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A true story of my first experience with a guy

I joined the (Canadian) navy when I was 16 years old.  I was pretty much completely sexually inexperienced.  I didn't use my hand to masturbate, I dry humped my bed until I got off (very messy).  I was a virgin of course, the closest thing to fucking that I had experienced was dry humping a girlfriend and cumming in my jeans - big wet spot.  Ricky, if you are out there, let's talk!

In boot camp I was put with 74 young guys in a barrack block.  16 weeks of pain and constant training. One of the guys started coming on to me very subtly.  He was 19 (Kyle, are you out there?) and talked to me about jerking off.  So subtle that I was taken in.  Nothing overt, just quiet conversations.  Then one day he asked me when I was going to give him a handjob.  I liked the idea.  

He arranged for us both to pull duty overnight in another barrack block housing a bunch of senior NCO's.  Our job was to watch for fires.  3 of us pulled the duty with one person on watch while the other 2 slept in a separate room.  He also arranged the schedule so that the third guy would be out of our room for two hours around midnight.

I was excited but very nervous.  About 20 minutes after the 3rd guy went on watch, Kyle slipped out of his bunk, quietly walked to my side of the room and knelt down beside me.  Telling me not to make a sound, he pulled the covers down & reached into my shorts.  I almost came immediately.  He told me to calm down...I calmed down.

Then he began to stroke my rock-hard cock.  I have no memory of how long he stroked but before long I started to moan.  He covered my mouth with his free hand, told me to be quiet again, then jerked me faster.  I was trembling and jerking my hips.  I came so fucking hard!  I made a huge mess with my cum.  He cleaned it up with tissue while I caught my breath.  It was wonderful!!!

Then it was my turn.  He went back to his bunk and lay down. I followed him.  He pulled his sorts down and I grasped his thick, hard warm cock in my hand and began to stroke him.  I wish now that I had thought to suck it but I did not.

He finally blew his load all over my hand - that was wonderful too.  Even after 46 years I still jerk off to the memory.

We had no other opportunities to play while in basic training but a year later I tracked him down in his ship.  We went ashore, got d***k, got a hotel room and sucked each other for an hour or so. We were both too d***k to cum but I stll remember the experience very fondly.

I would love to meet him again.
Posted by BassicBill 2 years ago
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3 months ago
Great experience; thanks for sharing. I bet you still get HARD as ever just recalling the experience..... fun eh?
2 years ago
very nice short and sweet (tasting)
2 years ago
Wait! Did you stop after that? Great story telling! Thanx for sharing.
2 years ago
OOOH that was GREAT!! This went straight to faves!!