The Shower

I invite you to come over to my house. Only when you get here I dont answer the door. Disappointed and ready to turn away, you push at it and it opens slowly. Did I know you would come?
You can hear the shower running, so you come in and lock the door behind you.
You enter the bathroom and you can smell my body wash, you like it. You can see my outline through the shower curtain. I am washing myself with the loofah and am rubbing it over my breasts. You feel a stirring in your groin, so you quickly undress.
You push the curtain aside and step into the shower. Gently, you put your arms around my waist and start to kiss the back of my neck. I gasp in surprise (but secretly pleased) but continue to wash myself. Neither of us say anything as you begin to kiss my ear. I can feel your warm breath tickling my neck, it makes me shiver. Slowly you turn me around and I put my arms around your shoulders and look into your eyes. You smile at me and I cant get the silly grin off my face. I stand on tip toes and taste your lips for the first time. We kiss long and hard but passionately. Our tounges exploring every section of our mouths and lips as our hands explore each others bodies.
I kiss your face and neck as your hands reach to clasp my breasts. This makes me moan slightly.
My hands wander to your butt and squeeze it, pulling you closer. I can feel your hard cock pushing against my belly. You moan loudly as I take it in my hand and run my hand up its length, never breaking the kiss.
We move apart slightly and I smile at you as I crouch down in front of you, taking your cock in my mouth. You gasp as i take it all in, your knees slightly weak, you lean against the wall for support. My hand is pumping your cock lightly as I lick along the length of your hard cock and I cup your balls in my other hand. Running my tounge slowly around and under the head, flicking the eye with my tounge. Looking up at you as I slowly suck it all into my mouth. You groan as I do this and grab hold of my head to hold me there. You move my head back and forth, watching your cock slide in and out of my mouth. I run my tounge back down the length of you and lick at your balls, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. This makes you groan in pleasure. You can feel your balls tighten and you know you are going to cum. You grab me by the hair and guide me back to your throbbing cock, which I take in my mouth again. I can taste your pre cum and a purr of pleasure comes from my throat. As I suck on your cock, you can feel your orgasim building. Your cock hits the back of my throat and you are amazed that I dont gag. You tell me that you cant hold on anymore just before your cum bursts out of you in waves, I swallow it all and suck greedlily at your cock as your orgasm subsides.
This has turned me on so much your fingers slip easily into my wet pussy. I jerk against you as you rub my clit with your thumb while you have 2 fingers deep inside me. Leaning against the wall, I lift my leg onto the ledge so you have better access. You kneel down, kissing my belly as you go. You are surprised to see that I makes your cock stir.
My breathing becomes faster as you follow your fingers with your tounge. Licking my clit, and working your fingers in and out of me. I can feel my orgasm building quickly and I grind my pussy against your hand as it rocks my body. You put your face to my pussy and lick as much of my cum as you can. I hold your head to stop you moving away as my juices flow into your mouth and down your chin. Then you stand up and kiss me deeply. I like the taste of me on your lips and lick you clean. Your cock is hard and ready again.
You turn me around, put your hands on my ass and gently open my pussy so you can slide your cock into me. You hold my hips and pull my body back to meet yours. You start slowly and then get faster as I encourage you with my moans. Your cock is slamming into me and I can feel your balls slapping against my clit. You clasp my breasts and squeeze my nipples. You can see your cock sliding in and out of my pussy and it is turning you on so much. Your fingers find my clit and this makes me buck against you. You grasp my hips again and slam into me once again, as you feel a massive orgasm building inside you. I scream out your name as I cum again and again. Your knees are weak as you blow your load into my waiting pussy. Spent, we lean against the wall of the shower, you pressed against me. We kiss deeply and wash each other off. Still, not a word has been spoken but you get dressed quickly and before you leave you tell me that you will be around again later in the week.
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4 years ago
i like it
4 years ago
Wow! Very hot story.
4 years ago
very hot
4 years ago
Sweet surrender in silent shower sex.