the head of my cock to her tight asshole.

Spreading her ass again with my hands, I leaned against her, allowing my cock to push against her anal opening. Becca pushed back against me somehow (while continuing to fuck Dave) and soon the head was inside her. I let Becca set the pace, not wanting to hurt her as I filled her ass with my cock. Slowly but surely the length of my cock entered her. Soon I could feel Dave’s cock rubbing against mine with just a thin membrane between us. What an amazing sensation! I think we all appreciated the feeling because we all began to increase the rate of stroking.

Becca was moaning and mumbling dirty things as we fucked her holes. I noticed that now and then she would reach up and pinch and pull her nipples. Dave was fondling her tits and sucking her nipples when he could. All three of us were in heaven!

I slapped Becca’s ass hard while I fucked her. Her flesh swayed wildly as we all neared climax. I could hear Dave warning us that he was going to cum. Becca had already been wracked by orgasm’s two or three times but I could feel her cumming again.

Dave called out, “oh fuck!” as he blew his hot load inside Becca’s hungry cunt. His eruption triggered my own and I warned Becca that I was going to cum as well.

“Yes, yes YES!” she cried out; “Cum in my ass, you bastard! FUCK MY ASS HARD!”

So I did. I lost control and hammered against her tight, fat ass as cum rocketed up my cock and spewed deep inside her. Pulse after pulse shook me as I emptied my balls in Becca’s ass.

Finally spent, I pulled my cock from her tight ass with a distinct “pop” and leaned back to catch my breath. Becca rolled off Dave and lay beside him.

Dave, being much younger than I, recovered more quickly and was soon scooting down the bed to play in Becca’s wet, gooey fuck holes. I smiled as I watched him play. I was a little shocked to see him collect a glob of my cum that was oozing out of Becca’s ass then swallow it.

Not to be outdone, I leaned nudged him onto his back then lowered my mouth to his softening cock. I sucked the entire length (shrunken somewhat by this time) into my mouth and cleaned all of his cum and Becca’s juices off it.

Watching this made Becca very hot again and she began to try sucking my deflated cock back to life. But that is a subject for part two.

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Ohhhhh man...... lucky Dave
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i enjoyed it honey very much ty