A massage

I come over to visit. You just got home from work and are looking tired. I ask you if you want a massage, to which you agree.
I slowly remove your shirt, briefly running my hands over your chest as I do so. Unbuckling your belt, popping the button and zipper. I slowly run my hands over your butt and down your legs as I push your pants down to the floor.
Instructing you to lie down, I start by rubbing your head in gentle circles with my fingers.
Down your neck to your shoulders, kneading the muscles gently. Rubbing my hands down your back firmly. Across your butt cheeks thorough your shorts. This annoys me so i push my hands into the waistband and pull them down, hearing no protest, I take them right off.
Rubbing your feet, massaging the toes, up your claves. Your butt looks tempting from this angle, so I bend over and follow my hands with my tounge.
Up the insides of your thighs, my tounge runs up over your bum, following my hands. Flicking up your back lightly until I reach your neck. I run my tounge over the shell of your ear and hear your breathing quicken.
Turning you over, I continue to massage your head with my thumbs and your ear and neck with my lips. Turning my attentions to your face, your eyes are closed so I lightly sprinkle kisses over your face, running my tounge along your lips. Your tounge meets mine briefly and then I move lower. My hands rubbing your shoulders and chest, my tounge flicking your hard nipples. Watching your face, I bite down on one of them, a small smile spreads across your lips, encouraged, I nibble, lick and bite them until your moan quietly.
Running my hands down past your stomach to your hips, still following with my lips. I bypass your groin area, noting with a small smile that your cock is hard.
Kneading your thigh muscles, I then run my hand between your legs and cup your balls, giving them a gentle squeeze. Seeing the smile on your face encourages me to run my tounge over them too, sucking them into my mouth one at a time. My hand runs over your cock, I grasp it and start to stroke it up and down while i run my tounge around under and over the head of your cock, flicking at the eye. I look into your eyes and smile at you as I slowly suck your cock deep into my mouth. I suck and lick you till you moan in pleasure. I feel your balls tighten, but I dont want that yet.
My pussy is wet and I want you inside me. Quickly slipping out of my clothes, I get up on the table and straddle you. You run your hands over my boobs and tweek my already hard nipples. I lean forward to let you rub your face in them as I slide your hard cock easily into my dripping pussy, feeling you fill me makes me want to cum already. Your breathing quickens as you feel my pussy muscles clamp around your cock, slowly raising and lowering myself on you. I am grinding my hips wildly into you. You are enjoying seeing your cock pumping in and out of my pussy and you say you want to take me doggy, so we get off the table and you slip your hot cock back into me as you bend me over the table.
Holding my hips as you drive your cock into me, harder and faster. You grab a handful of my hair with one hand and squeeze my nipple with the other hand. I moan as I feel your balls slapping against my clit, your cock deep inside me, your hips banging against my ass. Panting and moaning with pleasure, I am loving this. Fuck me harder...
My orgasm is sudden and intense, it leaves me breathless. You groan as you feel me quivering and let your cum burst inside me. I shudder as I feel your hot cum filling me and the feel of it sends me into another orgasm. We collapse against the table and you kiss me as our breathing slows.
As we get dressed, I ask you if you are feeling a little more relaxed, you agree that you are. Maybe next time I visit I can help you relax again.
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4 years ago
Very hot! You can come over anytime ;)
4 years ago
Hot story of seduction, well told.