My First Time

I grew up in an upper middle class home in the southern United States. My parents were pretty conservative and growing up I was too. All my life I've been about good grades and superb behavior. That all changed when I went to college. I applied for USC in California. I liked its school mainly because it was close to the beach and had a great Young Republicans program. My mom told me I got accepted into the college. I was extactic and pumped up ready to go. Mom gave me the run down on what she expected from me.

School semester was over. It was Christmas break. My frat had plans to stay on campus and bond as b*****rs. I frequent the Campus bowling ally a lot and always saw a beautiful woman. I didn't quite know her name, but she had my eye. We'd stare at each other and doze off like we weren't secretly eyeing eachother. One day she walked up to me. We spoke for a little and I found out her name was Brittany. She told me to come to her party this weekend, I agreed to stop by and see what was going on.

So, I went to the party at her home. (Mind you this is first time I ever engaged in such activites). Brittany welcomed me in, she was wearing one of those skimpy skirts and half a shirt. I was instantly attracted to her firm ass and huge breast.

"You know.... I've seen you checking me out at the bowling ally".

I was embarresed and started to mumble.

She placed her finger on my lips and lifted her shirt. Her perfectly perky double C's were showing.

"Now you know what they look like". She said in a seductive voice, biting her plump lips.

"Those, uh, those, they're nice" I said in awe, staring at her breast.

She suddenly reached down and grabbed my crotch. It was stiff as I fantised what I'd do to her.

"A little excited aren't we?"

I responded by grabbing her by her waist.

We started kissing, I started sucking on her toung, putting my hands down her panties and rubbing her thumping clit.

She bit my lip and moaned.

She seductivly laid me on the bed and we both got naked. Grabbing my cock in one hand and my balls in another, jacking me off and sucking the head of my penis at the same time.

I smacked her perfect little ass and julted as I felt her toung moving across the head of my cock.

I nibbled on her neck and put her on her back. Moved her to the edge of the bed. Rubbing my penis against her vagina.

"Come on and fuck me!" she screamed. I complied and slipped my cock into her wet tiny pussy. Every thrust I did she'd moan, as I sped up and went in harder she'd moan louder until she'd make "sex screams".

Since it was my first time I didn't last long, I came inside her and placed my head on her breast.

That's how I lost my virginity.

71% (16/6)
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3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
you know i actually by that and its amazing how many unwanted kids are born beacuse of it
3 years ago
not bad, not bad @ all... n i rarely comment on stories.