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My introduction to Mature Women

I spent a bunch of years in the Canadian navy when I was young.  When I was about 21 and "between ships" I was seconded to HMCS Oriole (a small sail-training ship) to make a trip down to Oregon.  We visited Astoria, Oregon over a long weekend during their Sea Festival.  The Canadian navy in those days was big on booze.  Lots of rum & beer.  As one might expect, while alongside we were open to the public.  I don't recall how it came to pass but I ended up down below in the crew's quarters with a "middle-aged" couple, entertaining (okay - I was plying them with beer).  They were about 45 years old I think.  Both were rather plain.  He was mostly bald, she was heavy-ish.  We all got pretty d***k (our beer is quite a bit stronger than US suds).  The woman revealed that she needed to pee so I e****ted her to the head.  The only one vacant was off the cabin assigned to the Sailing Master and the Coxswain who were both ashore.  I stood guard while she did her thing and when she cane out, she kissed me in thanks.  I took advantage.  To the surprise of both of us, we quickly found ourselves on the lower bunk, fucking like bunnies.  After a few minutes we heard her husband out in the passageway calling for her (the only thing separatng us was a curtain across the doorway).  We stayed quiet until we heard him leave then resumed our fucking.  After we had both cum we straightened ourselves and rejoined him.  That was a very exciting, very memorable experience.

I have felt a tremendous attraction to big, mature women ever since.
Posted by BassicBill 2 years ago
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2 years ago
2 years ago
When a mature woman is ready for sex and has been missing it for awhile, she can be the most interest woman you have ever had.