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[Story] Shoreline

That an opportunity for the two of us to be together, face to face, seemed to me to be nothing short of a miracle. For months we had been chatting, teasing, learning, sharing and loving. I had resigned myself to never being able to actually meet her. After all, we lived in different countries, lived completely different life-styles, had no reason whatsoever to think that we would ever meet.

Yet here we were – together, alone. Not just alone, but alone on a deserted stretch of sandy, coastal beach that we had hiked a short distance to down through the rocks and cedars that towered ab... Continue»
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[Story] Using Judie

Perfect! Your very generous and understanding husband has agreed to bring you along to meet me at this rest stop, just down I-5. As you two arrive you see me sitting on the tailgate of my pickup, waiting for you. I hop down as you park the car, front doors opening. Introductions are made, hands shaken, kisses shared... Your husband turns to the car, saying something about a camera as I pull you close for a deeper kiss.

My hands slide down your back to cup the cheeks of your big ass and pull you against me. I know you can feel my cock growing in my jeans as we grind against each other. My fi... Continue»
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[Story] Becca's MMF

This story is a work of fiction, written for Redneckwoman

Becca and I had been seeing each other for several months and had enjoyed a lot of sexual adventures together. Becca is a big girl. Big all over – just the way I like my women! She is also very submissive – another admirable trait in my women. She is quite a bit younger than me but we had not noticed that was an issue – we got along VERY well indeed.
When we weren’t having sex in risky, exciting places or doing something quite kinky, we would share our fantasies and get off imagining we were fulfilling them. After a while we fo... Continue»
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My introduction to Mature Women

I spent a bunch of years in the Canadian navy when I was young.  When I was about 21 and "between ships" I was seconded to HMCS Oriole (a small sail-training ship) to make a trip down to Oregon.  We visited Astoria, Oregon over a long weekend during their Sea Festival.  The Canadian navy in those days was big on booze.  Lots of rum & beer.  As one might expect, while alongside we were open to the public.  I don't recall how it came to pass but I ended up down below in the crew's quarters with a "middle-aged" couple, entertaining (okay - I was plying them with beer).  They were about 45 years o... Continue»
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A true story of my first experience with a guy

I joined the (Canadian) navy when I was 16 years old.  I was pretty much completely sexually inexperienced.  I didn't use my hand to masturbate, I dry humped my bed until I got off (very messy).  I was a virgin of course, the closest thing to fucking that I had experienced was dry humping a girlfriend and cumming in my jeans - big wet spot.  Ricky, if you are out there, let's talk!

In boot camp I was put with 74 young guys in a barrack block.  16 weeks of pain and constant training. One of the guys started coming on to me very subtly.  He was 19 (Kyle, are you out there?) and talked to me a... Continue»
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