My first BBW

The 1st time I had sex with a BBW I was 17. I had sex before that but never with a big girl before but I had seen some BBW porn before and I did like it.

The girl wanted me for months (she had told me afterwards).She was latina, probably about 5'7, and weighed somewhere from 180-200lbs if I had to guess. We would go to the park and she would always bring liquor and we'd share stories of sex. I remember the 1st time I wanted to fuck her she had these tights on that made the outline of her ass and thighs look so plump, so delicious. I tried so hard to hide my dick as it was getting hard.

Finally, one day in the summer I asked her to come over to kick it. No one was at home that day so it was perfect. I played some Dom Kennedy to kill the awkward tension (we both knew what we wante to do). Finally, in a lustful rage we start kissing each other.

The kissing was intense, very intense. I started kissing her on her neck and she started to cringe. Before I knew it I made my way down to her nipples caressing them, biting them, and sucking them. She loved it, she was moaning in pleasure.

I had made my way down to her pussy and she was soaking already. I started to finger her as she began calling me papi, I remember putting 2 fingers in and her pussy felt so warm, so wet, so tight. By this point all inhibitions were gone by both of us. I began to eat her out, I could feel my tounge slowly lick up and down her clit, she began moaning loud, grabbing my hair, and was fidgety. I held those big thighs up so she couldnt stop me from eating her out, as my tounge started to lit faster and fatser she began to moan louder and came.

As soon as she came she got up, made me lay on my back, and begin to suck my cock. This head is still top 3 to this day. Her mouth was so perfectly wrapped around my dick, I could feel her wet tounge sloppishly touch the head of my dick as her mouth went up and down. It was incredible.

It takes a long time for me to cum from head, so after 10mins of head I was rock hard and I wanted to fuck. She laid on her back, opened her legs up and she felt me going in as I watched my self go in. Her pussy was sooo WET! I began to go slow but she wanted it faster, I lifted her legs up and started fucking the shit out of her while we were kissing. Then I told her to get on her knees cause i wanted to do doggy. Her fat plump ass was so sexy, I went in and began fucking her hard, slapping her ass, and telling her to speak spanish to me. She was so sexy and I was so horny. I wanted to switch positions again so she got on top and began riding me as I was sucking her titties. I could feel her wet pussy bouncing up againt my cock, first going slowly in strokes,then up and down really fat. I was trying so hard not to cum.

We fucked for a good 20-25mins, I laid her on her back again and began wildly fucking her, I wanted to cum in her mouth but her pussy felt so good, I told her I was about to cum and so softly, so passionately, she said "cum inside me papi". I couldnt hold on any longer and i came all in her wet, dripping, pussy.

I watched the cum drip out, gave her a towel and a water bottle. We got dressed and she left because it was late by this point and my parents couldvve been home any minute.

After that she was coming over 2 times a week to fuck....oooh how I miss our seuxal fun!
But yes that was my 1st time with a BBW and I havent looked back since.
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