BeCumming Barb

I began dressing to attract my dad. My mom was a beautiful and classy woman. Her style of dress was impeccable. She always wore pencil skirts or dresses of modest lenght, 4" heels, and always sheer fitted nylons and either a 6 or 8 strap waist cincher. Pantyhose had become quite popular by then but she did not wear them.

I had witnessed my parent making love many times. They had a "date" night once a week and mom would look her best. The date always ended with them making love. I would peek through the bedroom door and watch with envy as they kissed and held each other. It was always missionary and mom never took her nylons and heels off. She would lock her ankles around dad's back and he would caress her legs all the while he pumped his beautiful cock in her. Her moans and orgasms were real. The sight of dad's cum oozing from mom was such a wonderful sight. I wanted to be where she was. I wanted to be her. I wanted her man. I wanted dad.

Mom had gone to visit her parents who lived several states away. Dad had never hinted of wanting a sexual relationship with me but I was going to go for it. I was slightly taller than mom and of a slender build. Most of her clothes fit pretty good except for her tops and bras. She was a 34b and I was a 36 nothing! My hair was long as was the style in the 70s. I managed to get it curled somewhat. I painted my nails and used mom's make-up and lip stick. I found a 6 strap high-waists cincher and some beautiful copper colored nylons with a black welt in her lingerie drawer. They felt so wonderful against my bare legs! I was so hard and oozing precum I could hardly stand it! I put on a pair of black open toe slingbacks with 4" stilleto heels. They were a bit tight but they looked sooo sexy.

I laid down on their bed and faced the mirror on the dresser. Laying on my back I pulled my knees to my chest. I worked the handle of a hairbrush into my well lubed and douched asspussy. It felt so good!! With my other hand I stroked my hard cock. It did not take long and I was cumming very hard. Most of it landed on my chest. Then I noticed him in the mirror. He was a handsome man. 6'2", 225, dark hair, strong and tanned from working outdoors all his life. He sat down on the bed next to me and placed his hand on my softening cock. I did not resist. This is what I wanted. If I had I know he would not have f***ed himself on me. That was not his demeanor. "You look so pretty, that was very nice to see" he said. Then he leaned over and kissed me. Softly at first and then with an open mouth. What a wonderful sensation!! I was hard again in seconds.

He stood up and undressed. His cock was beautiful! Long and thick and it was very hard and oozing precum and it was ME who made it so hard!! He laid down next to me and we started kissing deeply and passionatly. He put his hand on my chest and played with my left nipple. It all felt so good! I reached out and held his cock. It was very slick from precum. He moved over me and lifted my legs and removed the hairbrush from my ass. He picked my cum up off my chest and smeared it on this cock and my ass. Holding my legs behind the knees he slowly entered me. Oh my it felt so goood! Better than I could have ever imagined! He let my legs go and I wrapped them around his back locking my ankles just like mom did. Dad was in me!! We laid there just kissing and we clasped our hands.

He started slowly pumping me at first. I could feel his long cock way up inside me. I was in heaven!! His pace quickened but never did he slam into me. His firm stomach was rubbing my hard cock with his motion. I was going to cum again, and hard! I squirted all over betwwen us. He never quit kissing me and he never stopped his motion. I knew then what mom's moans were all about! He could not hold back any longer either. I felt his cock stiffen and then what I had dreamed about so often. Dad's hot cum was erupting inside me. It felt as though he had shot a dozen times. Cum was running down my ass, he was pumping it out of me.

We laid there, locked in our embrace. Kissing, smiling, looking into each others eyes. His cock still in me and my nylon covered legs wrapped around him. Then he said "we will have to give you a girls name. Before you were born we had decided that if you were a girl we would name you Barb. Would you like that name?" Yes I said, I would love you to call me Barb dad.

He held me all night. We slept together till mom came home a week later. I was dressed and ready for him every night when he arrived and we made love every morning before he went to work. I was on cloud 9!!

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1 year ago
Oh WOW !
Very hot & erotic story Barb
I love how he used your cum to lube his cock & your horny ass
Nice :)
2 years ago
That was a love story hope to read more of your relationship withyou dad thanks
3 years ago
That was a work of love thanks
3 years ago
Wow !!!...thats hot
3 years ago
Great story