My mulitple blowjob at Sparkle this year!

I was at Sparkle a couple of weeks or so ago. A fun weekend for Transexuals,Crossdressers,Girls,everyone really,that happens in Manchester once a year.
I was in Spirits,a very cool club at the end of Canal street. I had only been in there for about half hour,the club hadnt really even started to get busy at this time.
I was approached by a hot chick in the hallway,sitting with her friends. She was flirting,and openly lifting my skirt to check out my butt,which started to make me feel aroused in itself. She then went on to lift the front of my dress,pulled my pouch down and my cock,which needed some room to move at this point,sprang up and she showed all her friends. She then held me by my cock and led me up the stairs behind us,to an upper toilet that less people were aware of,with her 4 horny fit friends following us up. These 5 girls then spent about maybe 20 mins taking it in turns to suck,deepthroat and gag on my raging hard cock,while talking dirty to me. I eventaully spunked,what felt like a very heavy load into the original girls mouth,who insisted it was hers,and they just left me there,wasted and sucked dry and vanished! I never saw them again..they just had their fun with me,and discared me!
The rest of the nite was amazing,with lots of dirty dancing with hot girls,and i will be there again next year come hell or high water! But the beginning of the nite was what put me in such a good,dancing mood the REST of the nite,thats for sure! lol!
100% (6/0)
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4 years ago
mmm bliss!
4 years ago
Lucky you
4 years ago
thats hot
4 years ago
wow what a time