The "Ball" Game 2

I awoke the next morning to dad's cock fucking me from behind. He held me tight as he pumped my ass gently. He gave me a sweet kiss and said he needed to use the bathroom and I was to accompany him there. He told me to step into the shower and he followed. I braced my hands against the wall and he entered me from behind again telling me he was going to "douche" my sweet pussy. I felt a warm sensation flowing into me and knew he was pissing in me! OH it felt so nice, like hot cum exploding in me only it lasted much longer! It started to leak out of me and down my nylon covered legs. I was SOOO hard and leaking precum myself as he started pumping into me. Slowly at first and then a hard pounding which semed to last 10 minutes. Without ever touching myself I exploded all over the shower wall! Dad pulled out and told me to turn around and kneel. He shoved his cock down my throat and shot his huge load into my stomach. I stood up and we tounge kissed for a few minutes savoring his cum. "Time to get ready for your day" he said. "I have a suprise for you that I know you will enjoy".

We met Ed at a BBQ joint downtown. He was a tall,handsome, well dressed light skinned black man. Dad had met him in his army days and they had become friends. I was wearing an above the knee grey skirt, fitted white blouse, black nylons and waist cincher, with 4" black ankle strap pumps. I felt very sexy and classy. He hugged me and gave me a sweet kiss which made my cock strain against my panties. After lunch we all headed back to the hotel. I was VERY excited!

ED immeadiatly started kissing me. Soft at first and then very aggressively. He was caressing my ass and inner thigh feeling my stocking tops. Gawd I was hard! He slid my skirt up and started rubbing my hard clit which by now was very wet! He knelt down, pulled my panties off and toke me in his mouth. MY lord he knew what he was doing!! Dad had just watched till now. He approached and said "she can not cum yet. Today she will learn what it is to be a slut".

Dad opened the box. He put the leather wrist and ankle cuffs on me. He clipped the wrist cuffs together behind my back. Next he spread my legs and clipped the ankle cuffs to the bar. I was now helpless but KNEW dad would let know harm come to me. He helped me to my knees as Ed approached. His beautiful 8" cock hard and drooling. I opened wide and swallowed it, all the way!

He gently fucked my throat, giving me time to catch my breath. He pulled back and dad put an open mouth leather harness on me. He cinched it tight so I would not be able to close my mouth. Ed stuck his cock back in it and down my throat. I glanced up and what I saw excited me all the more! Dad and Ed were kissing while Ed fucked my throat!! Apparently they had been more than just friends! Ed's pace quickened and soon he was gushing cum down my throat. He pulled out and went and sat down. "That was the best ever" he said. They left me on my knees drooling cum while they talked.

Dad knelt in front of Ed and sucked him hard again. They stood me up and Ed got behind me and held me by the waist. I felt his hard cock nudge my "pussy" and then enter me. No gentleness this time, just hard fucking. Dad knelt in front of me and started sucking my very hard clitty. It had to be a sight! Still cuffed and clipped, black cock in my ass, cum and saliva drooling from my gagged mouth and being sucked off!! It did not take long! Dad had a mouth full in minutes!! He did'nt stop though, my knees went weak. Ed held me up as he pounded my ass, I could feel him stiffen. I could feel his hot cum going into me and then down my legs. He pulled out and dad toke him in his mouth and sucked him clean. Dad knelt behind me and eagerly licked my ass and where ever else Ed's cum had ended up. Dad stood up and entered me. It did not take long at all and his cum was mixing with Ed's in my ass and running down my legs. He pulled back, Ed removed the gag, wiped all he could up and fed it to me. He gave me a passionate kiss and lowred me to my knees.

They said their farewells. What a day!!!

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2 years ago
Wow you are so hot would have loed to have been there
3 years ago
very hot barb
3 years ago
Well barb i came all over my panties thanks